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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

[IN] Looks like Deputy Seufert killed police officer girlfriend's dog

November 2005
St. Joseph County Deputy Curt Seufert is on administrative leave after his girlfriend, a police officer at South Bend Police Department, came home to find her dog muzzled and dead in the basement, with what were determined later to be "severe spinal injuries." He and his officer girlfriend reportedly had been verbally fighting before she went to work. When she returned, besides finding her one beloved Akita dead, she found her other dog cowering under a bed in the house. There's no argument in the news whether or not he did it - only what to charge him with for it. Indiana State Police are investigating animal cruelty charges. Seufert is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. There is no mention in the news of a protection order for his girlfriends' safety or a plan - so I lift a prayer.
The picture here is an Akita.

1 comment:

  1. Charge him for murder. He is a policeman held to a higher standard.


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