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Thursday, December 1, 2005

[CT] Troopers & women say they fear Oxford Officer Burr

November 30th - December 1st, 2005 - Oxford Police Cpl. James Burr has just been suspended again. He's had three restraining orders filed against him by 2 women and has been suspended from duty & had his guns taken away twice. The State Troopers supervising Burr say they fear he'll hurt them or somebody else, that he's unstable, and possibly using drugs. Burr's ex-girlfriend said in court that he called her recently 94 times in two days, parked outside her house, and she's afraid. His former wife also filed a restraining order against him in 2003 and a second one in 2004. Oxford First Selectman (City Manager) August Palmer III had planned on having Burr RETURN TO WORK regardless of everything but yesterday Judge Deborah Frankel extended his restraining order for 6 months, and today finally it's announced there will be an internal investigation. FINALLY! BURR BLAMES the murder-suicide last week - Trooper Victor Diaz murdered Officer Ciara McDermott - for the current extension of his restraining order, but he was collecting those before last week's tragedy. Police are also looking into whether Burr made threatening comments to others that he would go after the 2 troopers if he lost his job.


  1. In the paper today that Officer Burr has been arrested - charged with second-degree unlawful restraint, and disorderly conduct in connection with a Nov. 18 incident involving his ex girlfriend. State Police Union President David LeBlanc said he's pleased "but I'm still a little concerned as to why it took so long to investigate." Their union is filing a grievance on behalf of the two troopers for issues of safety and work conditions.

  2. Saturday, March 4, 2006

    Excerpt from article:

    Charges brought against veteran Oxford police Cpl. James Burr were dismissed Friday in Superior Court.

    Burr, 44, of 45 Barbara Ave., Prospect, was arrested Dec. 6 at his home on a warrant stemming from a restraining order obtained Nov. 18 by a former girlfriend, Diane Gaudett, 43, of Newtown. He was charged with second-degree unlawful restraint and disorderly conduct.

    In a sworn statement, Gaudett alleged Burr grabbed her and stopped her from leaving his home about two weeks before she obtained the restraining order, a charge Burr denies.

    On Friday, those charges were "nolled" by Superior Court Judge Frank Iannotti at the request of the State's Attorneys Office. "Nolled" means no prosecution, although prosecutors have the right to reopen the case during the next 13 months.

    Senior Assistant State's Attorney Terence Mariani said Burr was not in the "category of people who are going to cause any more trouble."...


  3. Concerned Oxford ResidentOctober 20, 2011

    James Burr has been cleared of all charges. The two troopers who said that they were afraid of him have been relieved from duty. One trooper retired early, the other was fired and could face purgery charges. The woman who made a complaint, was found to have been cheating on her husband, and lied about the incident in hopes that her husband (a Bridgeport Cop)wouldn't find out about it. Since returning to work, Officer Burr has received numerous awards for his police work and life saving abilities. It is remarkable what can be done to an innocent person when certain individuals with authority have a grudge against someone. The residents of our town are thankful that Officer Burr is still on the force, and I for one am proud to have a caring thoughtful officer back on duty. Thank God Officer Burr has been found innocent of all charges, and the actual officers that tried to ruin his life have been dealt with accordingly by the Connecticut State Police.


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