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Thursday, December 8, 2005

[IN] Officer Voght's DV - he shoots deputy and kills himself

December 7th, 2005
David Voght was currently a Naval Support Activity Crane police officer with Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, had worked there 4 years, and formerly was an officer with Fort Wayne Police Department for 8 years - suspended 11 times and given four letters of reprimand. At Crane he was a GS6 with "general law enforcement duties."
Yesterday 16 minutes after his wife placed a 911 domestic violence call, Voght opened fire with an assault rifle repeatedly through his own windshield into Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Edwards' facing patrol car, wounding him - windows of neighbors houses were shot out, a 100-mile-an-hour police chase began, and ended with a crash and Voght fatally shooting himself in the head. During the chase, by cell phone, he told police on his cell phone that he would not be captured alive.
No one shot at Voght.


...It's unnerving for the family of officers who gave chase. The unwritten rule, officers don't shoot other officers. But Indiana State Police Sgt. David Bursten says Voght made it clear no one would take him alive. "The real issue for us was, what level of training did he have and would he use that training to further endanger other officers or to try to make an escape?"...
(How did he get a federal police officer job in munitions with his history?
From Crane: "...NSWC Crane is a world-class organization involved in virtually every ship, submarine, aircraft, and missile system fielded by the Navy... harnessing the power of technology for the warfighter..."}
My prayer is in behalf of the families, friends, and law enforcement officers who put themselves in harms way because we call. MWAH! I'm so thankful there no other deaths this time.


  1. This is so sad. I knew Voght personally. He and I worked together as a DoD Police Officer at NSWC Crane, IN. Voght was very quiet and very respectful at work. This was a shock to the entire NSWC Crane, IN Police Officer. He talked about his wife and kids all the time. Apparently, he came home one day and his wife told him she was leaving him and Voght snapped. As for his prior police history with Fort Wayne, it was not common knowledge to us fellow police officers. I can tell you that it's not NSWC Crane, IN's fault that he was hired on at Crane as a DoD Police Officer. I had been hired at Crane for almost three years before my security clearance background check was done. Civil Service doesn't do their own background checks...Office of Personnel Management (OPM) does it and they were behind. A lot of officers were hired without having the background check completed. You can't blame NSWC Crane for that...you have to blame OPM for it. Still, it's very sad all of this had to happen. Again, none of us knew Voght's history with the Fort Wayne Police Dept as it was not common knowledge and he never talked about it...he was well-liked and thought of in the Police Dept. It's so sad for his family and my condolences goes out to them.

  2. he Was not a nice person! He was very abusive mentally and physically. I feel so horrible for his wife and children having to endured what I can imagine from my experience with him the worse nightmare they have ever lived. He was very selfish and demeaning/controlling with the skin of a lamb in the exterior. Everyone loved him and thought he was a gentleman... he was not!

  3. David also was placed in Mendoza at the age of 16 for trying to commit suicide threatening his girlfriend at the time (myself) and her family. How he EVER got to be in this position is beyond words!

  4. Mendota* mental hospita


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