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Monday, June 23, 2008

[AR] Police Cpl. Randolph who snatched his ex's face in public is in trouble again

[2007] ...the witness said Randolph’s estranged wife called her, and said Randolph asked her to tell the witness that “she did not have to talk to detectives and that she had a right to refuse to do so”...

The Arkansas law that Police Cpl. Randolph was NOT charged with when he reportedly walked up on his ex as she sat with others at a restaurant table, snatched her face, turned her face, and began "squeezing" her face while speaking to her in front of her friends like a child:

5-13-207. Assault in the third degree.
(a) A person commits assault in the third degree if he or she purposely creates apprehension of imminent physical injury in another person.
(b) Assault in the third degree is a Class C misdemeanor.

Veteran Officer Suspended
Friday, June 20, 2008
A 17-year veteran of the Fort Smith Police Department was placed on paid administrative leave Thursday... The internal investigation into [Detective Tom] Judkins comes less than two weeks after Cpl. Tim Randolph was suspended from the department for 30 days without pay on June 6, for the second time in less than a year. Until the deadline for Randolph to appeal his suspension to the Fort Smith Civil Service Commission passes, or an appeal is heard by the commission, the actions that led to his suspension are not available under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. Randolph has until June 23 to appeal, according to Police Chief Kevin Lindsey. IN JUNE 2007, RANDOLPH WAS SUSPENDED FOR 30 DAYS WITHOUT PAY AFTER A CONFRONTATION WITH HIS ESTRANGED WIFE AT A DOWNTOWN RESTAURANT, WHILE HE WAS IN UNIFORM AND ON DUTY. AN INVESTIGATION WAS INITIATED WHEN A PATRON OF THE RESTAURANT REPORTED THE CONFRONTATION. RANDOLPH APPEALED TO THE COMMISSION, WHICH UNANIMOUSLY UPHELD HIS SUSPENSION AT THE CONCLUSION OF AN AUGUST 2007 HEARING. [Full article here]

From my news notes:

Jun 18, 2007
A 25-year veteran of the Fort Smith police department faces a misdemeanor charge after allegedly starting a disturbance at a restaurant where his estranged wife was dining... A warrant has been issued for Tim Randolph for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. Randolph is expected to turn himself in on the warrant before the end of the day... One of the smaller articles names the wife, Susan Randolph. That he had his uniform on appears to be a considered factor. (Five articles and we really still have no idea what happened.)

Jun 21, 2007
...The alleged confrontation was brought to the attention of the department by an anonymous caller... The caller told Jones he contacted the city, instead of the Police Department, because he didn’t believe the department would investigate one of its own... The caller said the officer then grabbed the woman by the face and began squeezing, “much like you might do if talking to a child and you wanted to get their attention,” which lasted for about 30 seconds... Randolph’s estranged wife told Baker that Randolph did grab her chin and turn her head to face him, she wasn’t injured and she had no intention of reporting the incident because she did not think any crime was committed... Before she was interviewed by police, the witness said Randolph’s estranged wife called her, and said Randolph asked her to tell the witness that “she did not have to talk to detectives and that she had a right to refuse to do so”... Randolph, 58, was booked into the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center around 4 p.m. and released about 30 minutes later...

Jul 28, 2007
A veteran Fort Smith police officer who was arrested after an incident with his estranged wife has been found not guilty.

Aug 10, 2007
The Fort Smith Civil Service Commission on Thursday unanimously upheld a 30-day suspension without pay for a police officer disciplined in connection with a public incident involving his estranged wife... Susan Randolph didn’t testify at the hearing, but two statements she gave police and an affidavit she submitted were provided to the commission...


  1. I have found out by experience that the fort smith police have a lot of house cleaning to do. and in fact the matter there of is that all these new rookie officer need to step back and rethink the reason that they have been granted this pos. of complete power and authority. I myself Zachary Markowitz have made several civic attempts to plead and reason with the supervisors, watch commanders, and chief Lindsey to insure that proper protocol and procedures were instigated. so far not only did the police dep. turn on me but yet found no probable ground for harassing me and jailing me for crimes that were non existent. I pray the The fort smith police between now and it's future will consider going by the book of conduct for civil servant duties. as a former residence of fort smith I pray the god will instill judgment and correction for the good of the public on the fort smith police. in order to a proper and respectable trust worthy police department. thank you.

  2. The lord will continue to work on fort smith ark. I pray amen


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