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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

[TN] Fired Trooper Ray's new job

Fired trooper catches on as town cop
Coopertown force has had its troubles
The Tennessean
Tuesday, 10/02/07
Keith Ray's career as a state trooper ended after a former lover claimed the 28-year-old trooper, furious over their break-up, tried to poison her and threatened to spread nude photos of her. The accusations were enough to cost Ray his state job with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, but he is still patrolling streets — in a different uniform. Ray started work as a patrolman with the Coopertown Police Department three months after his last day as a trooper... Ray was up-front about his June 28 THP firing, Coopertown police Chief Bill Rush said.
"I go a lot on my gut instinct on someone, and I had a real good feeling on Mr. Ray"...
Though his THP personnel file indicates the state would not recommend him for rehire, Rush said Ray had positive recommendations from other officers in law enforcement. And Rush liked his experience. "Anyone can make accusations. Proving them is another issue and those accusations" against Ray "were not proven," Rush said... Prosecutors there said the claim is still under investigation. According to his file, Ray did poorly when questioned about the claims during a lie-detector test. In Sept. 18 decision, state Commissioner of Safety Dave Mitchell called Ray's actions "grossly unprofessional, unethical and unacceptable" and said they "shattered (Ray's) credibility and trustworthiness with the department."... Ray is not certified... Ray hasn't received the state Peace Officers' Standards and Training certification required for police officers... Coopertown is gathering Ray's documentation and tests to apply for POST certification... "It is up to POST to make the final certification. … If they deny it, I don't have any other choice but to rescind his employment," Rush said.... "I know a lot of troopers who have left THP under the same circumstances and have been issued POST certification numbers..."


  1. That's really scary that a police officer can almost kill somebody and then be rehired. i cant even find a job because of one dui, and this guy gets rehired after attempted murder, something is really wrong with our legal system

  2. Post subject: Coopertown Officer Keith Ray A Bad Cop Back on the Streets
    Posted: 02 Oct 2007, Tue 4:37 pm

    COOPERTOWN, Tenn. - A former Tennessee state trooper fired over allegations of misconduct is patrolling the streets in Middle Tennessee again, but in a different uniform.

    Tennessee Highway Patrol officials fired Keith Ray in June, after his ex-girlfriend said he threatened to post nude photos of her on the internet.

    Officials investigated, and found dozens of explicit photos on his state-issued laptop.

    Now, Ray is back on the streets in Robertson County as a Coopertown police officer - even though he has not been certified as a police officer.

    Coopertown officials are reportedly working to get Ray certified as a police officer.


  3. Fired THP trooper quits Coopertown police
    Kingsport Times, gotricities.myonlineplace.org
    hursday, October 18 2007

    According to a report in the Tennessean a state trooper fired over accusations made by a former lover has quit his new job on the Coopertown police force.

    Coopertown Police Chief Bill Rush said Officer Keith A. Ray resigned Tuesday after 34 days on the job.

    Ray, 28, was fired by the Tennessee Highway Patrol this summer after an investigation into complaints levied by Ray's ex-girlfriend. She claimed that Ray, distraught over their breakup, threatened to make public photos of her and another man having sex and tried to poison cold medicine she was taking.

    When his superiors confronted Ray about the accusations, they found 64 nude photos on his state-issued computer.

    Ray hasn't been charged criminally; his attorney has said the ex-girlfriend's most serious claims are not true. Ray is appealing his Highway Patrol termination.

    Ray was upfront about his firing when he applied in Coopertown, Rush said. He topped three other candidates because the allegations hadn't been proved, Rush said.


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