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Monday, December 12, 2005

[TN] 48 Troopers summoned to explain criminal past

December 2005
Heads of The Tennessee State Troopers, Highway Safety Patrol Commissioner Fred Phillips and Deputy Commissioner Tom Moore have resigned. The Tennesean Newspaper shook things until the truth fell out - 1 in every 18 Troopers has some kind of criminal history on their records(including domestic violence) and it's found that a couple of ways they keep their jobs, get rehired, or get promoted is by contributing to Governor Bredesen's campaign funds, OR having a politician - whether the politician knows them or not - write a letter in their behalf. The governor is saying whoops I didn't have any idea of this, as are the politicians pleading ignorance. 48 troopers are being investigated now by internal affairs - the number left after others have already gone through the process of having their criminal pasts "expunged."
...The governor had ordered the TBI to investigate after a series of stories and questions by The Tennessean about the THP. Most recently, the newspaper inquired about an Oct. 12 memo in which then-Col. Pitts told troopers it was their responsibility to get their criminal records expunged to operate a federal crime database. The newspaper asked why troopers would have criminal records... (Source: THP housecleaning sweeps out 2 more, The Tennessean, Brad Schrade, 12/10/05)

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