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Monday, October 1, 2007

[NJ] Police Sgt. Vanaman's NEW excuse for killing wife Barbara?

The I-shot-my-wife-in-self-defense was forseeably crumbling for Millville Police Officer Robert Vanaman as the prosecutor insisted that he can show that Vanaman's wounds (surface scratches) were self inflicted.

Now it looks like his attorney is exploring blaming the gun for accidentally firing instead - the same gun that Vanaman said he deliberately shot at Barbara,


to protect himself.

Now just maybe it shot itself?

Cop's trial will involve gun expert
The Daily Journal
Sep 29, 2007
[Excerpts] ...He was charged with murder six months after the shooting. According to official reports, the 15-year veteran police officer shot his wife twice in the chest with his Glock .40-caliber semi-automatic service weapon... First Assistant Prosecutor Kenneth Pagliughi and O'Neill each have experts who are expected to testify whether his wounds were inflicted by the shooting victim or by Robert Vanaman or another person. After an earlier hearing, the county prosecutor said the wounds "were caused by someone other than Barbara Vanaman"...

Attorneys argue over evidence in Vanaman murder trial
The Press of Atlantic City
(856) 794-5114
September 29, 2007
[Excerpts] Attorneys for a Millville police sergeant accused of killing his wife last year appeared at the Cumberland County Courthouse on Friday for a pretrial conference, where lawyers negotiated - at times tensely - the sharing of physical evidence... He was arrested in November in the slaying of his wife, Barbara, 35, who was killed in May 2006 after being shot twice in the chest with Vanaman's service revolver. Vanaman remains free on $500,000 bond. Shortly after his arrest, O'Neill claimed that Vanaman fired his gun in self-defense, adding that Barbara Vanaman, a part-time aerobics instructor, slashed her husband with a knife during a violent domestic dispute in the kitchen of their Wedgewood Court home. Prosecutors, however, described those wounds as superficial and said they believed the cuts were self-inflicted.
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  1. give him the death penalty i dont feel sorry 4 him or let him rot in jail

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