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Saturday, December 3, 2005

[CT] No internal probe on Officer Velez - arrested 6 times for DV - including threats to kill

December 1st, 2005
News is in. New London police didn't conduct an internal investigation of Police Officer Genaro Velez Jr.'s charge that he threatened to kill ("empty my clip" into) his ex-wife and any family member that gets in his way. Velez has been arrested 6 times for domestic-violence complaints - charges dropped in all the cases with some witnesses saying they are afraid to testify. He's had 6 restraining orders filed on him by 4 women. His personnel records show he's been the target of 15 civilian complaints concerning his behavior with women, his workplace, & the public. The Police Chief (Bruce Rinehart) has been saying there's an "ongoing investigation" but in a response to the Police Union lawyer, City Attorney Brian Estep responded, "It would appear that after the assignment of this matter to the Deputy Chief that an Internal Affairs number was not created and no investigation has occurred.” NOT ONLY IS OFFICER VELEZ STILL WORKING, but he's asking to be reimbursed for wages and vacation days during his 17-month suspension because the case against him was dismissed.
His wife (currently living in hiding) says, "You can't stay married to someone like this who tries to take your life away."

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