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Saturday, December 10, 2005

[TX] Trooper Romeo Garza is gone "unexpectedly"

December 10, 2005
Today I found Trooper Garza's obituary almost by accident. There is no mention in the news of how he died - just "unexpectedly." I recall him from 2 news articles in December of last year - being arrested for assaulting Pharr Officer Rodolfo Diaz who tried to get in the house to check on Garza's wife - it was a domestic violence call. Garza knocked Officer Diaz down and had him pinnned but luckily Diaz had called for back-up. Once Pharr officer Laura Lopez got there they were able to out-power him and get him cuffed and on his way to jail. His wife didn't say if she had injuries and rebuffed offers of any help. Officer Diaz wrote in his report that he "had red eyes and looked like he had been crying."
He was arraigned on a 3rd degree felony charge of assault on a peace officer and a Class C misdemeanor charge of assault. The judge set bond at $50,000, there was to be an investigation, and his future as a trooper couldn't be predicted. Then he fell off the map. Today is the first he's been in the news since then.
My condolences to those who lost him.
"...In lieu of flowers, a memorial fund will be set up in the name of Sabrina Ranae Garza (his daughter) at Lone Star National Bank in Pharr, Texas..."
Tel: 1-800-580-0322 Ext. 2440

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