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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

[SD] Garretson Police Officer Steve Schwartz arrested for DV

December 2005
Garretson Police Officer Steve Schwartz was just arrested for DV. There aren't any details about what happened except that ">the County Attorney said "...we filed a complaint alleging three individual accounts of simple assault. Those counts are charged in the alternative, meaning that he could only be convicted of one of those counts." (Hunh?)
What also stood out for me were the Chief's discussing policy in yesterday's article: (Excerpt) ...So how do police and sheriff's department's investigate their own when an officer is charged with a crime? Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel says it's something he hates to do, but he takes it very seriously. As the Tea Police and the Lincoln County State's Attorney investigate what happened in officer Steve Schwartz's home, his part-time employer, the Garretson Police Department will conduct it's own investigation. "We make our own opinion of the accusations and the charges at which time the suspension could carry on," Ronnie Thallas Garretson Police Chief said. That's a policy that many other departments also use. Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel says in deciding what action to take against an officer accused of a crime, he's looking for specific information. What was the violation, what's in the officers past, and is there a safety factor for the officer or the department if they continue with their duties.

(Notice who's missing
in the safety factors?


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