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Friday, December 9, 2005

[FL] Deputy Spiese ACQUITTED. Wife: "I'm scared to death of him"

December 9, 2005
It was in the paper today that Hernando County Deputy Daniel Spiese has been acquitted of trying to explode his wife and son by an all male jury. His wife, who also works for the Sheriff's Department had asked Spiese to leave. He called deputies (from his own department) who told her he can't be made to leave because they're married. WHY she wanted him out is never revealed in the news. She says that night he wouldn't let her sleep, kept turning the lights on and off. She turned the breaker off & about 4 a.m. he put lotion all over the breaker. She wiped the lotion off to flip the switch. About 6 a.m. she saw Deputy Spiese leave, woke up her son to leave, went to the garage and smelled the overwhelming smell of propane. She said the burner to the gas grill was turned on and the grill's valve was open. Detectives say it was pushed up against the wall. They found that one window had been "tampered" with and the only prints on the window were those of Daniel Spiese.
From an article: ...Lt. Rex Hinkle of the State Fire Marshall's Office said propane gas is highly flammable and the victims inside the home June 17 were "lucky they were not injured or killed." Items in the home like a car, garage door opener and a freezer could have triggered the open propane gas tank to explode...
From another article:

...She spoke to Circuit Judge Stephen Spivey in a tearful near-whisper.
"I'm scared to death of him," she said.
Of that, (Judge Stephen) Spivey said,
"there's no question in my mind. None at all."...


  1. This man knew how to play the system. Thankfully he retired and is no longer standing behind a badge. His current girlfriend even went to the Sheriff and told him she was in fear for her life. His first wife also had a restraining order against him for this same kind of thing. This is a truly dangerous man.

  2. Makes me wanna cry reading the larger text above. It's so sad.


  3. Wow... Just shows what kind of people you are that have this site. You don't even want to hear/post the other side of the story. Most of these cops are inicent and it's their psycho ex wifes that try to ruin their lives or set them up. What has this world come to with people that post lies like you!!!

  4. Which way did they go George?

  5. To the person who tried to post today - that was tacky. The "like her father" obviously refers to the "over forty" part. You were setting her up when she didn't say anything against him so I'm not posting it. Leave her alone. (You're stalking.)


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