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Thursday, December 22, 2005

[MD] Cop-on-Cop domestic double-murder victims Officers Vazquez & Holliday

December 22, 2005
Baltimore City Officers Adam Vazquez and Leslie Holliday were murdered yesterday by Department of General Services (state) Police Officer Eugene Victor Perry Jr.
Each victim was shot multiple times. Officer Leslie Holliday had broken up with Officer Perry recently and started seeing Officer Vazquez. The news is reporting that Perry had slashed Holliday's car tires, and that he threatened to kill Holliday 10 days ago.
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  1. Police officer gets life sentence for murders in love triangle
    The Examiner
    Luke Broadwater
    Mar 27, 2008

    BALTIMORE (Map, News) - A police officer pleaded guilty Wednesday to bringing a violent end to a love triangle by murdering his ex-fiancee and her boyfriend — both city police officers.

    Eugene Perry, 34, was given two concurrent life sentences in prison for the 2005 first-degree murders of his former fiancee, Leslie Holliday, and her boyfriend, Adam Vazquez.

    “It’s a tragic situation,” said Perry’s attorney, Warren Brown. “Three families are really devastated.”

    Holliday and Vazquez were both assigned to the Northwestern District in Baltimore and had started dating after she and Perry broke up, police said.
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    Perry, a uniformed police officer working for the state Department of General Services, went to a town house in the 3900 block of M’Ladies Court at about noon Dec. 21 to speak with Vazquez, according to police and court records.

    A woman who answered the door started up the stairs to get Vazquez before realizing Perry was coming up behind her and pulling out a gun, police and the documents said.

    The woman ducked back downstairs and heard several gunshots as she ran outside.

    Brown said Perry believed he had been “lied to” by Holliday, who he thought was “reigniting the flame” with him, but continuing to see another man.

    “They were scheduled to go out to dinner,” the attorney said. “After leaving the firing range, he swung by the guy’s house and he saw her car there. It just went from there.”

    Months after the murders, Baltimore County Circuit Judge Robert Dugan ruled Perry was too emotionally unstable to stand trial. Brown said Perry used to start “wailing and screaming and crying” when confronted with the accusations.

    But the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene re-evaluated him every three months and eventually found him competent for trial.

    Prosecutor Ann Brobst said the guilty finding was a relief to the relatives of Holliday and Vazquez.

    “The family has already been through two and a half years of uncertainty and waiting,” she said. “The case actually did end today.”

    Brown said the plea deal gives his client a chance at getting out of jail before he dies. Prosecutors had previously sought the death penalty.

    “This gives him some hope of one day being free,” Brown said.

    Before being led away from court in handcuffs, Perry said he was sorry to Holliday’s father, who accepted the apology, both attorneys said.



  2. Adam Vasquez was a family friend and I am appalled that this egregious, belligerent, bastard could possibly live to see another day on the streets. Mr. Perry, you should hope that you don't ever get out of prison! BROOKLYN cats are out for your ass for this one!

    1. To Anonymous: I am a member of the Holliday family and pray to God he is punished for his actions....How could this man do this to us!

  3. To the person who wanted to comment about who SHOULD have done what, I'm not posting that. I don't let people talk about people who have been murdered here because they can't say anything back.

  4. I was a friend and co worker to Leslie and also a co worker of Eugene when we all worked at the Baltimore city central booking. It is the eighth yr anniversary of the killings and I did not realize it when I awoke this morning with her on my mind. Really miss her, she was truley a lovely person!

  5. To my first partner in EMS Adam Vasquez. You are missed everyday and always remembered brother. We had lots of fun working together. I really can't believe what happened to ya. RIP brother. I'll see ya soon.


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