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Friday, October 26, 2007

[NJ] Police Chief Kennedy on "vacation" after wife reports dv

Jersey Shore Police Chief Investigated, Turns In Guns
October 25, 2007
...Cape May County's prosecutor confirms to NBC 10 that Sea Isle City Police Chief William Kennedy is the subject of an internal affairs investigation... a judge Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order against Kennedy following a domestic violence complaint made by his wife. In response, the prosecutor ordered Kennedy to turn over all of his weapons, which he did... No charges have been filed... A dispatcher at the police department told Greenberg that Kennedy is on vacation. "That causes a problem for the city on the administrative side because you have a chief who is operating under a cloud of an allegation of domestic violence," said city solicitor Paul Baldini. Prosecutors said Kennedy was ordered to assume only administrative duties at the police department and have no contact with his wife....

Chief Kennedy Still in Charge
Cape May County Herald
By Joe Hart
Chief William Kennedy remains in charge of the Sea Isle City Police Department, but the county Prosecutor's Office has suggested the city grant Kennedy a temporary leave of absence... considering Kennedy's current circumstances. Yesterday, city officials held an emergency closed session meeting to discuss potential litigation with the chief. After the meeting, city Solicitor Paul Baldini issued a statement saying that a temporary restraining order under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act had been entered against the chief by his wife...


  1. Chief Kennedy Latest in Sea Isle Police Woes
    Cape May County Herald
    By Joe Hart
    Oct 31, 2007
    ...The court’s domestic violence unit said a hearing on the restraining order scheduled for yesterday was cancelled WITH NO NEW DATE SET... When asked why the city was expecting litigation, Baldini referred to recent online Herald Spout Offs as an indication. The Spout Offs suggest a possible relationship between Chief Kennedy and a female employee in the Public Safety Department, of which Mrs. Kennedy became aware. As of this newspaper’s deadline, Chief Kennedy was still in charge of the police department, but County Prosecutor Robert Taylor recommended the parties agree on a temporary leave of absence considering the current circumstances... Kennedy has been an officer in the department since 1983 and its chief of police since March 2004...

    Sea Isle City police chief's wife says porn was on his city cell phone
    Press of Atlantic City, NJ
    By BRIAN IANIERI Staff Writer, 609-463-6713
    October 31, 2007

    SEA ISLE CITY - The wife of Police Chief William Kennedy said her recent restraining order against her husband of 20 years was not related to physical violence but to arguments after she discovered explicit text messages on his city cell phone. Phyllis Kennedy said the text messages, which included a graphic photograph of a woman's genitalia, came from the phone number of a female employee working under her husband's supervision. To keep a record, she took digital photographs of the text messages, she said. She has shared those photographs with Cape May County investigators who are doing an internal affairs investigation involving Kennedy... Chief Kennedy said Tuesday that he subsequently filed for a restraining order against his wife also...

  2. all u reporters need to go get a life... and stop thriving on other peoples expense.

  3. Chief William J. Kennedy Ret.July 24, 2013

    I would respectfully please direct your attention to the article from the AC Press which clearly states there was no domestic violence involved in this personal matter. And therefore respectfully request that this post be removed by the behindthebluewall administrator. Thank you.

  4. Sea Isle police chief agrees to retire
    Press of Atlantic City
    Monday, May 12, 2008
    [Excerpts] Former Police Chief William Kennedy had a sexual relationship with a subordinate he promoted, his city computer contained thousands of pornographic images and he "must be removed," according to an internal city investigation... The city would have presented the report at a departmental hearing May 19 to support the departmental charges of conduct unbecoming an officer, misuse of public property, sexual harassment, neglect of duty, insubordination and violations of the city's ethical standards... In the report's allegations, the investigator paints a picture of a police department in shambles run by a chief who once allegedly propositioned sex in a police closet and tried to cover up the pornography on his computer. "The irrefutable misconduct that William Kennedy has committed while serving as police chief for Sea Isle City is both shocking and overwhelming... His misconduct brought disrepute to and disrupted the operations of the police department, destroyed the morale of its employees and law-enforcement personnel, obliterated the trust that the citizenry must have in a chief of police, and clearly requires his removal"... The report alleges Kennedy, sometime around Nov. 2 tried to erase files on his police department computer, which contained tens of thousands of pornographic images, links to pornographic Web sites and Web sites related to soliciting of prostitutes in Atlantic City. The report also alleges on Nov. 5 Kennedy, after being told he was suspended, took his work computer from the police station and replaced it with a "dummy" computer. The report says officials from the county Prosecutor's Office were required to intervene and retrieve the computer from his home. "His work computer revealed that in fact Kennedy had spent countless hours/days, including work time, viewing pornographic websites, videos and pictures on his work computer while in the police department"... The report says Kennedy also disobeyed a city directive to return all city property, including his badge, at least three boxes of official police documents and records - including personnel and internal affairs files, grievances and other documents. On Oct. 24, Phyllis Kennedy filed a temporary restraining order against her husband under the state Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. He subsequently filed one against his wife... Cape May County Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation that was limited to the domestic violence restraining order his wife lodged against him. That investigation said Kennedy did nothing criminal relating to the restraining order...
    Original link, which no longer works: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/185/story/155887.html

    1. Chief William J. Kennedy (Ret.)March 01, 2014

      That's a nice report. You did notice the words: Alleged & Cleared Criminally, and No Domestic Violence. You are no better then any news agency that wants to be judge, jury, and executioner without fact checking anything. All Cops are Not Bad just because you probably had a bad experience. Cops are all individuals just like you and are entitled to their rights, and to be considered innocent of an allegation until prove otherwise. That's why they are called allegations. I can make up whatever I want about you and pay someone to say it true, that doesn't make it true. Think of just two points to your article: 1. Ten's of Thousand's of images on a office pc. Ten's of Thousand's (pretty big hard drive?) 2. Stolen pc's, equipment, document's etc. (isn't that criminal?) Please try to not be so lame and transparent about your dislike for cops.
      Chief William J. Kennedy (Ret.)

    2. That's an article, not my editorial.

    3. AnonymousJuly 02, 2014

      It is easy to judge when you don't know the whole story. I am the "supposed victim". We were together before he became chief of police. Nothing happened in that building between us when he was my superior officer. I retired, he retired, end of story, Move on to the current Chief who is married and lives with his girlfriend.

  5. For the purposes of this blog it is important to note when domestic charges arise as well as how they disappear.

  6. Wondering if you saw this post:

    [NJ] Police Chief Kennedy won't be prosecuted for domestic violence


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