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Thursday, December 22, 2005

[WI] Deputy Riedel runs over girlfriend Officer Flower with truck

December 22, 2005
This past week Sauk County Sheriff's Deputy David L. Riedel is charged with felony hit and run for deliberately running over his girlfriend, Stoughton Police Officer Sonya Flower, then leaving the site. She crawled to the hotel, was taken by ambulance to the hospital and ended up with a lacerated liver, bruised ribs, and a bruised arm. According to the online news, the two of them were in mutual combat and she may be charged (but isn't). According to the news she layed behind his truck to keep him from leaving. She is said to have reported that earlier in the evening, after drinking, the two of them were in a hotel "throwing each other around the room' and that Riedel tried to choke her.


  1. What kind a an idiot lays behind a 4 x 4 vehicle? All charges against officer Riedel have been dismissed

  2. The same kind that runs over someone, damaging their internal organs, then after running over them curses at them and drives off and later says that they were DRIVING SO DRUNK that they don't RECALL running over their own girlfriend. Who else could he have killed. EVERYone is an idiot when they are drunk. But we are still acountable for the crimes we commit... except folks like this guy who should have been prosecuted for this crime, for leaving the scene, and for driving pukey drunk through public streets with a TANK.
    But lucky man - the court did some secret wheeling and dealing for him.

  3. In this article about another bad guy there is a good overview of how this irresponsible criminal is getting out of this crime of running over his ex girlfriend ANNND working as a cop:



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