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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

[PA] Officer Dennis killed Carli the way he said he would

Friend testifies about Dennis' casket comments
William Jones says police officer had threatened to 'blow her head off' before.

Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
By David Weiss

October 24, 2007
[EXCERPTS] Jeff Dennis was kneeling at his wife's casket. His best friend, William Jones, walked up behind him, and leaned in to whisper something to him. But Jeff Dennis was already talking. He was whispering something to Carli's body. "I told you you wouldn't get away with it, bitch," Jones said he heard Jeff Dennis say. The scene at Carli's wake led Jones to probe a bit more about the death. He asked Jeff Dennis what happened. "Bitch was cheating on me again," Jeff Dennis said, according to Jones. "What do you think happened?" Jones said he was skeptical that Carli actually shot herself. "(Jeff Dennis) told me I was always able to see right through him"... Jones' sometimes teary testimony came Tuesday in the sixth day of Jeff Dennis' trial on homicide charges in Carli's death... It happened the same way Jeff Dennis once described it to Jones... Jones said Jeff Dennis spoke with him about Carli's affair. He hoped to reconcile with Carli, but he also said if he heard Carli was cheating again, he had another plan. He would "blow her head off," Jones said. And Jeff Dennis often bragged about how he could kill someone and make it look like a suicide, Jones said. Carli, on the other hand, told Jones how she wanted to leave Jeff Dennis. Jones told Carli she could stay with Jones and his wife if she needed to. But Carli wouldn't do that. She told Jones that Jeff Dennis would "kill us all" if that happened, Jones said. His wife, Joyce, couldn't understand how Carli could live like that. She always saw Carli "nervous and scared"...

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March 02, 2006
[PA] COP'S WIFE & POLICE DISPATCHER CARLI DENNIS FOUND DEAD -Carli Anne Bitterman Dennis, 30, of Wyoming, died Monday, Feb. 27, 2006, at home. She was the wife of Jeffery J. Dennis. She was born in Auburn, N.Y., on Jan. 4, 1976. She was a daughter of...

Apr 20, 2006
[PA] Officer Dennis is saying that his wife killed herself, but... -Today Pennsylvania Dallas Township Police Officer Jeffrey Dennis says he didn't kill his wife Carli... Dennis claims his wife shot herself... the victim's best friend said Dennis told her Carli died because of what she did to him... Another witness said Dennis threatened to shoot her and make it look like she did it...

Jun 15, 2007
[PA] Stepping Closer to Justice for Carli - ...Prosecutors also plan to introduce evidence of other crimes Jeff Dennis allegedly committed, including a possible assault of his wife a week before her death. Those alleged crimes will be substantiated by eyewitness testimony of him grabbing her by the hair and neck multiple times... A witness also will testify Jeff Dennis had stated he placed a gun to the back of his wife's head "numerous times"...

October 15, 2007
[PA] Jeff Dennis, an officer when Carli was stolen from us, is on trial - I will add updates to the comments of this entry as the trial proceeds... Now it's time for a jury to decide whether 30-year-old [911 Dispatcher] Carli Dennis died from a lone bullet fired by her husband, police officer Jeff Dennis, or by herself...
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  1. trial updates are here


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