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Sunday, December 25, 2005

[TN] Sheriffs Colonel Farmer demoted and alleged victim fired

December 2005
When a female Rutherford County Sheriff's deputy filed a domestic violence report against 3rd-in-command officer Colonel Eddie Farmer 4 days ago, she was suddenly out of a job. Farmer was demoted to Major, and reassigned to a different position in what Sheriff Truman Jones calls a "restructuring" because Farmer's duties had been too time consuming. It's an in-house investigation and in-house bruise-photographer, with no arrest or charge. The deputy, only there 8 months and still on probationary status, wants her job back.


  1. Charges were proven to be unfounded by the alledged "victim's" own statments. All charges against Farmer were dismissed.
    Another political assasination of a good man!

  2. Much more likely to be the pressure and intimidation on the victim. Victims usually recant. Fear is the main factor.

  3. AnonymousMay 07, 2009

    He was fired for lookin at lots porn on his office computer and putting pressure on employees to hire and train his girlfriend. Said charges were not dismissed gee after it taking 2 weeks for an agent to even show up and a full year of investigation by 3 TBI agents the DA decided to not prosecute because the Sheriff's Office had been thru enough due to his actions.

  4. Right! Three TBI agents decided against prosecution! The lead investigator is now serving time in a Federal Penitentiary. I guess they were worried about what other things might come out about this "stellar law enforcement agency"!

  5. Your full of it....bring out your facts or shut up. The lead investigator looked at the internal wrong doing once there was an idea that a crime might have been committed then the DA was called....it took 3 weeks for the TBI to show up. Get your facts right.

  6. Yup that former female deputy is no good anyway. She actually went back to court and recanted her story. She was fired for lying to the sheriff. I know because I saw it all. She was later hired at the TN State Prison. The facts are both Eddie Farmer and Jennifer Scott are liars and neither belong in Law Enforcement..

  7. IF that is true, there are many reasons for recanting.


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