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Sunday, October 7, 2007

[AL] Deputy Phelps' plot to have ex-wife & her boyfriend killed gets him 25 years

Cullman County Sheriff's Deputy James Brian Phelps - who has also worked as a U.S. air marshal and as a police officer in Arab, Douglas, and Guntersville Police Departments - was sentenced Friday for his domestic murder-for-hire plots. He had been fired from Cullman County in 2005 immediately after violating a domestic violence protection order, and less than a month later arrested for the murder plots.

25 years in murder for hire conviction
The Huntsville Times - October 06, 2007
James Brian Phelps of Arab, a former U.S. air marshal, was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison for his conviction on charges of trying to hire someone to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend... two 25-year sentences to run concurrently... Friday's sentencing hearing had a "unique twist" when Phelp's ex-wife, Jamie Phelps, urged Riley to grant her ex-husband probation... [Assistant District Attorney Byron] Waldrop said Phelps could never explain why he gave a man he believed to be a hitman directions to the Arab home of his ex-wife's boyfriend, Chris Bailey, if he was not serious about killing them. An agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation posed as a hitman, Waldrop said, after a U.S. air marshal Phelps worked with in Chicago told his supervisor that Phelps wanted to see his ex-wife's photograph on a milk carton...

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  1. I saw the trial.The defendant Phelps was wanting the wife and boyfriend sinking in a swamp in Miss . before their chidren awoke in the morning.


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