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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

[PA] Tredyffrin Officer charged with assault of his wife

Officer allegedly assaults wife
Daily Local News
Sep 28, 2007
...Michael J. McCarthy, 37, who according to court records worked as a police officer for the Tredyffrin Police Department at the time of the alleged June 2007 assault, was ordered by District Judge John J. Durkin on Friday to stand trial on charges of simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct...
"It’s outrageous conduct. It’s outrageous for someone who is given the responsibility of upholding the law to be involved in a situation like this," said Assistant District Attorney Wallis Brooks, who leads the district attorney’s domestic violence unit. "While the vast majority of police devote their lives to upholding the law, and in so doing may put themselves at risk, no individual police officer is above the law"...
"(The woman) had a large bruise on her chest," Lower Pottsgrove police officer Matthew Kemp wrote in the criminal complaint, alleging the bruise was about 3 inches wide and ran from the base of the woman’s neck to her stomach area... "Michael denies that he assaulted her," said defense lawyer Barry Miller... McCarthy’s wife did obtain a temporary protection from abuse order against McCarthy...


  1. It's a shame when the truth is distorted to benefit those who know no other way but to lie. The desire for self pity and attention have over shadowed the truth. Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty. Our forefathers established our judicial system with the best intentions in mind. Due to the lack of honor and nobility within our society the system has become tarnished. The guilty go free and the innocent are severely punished. No one is perfect and there are always 3 sides to a story..yours, mine and the TRUTH. Before you are quick to judge and take sides, look at the facts and determine the truth. You're not going to find them in excerpts from some of what one person says or bits and pieces of an article on the internet. When the adulterer was being stoned by the town's people, Jesus walked up and protected her. He then said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." The truth will be told, are you ready to hear it?

  2. The problem here is that you folks never provide the outcome of these cases. Mr. McCarthy was found not guilty on all the assault chargs. He even took two polygraphs and passed both of them. Even the forensic pathologist testified that Mr. McCarthy did not do what his wife said he had done. It wasn't physically possible. However, I guess the truth doesn't sell newspapers.

  3. Everybody TALKS.
    Nobody produces.

    Cop accused of assaulting wife doesn’t want jury to know his past

  4. [PA] Officer McCarthy's wife: "I thought he was going to kill me"

  5. [PA] If Cop McCarthy's severely bruised wife had died, would they have even believed her then?

  6. Chesco officer sentenced in domestic dispute
    Pottstown Mercury, PA
    By Carl Hessler Jr., chessler@pottsmerc.com
    Lower Pottsgrove police alleged the woman suffered an abrasion that was three-inches wide and ran from the base of the woman's neck to her stomach area. However, [****Defense**** lawyer Sean] Cullen *****implied**** the woman could not have sustained the injuries at the hands of McCarthy. According to Cullen, McCarthy had a pre-existing neck injury that he sustained while on police duty and was not capable of the motions described by the woman.


    So a 6'2 cop can't slam a tiny 100 pound woman because his neck hurts.

    Unless he's paralyzed I'd think he could come up with something more believable.


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