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Monday, October 22, 2007

[OR] Tashina reports her police sgt boyfriend & is arrested

Which way is up? I'm not trying to play judge and jury about the article but what this says to me personally is that any tricks that I've learned to protect myself without a weapon - better not leave marks.

Woodburn Officer involved in domestic violence investigation
KGW Portland
October 21, 2007
A Woodburn police Sergeant was put on paid administrative leave Saturday while a domestic violence complaint is investigated. Tashina Cabantoy claimed that her boyfriend who is a Sergeant with the Woodburn Police department, assaulted her inside their home early Friday morning. Cabantoy filed a complaint with the Woodburn police department on Friday evening. To avoid a conflict of interest, the case was forwarded to the Marion County Sheriff's department. When deputies contacted the Sergeant in question, he claimed Cabantoy assaulted him. The man showed physical evidence of cuts and bruises. Officers then arrested Cabantoy for domestic violence. Police said she admitted to hitting the Woodburn police Sergeant, but said it was in self-defense.
KGW is not naming the officer in question because it's station policy not to name victims of domestic violence.

To balance off that the station DID name the person who went to FILE the report and did not name the officer she REPORTED - appearing then to not believe Tashina when she says it was self defense - I'M going to NOT post Tashina' s available mugshot because it's my blog (and life) policy to pay attention to my (amazing) intuition.


  1. "...KGW is not naming the officer in question because it's station policy not to name victims of domestic violence..."

    That has been on my mind off and on all day. HOW does the station determine in a
    crime WHO the "victim" is?

    Before they post the name and pic of the police-fingered perp, they had no doubts? And if they doubted - why post her that way. That would be breaking their own policy then,


  2. after further investigation charges were dropped and the officer in question was kicked off the force so that tells you right there who the real victim was in this case.and he weighs over 200 pounds and she weighs 100 that was a big disadvantage for her to overcome.


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