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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

[MO] "Resigned" Officer Minet indicted for murdering Alyssa

Officer Minet "resigned" his cop job right before he was originally charged with assault and abuse of a child in October of 2006 - accused of slinging his girlfriend's daughter - tiny Alyssa - from shoulder height and shaking her by the torso so hard that the child ended up with a swollen brain and blown pupil, biting her, and throwing her down. It happened while Alyssa's mom was not home.


Clay County grand jury indicts former Kansas City officer with second-degree murder in child’s death in 2006
Kansas City Star, MO - 11 hours ago
The Kansas City Star
Oct. 02, 2007
A Clay County grand jury on Tuesday indicted a Kansas City man with second-degree murder and abuse of a child in connection with the death of a 2-year-old girl. Nicholas A. Minet, 29, a former Kansas City police officer, explained to investigators that he shook the toddler and threw her to the floor on a mattress Oct. 19, 2006... Alyssa Eickmeier died Oct. 22, 2006, of blunt trauma to the head... Doctors who treated the child at Children’s Mercy Hospital reported that Alyssa suffered from internal bleeding in her skull, a rear skull fracture and brain swelling. She also had bruises on her forehead, back and neck... and an adult bite mark on her left leg...

Ex-Police Officer Faces Murder Charge
Nicholas Minet Accused Of Beating Toddler To Death

October 2, 2007
...The girl's father, Chris Eickmeier, said he's relieved the murder charge was filed. "It makes me very happy. I'm very happy about the charges -- it's what I've wanted from the beginning... I'll obviously never forget about her... I just try not to think about it sometimes, because it hurts really bad...
Just love and cherish your kids, because you never know, you never know.
You see all this junk on TV about kids being kidnapped and murdered, obviously, I was a like a lot of people, 'That will never happen to me -- I'm too careful'"... Minet's bond was set at $250,000.

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