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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

[IL] Stacy Peterson, wife of Police Sgt. Peterson, is missing

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...Drew Peterson's previous wife, 40-year-old Kathleen Savio, was found dead in the dry bathtub of her Pheasant Chase home in March 2004... "I'm waiting for my attorney to advise me," Peterson said. "If he feels I should make a statement then I will. If he advises against it, then I won't."

Stacy Ann Peterson

Anyone with information should call ISP Joliet District at (815) 726-6377.

Bolingbrook Police Sergeant's Wife Disappears
Sergeant's Previous Wife Died In '04, Case Ruled Accidental
Oct 30, 2007
[Excerpts] State Police are searching for the wife of a southwest suburban Bolingbrook police sergeant... It was not clear how long Peterson, the wife of Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson, has been missing... According to an Illinois State Police release which spelled her name Stacy Ann Peterson, she was last heard from at 10 a.m. Sunday. She was supposed to help a friend do some painting, but never showed up. Stacy Peterson is described as a 5-foot-2-inches, 100 pound, white female with brown hair and eyes. She was last seen wearing a red jogging suit. She has a tattoo of a blue and yellow carnation on the small of her back and a scar across her stomach, the release said... Drew Peterson's previous wife, 40-year-old Kathleen Savio, was found dead in the dry bathtub of her Pheasant Chase home in March 2004. Drew Peterson and Savio were divorced... Once entry was gained, the neighbor went inside and found Savio's body in a waterless bathtub... While there was no water in the bathtub, it may have drained out over time, as the plug was down, investigators speculated. A coroner's jury ruled the death accidental. State Police investigated that case as well. No charges were filed. According to one official, Savio was Drew Peterson's third wife, and Stacey Peterson is his fourth. More than 20 years ago, Drew Peterson was fired from the Bolingbrook Police Department... Drew Peterson won reinstatement with the department in March 1986. Judge Edwin Grabiec ruled police and fire commissioners lacked sufficient evidence to find Peterson guilty of the charges...

Search under way for wife of Bolingbrook cop
Chicago Tribune
Erika Slife, Matthew Walberg and Dan Blake
October 30, 2007
...Stacy Peterson, 23, was last seen Sunday morning by her husband, Sgt. Drew Peterson, said Bolingbrook police Lt. Ken Teppel. Peterson, 53, is a 29-year veteran of the department... At 4 a.m. Monday, her family went to the Illinois State Police to report that she was missing... Contacted at his home this afternoon, Peterson declined to comment. "I'm waiting for my attorney to advise me," Peterson said. "If he feels I should make a statement then I will. If he advises against it, then I won't." Teppel said investigators were treating the disappearance as a missing persons case, which is being handled by state police because it involves a member of an officer's family. Teppel said there are no signs of foul play... Peterson is a student at Joliet Junior College, where she is majoring in pre-nursing, said a campus spokesman...


  1. You morons, where is the domestic violence in this article?

  2. Coming up missing is enough to use this as another avenue to post Stacy's situation and the contact number in case anyone knows anything.
    You obviously have something to hide or someone to protect. We can argue once Stacy is found. Right now is a tacky time to play word games though, and I won't.

    OCTOBER 31, 2007

    Old case reviewed after wife vanishes
    Joliet Herald News, IL
    BY JOE HOSEY Staff Writer
    October 31, 2007
    [EXCERPTS] The disappearance of a local cop's young wife has prompted prosecutors to revisit the mysterious death of his previous spouse. Police Sgt. Drew Peterson refused to discuss the investigation of his wife Stacy's whereabouts with media or even to emerge from his Pheasant Chase Court home Tuesday. Stacy Peterson, 23, 53-year-old Peterson's fourth wife, last was heard from when she called a friend Sunday morning and arranged to meet him to do some painting. When she failed to show up, the friend contacted her family. By early Monday morning, the concerned family headed to District 5 state police to report her missing, said Bolingbrook Police Lt. Ken Teppel. "They explained what was going on and that her husband is a sergeant with the Bolingbrook police," Teppel said. The family also met with Drew Peterson's boss, Bolingbrook Police Chief Ray McGury. "He respected their wishes to have the state lead the investigation," Teppel said, adding that Bolingbrook officers also would be involved and "working in tandem with the state police"...
    Peterson sought help from a neighbor, who called a locksmith. Then, the neighbor went inside and found Savio's body in the dry tub... Two years before she was found dead, Savio obtained an order of protection against Peterson. In her petition, Savio made allegations of death threats, an instance of his pursuing her on foot through the street and lying in wait to "teach (her) a lesson." She claimed Peterson told her "he's coming over to the house to deal with me, he wants me dead, and if he has to he will burn the house down just to shut me up... He has a gun and other weapons I believe he will use on me," she said in the petition... Teppel said he has fielded inquiries about a more recent gun incident at Peterson's home but has no knowledge of it. "We weren't notified as far as a crime report or a call to the house," he said...

    Investigation Reopens Into Death of Cop's Third Wife After Fourth Wife Disappears
    Wednesday, October 31, 2007
    [EXCERPTS] ..."At this time there is no indication of any type of foul play or anything suspicious," said Lt. Ken Teppel, a spokesman for Bolingbrook Police Department. State police are following up on leads, reviewing voicemails, text messages, e-mails and talking to family and friends in attempts to find the missing woman. Drew Peterson told reporters Wednesday that he believes his wife is alive and said he is being treated unfairly in this case. Peterson urged the media to focus on looking for his wife and not on his past... Betty Morphey, Drew Peterson's mother, told FOX News that she just saw Stacy last weekend, talking about plans for Thanksgiving. Morphey said she doesn't know anything about her disappearance, adding that Drew and Stacy were happy. "As far as we know, everything is fine with them. They get along," Morphey said...

    Body of [One] Missing Woman Found
    By Laura Oppenheimer
    Chicagoist, IL
    October 31, 2007
    [EXCERPTS] We were hoping this story would have a happy ending but weren't too surprised to wake up this morning to find out it didn't. Alma Mendez had been missing since Sunday afternoon; her body was found yesterday at 2 p.m. in the river next to her jogging path... Unfortunately, there isn't much updated news about Chicagoland's other missing woman in a jogging suit, 23-year-old Stacy Ann Peterson, although her disappearance has prompted authorities to take a second look at the death of her husband's third wife, Kathleen Savio (Stacy Ann is the fourth)... Courtesy of the Sun-Times and their very tasteful headline, we learn that 51-year-old husband Drew Peterson, met Stacy and had an affair with her when he was still married to Savio. And, as it turns out, also used to beat Savio and once held a knife to her throat. We are loathe to jump to conclusions, but today, we're inclined to give the Sun-Times a pass on their sensationalist style: This guy sounds like bad news...

    One dead, one gone
    Drew Peterson's ex-wife was found dead 3 years ago, now his current wife is missing
    Chicago Sun-Times
    [EXCERPTS] ...Savio's family, who never thought a seemingly healthy 40-year-old woman had drowned, is elated. "I'm so happy," said one close relative, who asked not to be identified. "I don't feel they investigated it well enough." But as the Savio family awaits answers, so too do Stacy Peterson's loved ones... Peterson's husband told investigators he spoke with his wife on the phone about 9 p.m. Sunday -- and nothing in their conversation worried him. There have been no signs of foul play, authorities said. "Right now, it's a missing person case," said Bolingbrook Police Lt. Ken Teppel. "She didn't come home"... Peterson has not been named as a suspect in his wife's disappearance. He's been married four times and one source Tuesday portrayed Peterson's marital relationship with his current wife as strained. His relationship with his most recent ex-wife had also been troubled, Savio's relatives said. When Drew Peterson and Savio met in the early 1990s, he was the Romeo boyfriend who surprised her with a Valentine's Day trip to Jamaica, one relative recalled. But five or so years into the marriage, Savio began to receive anonymous letters saying her husband was cheating on her, said the relative... Whenever Savio confronted Peterson, he would beat her, the relative said. The relative said she took Savio to a hospital after one such beating in the late 1990s. "She was hit, she was bruised up, and she was dazed," the relative recalled. But Savio, who had two children with Peterson, was initially "deathly afraid" to leave her husband, the relative said. In 2002, Savio sought an order of protection in Will County court. In the order, Savio claimed that her husband had threatened to kill her. "He just doesn't care if he live[s] or die[s], or I live or die," Savio wrote in March 2002. That same year, Savio claimed in a letter to prosecutors that her husband had held a knife to her throat. In 2003, Savio filed for divorce after learning her husband was having an affair with a young woman --the future Stacy Peterson. When Savio confronted her husband, he admitted that he had made the woman pregnant, the relative said. Then in March 2004, Savio was found dead in a bathtub in her Bolingbrook home after the couple had divorced. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning even though the tub was empty when her body was discovered. Investigators theorized the water drained out...

  4. Video
    Sgt. Peterson speaks about missing wife and dead wife

    Husband Says 23-Year-Old Is 'Where She Wants To Be'
    Mike Puccinelli
    Oct 31, 2007
    [Excerpts] Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson commented Wednesday for the first time about the disappearance of his young wife Stacy Peterson... Peterson says it was an unusual but fatal slip in the tub that caused the death of [3rd wife] Kathleen Savio. He also took time to lash out on the media for, in his words, being more interested in the death of his ex-wife than in finding [4th wife] Stacy Peterson... At Stacy Peterson's Bolingbrook home police were on standby in marked and unmarked cars throughout the day Wednesday. While Drew Peterson and his kids remained holed up inside... He [Sgt. Peterson] said she'd been under the care of a psychiatrist who had put her on the anti-anxiety drugs. He also said he had no reason to suspect foul play... But STACY PETERSON'S ONLY SURVIVING SISTER, CASSANDRA CALES, SAYS STACY LIVED IN FEAR OF THE VETERAN POLICE OFFICER. "SHE FEARED FOR HER LIFE... SHE WANTED A DIVORCE AND WAS TALKING ABOUT GETTING A DIVORCE." CALES SAYS HER SISTER PLANNED TO MEET WITH A DIVORCE ATTORNEY ON MONDAY... "SHE TOLD ME IF ANYTHING HAPPENED, IF SHE DISAPPEARED SHE WANTED SOMEBODY TO KNOW," Cales said... Sgt. Peterson said he believes Stacy is "where she wants to be." He also said after she sees the media reports she'll either go deeper underground or she'll surface... Sgt. Peterson said he thought it would be "very unusual" for Stacy to leave her children. He also said he has lived an honorable life and now people are looking at him with suspicion. He said that hurts.


    [IL] Wife of police sgt, Stacy Peterson, missing

    [IL] Sgt. Peterson speaks about missing wife and dead wife

    [IL] Stacy, wife of Sgt Peterson missing - news day 2

    [IL] Sgt.'s wife Stacy Peterson: "He wants me dead..."

    From Cassandra, sister of missing Sgts wife, Stacy Peterson

  6. This sounds like anothr Scott Peterson case..Why do these abusive men who turn out to be murderers always make the story all about themselves ? They never have any comments about how disraught they are , worried or concerned..instead he is matter of fact eg : "Stacy is where wants to be ??" what does that mean ? Stacy is where he wants her to be? dead ?? I am sure this man has done something to her.. just by reading and listening to the news accounts.

  7. His side: Sgt. Drew Peterson
    Chicago Sun-Times
    November 1, 2007
    Drew Peterson believes his missing wife left voluntarily -- even taking extra clothes with her -- and isn't a victim of foul play... Peterson ripped media reports that Will County authorities are reviewing the 2004 death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, who drowned in a tub in her Bolingbrook home shortly after the couple had divorced... "She just had an accident... Yes, it was an unusual accident... It bothers me. I've led an honorable life and people are looking at me sideways... It hurts. I just have to live through it... My klds can't even go Trick-or-Treat. I hate it... I'm a prisoner here"...

    Their side: Stacy Peterson's family
    Chicago Sun-Time
    November 1, 2007
    Stacy Peterson's family said Wednesday that the 23-year-old missing mother of two would never have abandoned her young children, ages 2 and 4. "She's very sweet and caring," said Peterson's aunt, Candace Aikin, 48, of El Monte, Calif. "She's a very good mother to her children." Peterson's uncle, Gary Cales, 68, of Hemet, Calif., agreed: "I know damn well she wouldn't go without them kids. I just know that for sure. That's the kind of mother she is. She loved those children"... Aikin said her family had concerns about Drew Peterson's character early on because he told Stacy when he began dating her that he had never been married... Stacy confided to her aunt that her cop husband wanted to control her every move. Drew Peterson often asked his wife if she had a boyfriend... Stacy Peterson told her aunt she wanted to divorce her husband, but didn't want to lose her children... "She sounded kind of frantic, like she wanted Drew out," Aikin said. "She was trying to kick him out. She said she would get back with me but she never did."

    Whom do you believe?
    Chicago Sun-Times
    November 1, 2007
    In the months before Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson's ex-wife drowned in her own bathtub in 2004, she told a relative she had detailed notes about her fights with her ex-husband -- just in case something bad happened to her... Shortly before Peterson's current wife, Stacy A. Peterson, went missing earlier this week, she began telling her relatives she wanted people to know she was afraid -- in case she disappeared... Drew Peterson, 53, a 29-year police veteran, said he believes his wife left voluntarily... He said she's been suffering from "mood issues" since her sister Tina Ryan death's last year from colon cancer... Savio's relatives say they have always doubted the official conclusion that her death was accidental...

    Joliet Herald News, IL
    November 1, 2007
    Stacy Peterson might come home again after blowing off some steam. Or she might not. Her mother hasn't yet, her son-in-law says, and she left eight years ago. "I believe she's either going to tell people where she is or she's going to go down deeper, like how her mom did," said Peterson's husband, police Sgt. Drew Peterson. Drew Peterson, 53, said this isn't the first time his 23-year-old wife split on him. She had taken off on him before, he said, when their children or he himself got to be too much. "She would take off for a few hours like this," Peterson said. "She would say she would vent"... The couple's marriage certificate lists the whereabouts of Stacy Peterson's mother, Christie Toutges, as unknown... He was a 47-year-old police officer, and she was a 17-year-old motel clerk. The department took notice, he said, and tried to quash the affair. "The state's attorney said, 'He's not doing (anything) wrong,'" Peterson said, and the romance flourished into marriage. It was this same romance that spelled the end of his marriage to his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Soon after Peterson's divorce from Savio and his marriage to the teenage Stacy Cales, Savio was found dead in the bathtub of the Pheasant Chase Drive home she had kicked her ex-husband out of.... Peterson was indicted by a grand jury and fired from his job with the Bolingbrook department after allegations arose that he was trading secrets about his undercover narcotics unit to a drug dealer in exchange for drugs. The charges later were dropped and Peterson got his job back... "I had drama before Stacy, and Stacy just added to it," he said. "I believe, like I tell everyone, she's not missing. She's gone on her own. And it's not by (anything) that I did."

  8. Discussion on CourtTV forums:

    Stacy Ann Peterson Bolingbrook, IL Missing 10/28/07





    POOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Drew Peterson reminds ME of cop sam parker who's missing wife he said "imploded"... mind you he was fired since his wife Theresa's disappearance for having explosives in his work locker - and Theresa still has not been found. HE TOO is stuck on his OWN trouble from his wife's disappearance AND feels affronted for being considered as having something to do with it. He also is not WORRIED about his missing wife:


    November 1st, 2007 5:01 PM Eastern
    by Greta Van Susteren

    We returned to Sgt Peterson’s home only to gave the State Police show up to execute a search warrant. We are still outside the house - the search is going on. We went inside the neighbor’s house and we were speaking to Stacy’s sister when suddenly my producer got my attention….standing in the living room listening to me talk to Stacy was Sgt Peterson Stacy [sic] was rattled because she was saying very unflattering things about Sgt Peterson. More to come…"

  11. Report: Police Questioning Cop In Wife's Disappearance, Home Searched
    WBBM780, IL
    01 November 2007 3:07PM
    Illinois state police investigators are at the home of Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson right now, executing a search warrant. They've also towed away two vehicles that were parked in the driveway... Police tell WBBM they're executing two search warrants. They say they do not have an arrest warrant for Drew Peterson... Cassandra Cales says she would talk to her sister Stacy Peterson every day. "She told me Friday night that she feared for her life and that she was telling me this, so that if she just so happened to disappear, it wasn't her and she wanted to be found"... Bolingbrook police say Sergeant Drew Peterson told them he found his wife's car at the airport Sunday night...

    Officer questioned in wife's disappearance
    CBS 21, PA - 4 minutes ago
    NOV 1, 2007
    ...He is now being questioned by police in her disappearance. Investigators are searching the couple's home as well as seizing property and vehicles. The children, ages 4 and 2, have been taken to a neighbor's house. Peterson, 53, said before the current police questioning that Stacy Ann has run-off before when the couple's children became to be too much for her...

    Official: Missing woman's car was at Bolingbrook airport
    Drew Peterson said he believes his wife, Stacy, 23, left him for someone else.
    By Don Grigas, dgrigas@mysuburbanlife.com
    Nov 01, 2007, 10:49 AM CDT
    ...According to Lt. Ken Teppel, public information officer for the Bolingbrook Police Department, Sgt. Drew Peterson told authorities on Monday that Stacy Peterson contacted him by telephone Sunday night and told him she had left and her vehicle was at Bolingbrook Clow International. Teppel said Drew Peterson told investigators after receiving the call from Stacy Peterson he went to the airport and picked up the vehicle and drove it back to the family residence, which is less than 400 yards from their home...

  12. This Cop hides behind an American Flag "Mask" and an "NYPD" hat? Shame on him. Then he pulls the TYPICAL COP excuse known on the inside as the "nuts and sluts" excuse. He claims his wife took her "bikini" and she was being treated by a shrink! He was cheating on his THIRD wife with this "missing" women when the present wife was just 17 years old! Allegedly, it was a big joke around the Bolingbrook Police Department! They all knew this cop's life was "uniqe". Such a shame his THIRD wife died in a small bathtub with hardly any water in it...ACCIDENTALLY, of course. It's a very tangled web when you investigate "one of your own"..."It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out". His first two kids got ONEW MILLION in insurance from his THIRD wife's accidental death...He was about to retire in December. I guess it was NOT cheaper to keep her!! This is the classic "cop" syndrome. I know. I am a former police officer who has been the victim of abuse by another officer. Remember, most cops are just like any other person. It is only a small minority that turn bad. They get the "hero syndrome" and think they are "bulletproof". They are very very dangerous.

  13. We all know what you look like, Sgt. Drew!! Only people with something to hide wear masks! Got something to hide? Plenty...me thinks! Why aren't you looking for your wife. If she was depressed, she may need help...or are you waiting for the insurance check to arrive first?

  14. I hope they give this (criminal) two faced POS cop the same iron they do to the common folks. They let him off at least 2 times before with his other wife's death and his drug case invesigation. See who we have patroling our lives. They should have never hired him the first time and then back again.... what is wrong with our State?

  15. History of police coverups and corruption has been going on for centuries. How soon we forget Diane Masters and the Willow Springs Police engaged in murder, mafia, and corruption. Police are there to protect! Yet women are abused every day in this country and the police have turned a blind eye.....especially on their own men in blue. How about this law....If you want to wear a badge......you don't abuse your wife, ex-wife, girlfriend, etc. This must be made a law to protect women from the top down. Federal law could mandate this action for all law enforcers....period. Any proven case of physical abuse....you're out of there!

  16. I agree and the ultimate aim with a top-down law, is that there is a federal mandate that each department has a policy that says so. I started out zero tolerance, then recognized what danger that puts families in, but now am realizing that this won't stop until it's no longer tolerated in a department. It will take at least a couple of decades to change police culture so we better get busy banging on that wall if we are every going to break through.

    Taking them on, one at a time until the opportunity to do better arises.


    Stacy Peterson case a tangled web
    The Bolingbrook Sun
    November 2, 2007
    By JOE HOSEY The Herald News
    Stacy Peterson might come home again to Bolingbrook after blowing off some steam. Or she might not. Her mother hasn't yet, her son-in-law says, and she left eight years ago. "I believe she's either going to tell people where she is or she's going to go down deeper, like how her mom did," said Peterson's husband, Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson... By today, she is getting closer to going the way of her mother, who Peterson says vanished from Blue Island in 1999. The couple's marriage certificate lists the whereabouts of Stacy Peterson's mother, Christie Toutges, as unknown. Drew Peterson said there have been indications Toutges is still alive, but she has yet to surface. Peterson hopes the tendency does not run in the family.... This episode in the Peterson marriage is the latest in an ongoing drama. Even the beginning of their love affair was steeped in scandal. He was a 47-year-old police officer, and she was a 17-year-old motel clerk. The department took notice, he said, and tried to quash the affair. "The state's attorney said, 'He's not doing (anything) wrong,'" Peterson said, and the romance flourished into marriage. It was this same romance that spelled the end of his marriage to his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Soon after Peterson's divorce from Savio and his marriage to the teenage Stacy Cales, Savio was found dead in the bathtub of the Pheasant Chase Drive home she had kicked her ex-husband out of... The investigation revealed Savio drowned. While there was no water in the bathtub, it may have drained out over time... A coroner's jury ruled the death accidental... The Petersons' relationship and Savio's death aren't the only sources of turmoil for the police sergeant. Peterson was indicted by a grand jury and fired from his job with the Bolingbrook department after allegations arose that he was trading secrets about his undercover narcotics unit to a drug dealer in exchange for drugs. The charges later were dropped and Peterson got his job back... "I had drama before Stacy, and Stacy just added to it," he said. "I believe, like I tell everyone, she's not missing. She's gone on her own. And it's not by (anything) that I did."

    Spouse under scrutiny
    Joliet Herald News, IL - Nov 3, 2007
    November 3, 2007
    By JOE HOSEY Staff Writer
    The police have searched his house and seized his property. A media horde has camped in front of his home. A crowd of in-laws criticize him. But at least one man feels for the police sergeant whose wife disappeared nearly a week ago. "I know what he's going through," said Craig Stebic, the Plainfield pipefitter who has a missing wife of his own... Drew Peterson was still married when he met 17-year-old Stacy Cales while she was working as an overnight desk clerk... State police also have turned an eye to a micro-light airplane owned by Drew Peterson... Peterson's two-seater Aquilla Trike...

    Raking the bottom
    Divers search pond for woman, State Police take interest in aircraft
    Chicago Sun-Times
    By Stefano Esposito and Dan Rozek
    November 3, 2007
    As divers probed a murky pond Friday searching for clues in the disappearance of Bolingbrook mother Stacy Peterson, Illinois State Police zeroed in on her cop husband's micro-light airplane... Drew Peterson, 53, wasn't questioned Friday by investigators, but "he's been cooperative," said Master Sgt. Luis Gutierrez, another State Police spokesman... About 11 a.m., Peterson rode out of his driveway on a motorcycle, with a red-white-and-blue bandanna pulled up to his eyes. About two years ago, Hudetz trained Drew Peterson to fly his micro-light... "He was actually a private pilot before that," Hudetz said. "He flew regular airplanes. He seemed like a very nice guy"...

    State Authorities search
    Volunteers Helping Search For Missing Woman
    Stacy Peterson's Family Believes She May Have Been Killed
    Nov 4, 2007
    ...Stacy's family says she had marital problems and wanted to get a divorce before she vanished. Neighbors said her husband is away for a couple of days... Search leader Roy Taylor said "I'm kind of in awe. Like I said yesterday, I'm blown away by the fact that he hasn't shown up or tried to help. Even if she did leave him, he has to clear his image right now and he's done nothing to do that"... [Stacy's sister, Cassandra] Cales had been expecting her sister to help her paint with a friend last Sunday, but five hours after Stacy had been expected, she had not shown up. Cales said she began "calling her cell phone, calling the house, I was calling everybody, and then finally I broke down and called Drew." Cales says on the night Stacy disappeared, Drew left his four young kids home alone at 11 o' clock. She also says both cars were gone at that time. But, she says, they were back in the driveway three hours later. Cales said she reached Sgt. Peterson at 11:26 p.m. Sunday. "I called him and I heard a bunch of noise and shuffling and car ignition keys like him starting a car," Cales said. "(Drew Peterson said), 'I went out running around looking for your sister. She left me,' I said, 'While what are you doing, where are you at?' He goes, 'I'm at home, where are you at?' I said, 'I'm at home in my garage,' sitting a couple blocks away." Cales said she was certain Drew Peterson was lying when he said he was home, since she had just left the Peterson house. She went straight to police, who spent the Thursday executing warrants at the home. Her friend called Drew Peterson, who claimed Stacy called him and told him where her car was. "He's like, 'no she called me and told me the car's at whatchamacallit,'" Bruce Zidarich said. "I said 'Drew, what's whatchamacallit? Where'd she leave the car?' He said, 'Hold on, let me get my head straight.'" He then claimed Stacy called him and told him her car was at the airport, and that she was flying to Jamaica with $25,000 in cash. Cales says it's a lie and now she's haunted by her sister's last words, when she said Stacy asked her on Friday to search for her if she disappeared. "That's what she told me, she was relying on me," Cales said. "And I'm not gonna stop until I find her, what happened... "Something happened to her... When she told me Friday night she feared for her life, I was suspicious so I wanted to stay in contact her, so I saw her Saturday night... We spoke, we talked all day, we text messaged. When I left her Saturday night, she said she'd call me when she woke up. She never called, and I just got really worried... I'm doing what you asked... I'm here to let you know that I will find you"...

    Friend: Missing woman unhappy
    Joliet Herald News, IL
    By Jennifer Golz
    November 4, 2007
    Stacy Peterson may have told friends and family she wanted a divorce from her husband, Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson. But she wrote her own chilling message in e-mails to a friend... "I have been arguing quite a bit with my husband... As I mature with age I am finding that the relationship I am in is controlling, manipulative and somewhat abusive...Tomorrow is our four-year anniversary and I'm not as excited as the years that have passed. If you could keep me in your prayers I could use some wisdom, protection and strength"... older sister Tina... died last year of colon cancer... Stacy's mother disappeared a decade ago, seemingly without a trace. And before that, Stacy lost two sisters, one in a house fire and another to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, according to a family friend. A brother of Stacy's has continuing legal troubles... "I don't think she ever had time to get away from him"... According to Cesare, this included when her sister battled cancer in a downstate hospital. "I tried to arrange to drive Stacy to see her sister," he said. "We were going to go for the day and would be back that night but her husband wouldn't let her go with me. It didn't make sense because we were going to see her sister and he wouldn't let her go"...

    Sister of missing cop's wife fears her sibling is dead
    WAND, IL
    November 4, 2007
    The sister of the missing wife of a suburban Chicago police sergeant says she believes Stacy Peterson is dead.

    Peterson's sister, Cassandra Cales, says the family's focus is now on determining what happened to Peterson and bringing the person or people responsible to justice...

    Wife's e-mail shows troubled marriage
    BOLINGBROOK | Volunteers searching for missing woman
    Chicago Sun-Times
    By Steve Warmbir
    November 4, 2007
    ...About 60 volunteers spread out Saturday morning along a jogging trail and a large wooded area... Peterson's husband, Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson, left his home Saturday morning and did not join in the search effort. Stacy Peterson's sister, Cassandra Cales, did participate but told NBC5 she believes her sister is dead. "No, she's not alive"... Stacy Peterson is the fourth wife of Drew Peterson. His third wife, Kathleen Savio, was found dead...


    Mysterious Death of Drew Peterson's Third Wife
    Monday, November 05, 2007
    [EXCERPTS] This is a rush transcript from "On the Record ," November 2, 2007....
    GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: ...Joining us is forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden. Dr. Baden, we have gotten a copy of the autopsy report from wife number three's family...
    BADEN: I have it right here... It is not an accident. The hair, her head hair, was soaked in blood, as the medical examiner says, and she had a laceration, a blunt force laceration on the top of her head. She had a dozen other black-and- blue bruises and scraping abrasions of the extremities and of the abdomen. It looks as if she — from the description that she was beaten up, apart from drowning. Her heart was good. Her brain was good. There were no drugs in her body on toxicology. There's no reason for her to have drowned. Adults don't drown if they're in good health.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Dr. Baden, what would possess a coroner to call it accident?...
    BADEN: Well, because it depends on the qualification of the coroner. Medical examiners have to be physicians. Coroners are often funeral directors...
    VAN SUSTEREN: It — and I suppose that it would make — it might be helpful — would it be helpful to exhume her, if she wasn't cremated?...
    BADEN: It might be — it would be, and under these circumstances, to see further whether there were any fractures or other injuries that were overlooked initially. THERE'S NO EVIDENCE THAT THEY TOOK X-RAYS...

    Chicago Suburban News, IL
    By Don Grigas, dgrigas@mysuburbanlife.com
    Mon Nov 05, 2007, 05:22 PM CST
    [EXCERPTS] Romeoville, IL - Sharon Bychowski, next-door neighbor to Stacy Peterson — the Bolingbrook mother of two who has been missing since Oct. 28 — said she is committed to finding Peterson and bringing her “back home.” “There is no question, we will eventually find Stacy and bring her home,” said Bychowski. “I think I’ve slept two hours in four days, but I don’t care. I owe Stacy that much.” Bychowski has spearheaded an effort by local volunteers to search for Peterson, and over the weekend more than 75 volunteers searched area wetlands, parks and lakes seeking clues into Peterson’s disappearance... “Whether or not I think Drew had anything to do with the disappearance is irrelevant. What is important is that Stacy felt threatened, and recently told me if she were to disappear, it would not be the result of an accident”... Bychowski said she knew Stacy and Drew Peterson for more than three years and Stacy “was a feisty person, quite a person” who regularly visited the Bychowski home. “Her two children, Lacy and Anthony, were always here and Stacy came over almost daily. Sometimes she would cook for us in our kitchen,” said Bychowski... “Prior to the search warrant being executed, Drew came over and asked me if I would move his car into our driveway for him. I told him he could move it into the driveway but not the garage. We weren’t going to hide his car for him,” Bychowski said. “I just didn’t feel comfortable with that request,” she said. Shortly after Stacy Peterson was listed as missing, Bychowski said, Drew Peterson was asked for a photograph of Stacy Peterson to advertise her disappearance. “He said he didn’t have one, even though the family went on a cruise recently in which Stacy personally told me she spent about $500 on photographs. To say there was no photograph of Stacy was ridiculous”... Bychowski, who said the four children living in the Peterson home now are being cared for by one of Drew Peterson’s adult sons living in North Aurora...

  20. Texas team to lead search for Peterson
    BOLINGBROOK | 'Extremely successful' group hoping for volunteer help
    Chicago Sun-Times
    BY STEFANO ESPOSITO sesposito@suntimes.com
    November 6, 2007
    [EXCERPTS] She has not slept in days. She's all but certain her sister is dead.
    But Cassandra Cales said Monday evening that the search for Bolingbrook mother Stacy Peterson must go on. "She is giving me the strength and energy I need to push on... I haven't really slept in six or seven days. I try to sleep, but I just can't"... Drew Peterson is not considered a suspect in the case, Dorencz said. "He has been cooperative in the investigation." Investigators will try to talk to Drew Peterson's children to see if they know anything of Stacy Peterson's whereabouts. "We would like to talk to the kids," said Charles B. Pelkie, spokesman for the Will County state's attorney's office. "We will be taking steps to make that happen in the near future"...


    Searchers from across country in Bolingbrook to help find Peterson
    By Erika Slife, Matthew Walberg and Hal Dardick, Tribune staff reporters
    November 6, 2007
    Satellite trucks from national and local TV stations sat idling up and down Pheasant Chase Court in Bolingbrook Monday. Sharon Bychowski fielded phone calls from reporters wanting to know about her close friend and next-door neighbor, Stacy Peterson... "She would be in awe that [the media] cares about her so much," Bychowski said. "She thought that her life didn't matter all that much. She was so wrong"... Cassandra Cales, Stacy's sister, contacted EquuSearch and asked for the national organization's help, said Cindy Wisdom, case manager for the not-for-profit group founded in 2000 to help authorities find missing people. "We don't enter a case unless family or law enforcement contacts us, and we don't move forward with a case unless law enforcement agrees to work with us," Wisdom said... State police officials spoke Monday with EquuSearch organizers. "We support whatever EquuSearch does, but at this point we have not partnered with them," Gutierrez said. Tim Miller, the group's founder and director, was in Bolingbrook... Asked what his group could add, Miller said, "We have a lot of resources. We are here. We are ready to get started"... Meanwhile, Bychowski, whose house has become the hub for those wanting information or a shoulder to lean on, downplayed her efforts to aid Peterson, "a no-limit friend."
    "Stacy would have done more," she said. "She would have made salad and dessert too. My life has certainly changed since I met Stacy Peterson ... for the better anyway. We need to bring her home... No matter what, we need to bring this girl home."
    A new tip line, 815-740-0678, has been established by state police for the case.

  22. Court filings tell story
    Joliet Herald News, IL
    November 6, 2007

    [EXCERPTS] ...while married to another woman, Drew Peterson, 53, owned several businesses and life insurance policies -- and that third wife later was found drowned in a bathtub without any water... In early 2002, Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio, the third wife, began divorce proceedings... In late 2003, Will County Judge Susan O'Leary dissolved their marriage. Their divorce was "bifurcated," in this case meaning they were allowed to divorce before their common property was divided... Then in March 2004, a neighbor found Savio dead in the dry bathtub... After Savio died, there was a Will County probate case to settle her financial affairs. Well-known local lawyer Dick Kavanagh was the public administrator of Will County... the public administrator tries to find the fairest way to settle an estate after a death, among other things.

    A year after Savio's death and the beginning of the legal proceedings to settle her affairs, a will emerged. It was submitted in court on March 23, 2005. Hand-written in capital letters, it was scrawled across two pieces of lined notebook paper and witnessed by Alex J. Morelli and Gary L. Marcolina. A man named Alex Morelli is a Bolingbrook police officer, and Herald News archives show a man named Gary Marcolina is a developer in the Crest Hill area. "This day March 2nd 1997 Drew Walter Peterson and Kathleen Savio Peterson, both being of sound body and mind, do hereby bequeath all of our worldly possessions to each other in the event of either of our individual deaths"...

  23. Uploaded 3 more videos to youtube:

    [IL] Stacy Peterson Missing - Longer interview with her sis

    [IL] Sgt Peterson's friend & Stacy's friend

    [IL] Sgt Peterson "hurt" he's looked at "sideways"


    Christie Marie Cales
    Missing since March 11, 1998 from Blue Island, Illinois

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 2263DFIL
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics
    * Date Of Birth: January 25, 1958
    * Age at Time of Disappearance: 40 years old
    * Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'4"; 140 lbs.
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair; brown eyes.
    * Marks, Scars: Tattoo of the name "Sean" on left breast, multi-colored tattoo of a "dove" with an "olive branch" in its mouth on hip.
    * Clothing: Carrying a purse and bible.
    * AKA: Chris

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Christie was last seen at approximately 4:30pm in the vicinity of the 2300 block of W. 199th Street in Blue Island, IL.
    Cales left her home, clutching a Bible, saying she was going to church.
    Cales' family never saw the mother of six again.
    Cales lost one little girl in a Downers Grove house fire in 1982 and then another child to SIDS in 1987. Cales had a history of vanishing for weeks on end, after the loss of two young children.
    Relatives filed a missing person report, but it never resulted in any solid leads

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Blue Island Police Department

    Agency Case Number: 98-14519

    NCIC Number:
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information:
    National Center for Missing Adults




    Bolingbrook Police Chief Goes 'On the Record'
    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    This is a rush transcript from "On the Record ," November 5, 2007...
    CHIEF RAYMOND MCGURY, BOLINGBROOK POLICE: Well, initially, when Stacy was reported missing, my first inclination was to start the investigation immediately, but I wanted to consult with the family. And I called in Stacy's sister, Cassandra, as well as her father, Anthony, to meet with them on Monday morning. And they made it pretty clear to me that they would be more comfortable having an outside agency, such as the Illinois State Police, investigate this incident. And as I have stated, you know, before, in fact, to your producer, that was a tough pill for me to swallow, I'll be very honest with you. But it's the right thing to do...
    ...having reviewed the [Peterson's 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio] autopsy report, as a police officer — not as a professional doctor, not as a pathologist, not as a coroner — yes, it has piqued my interest. And I would concur with you, Dr. Baden and your viewers, that there's some questions in this that need to be answered...
    ...I can tell that you Sergeant Peterson has been a police officer with us for 29 years. When I arrived here in 2005, he was a sergeant assigned to the patrol division. That's his assignment currently today. He's an officer in good standing, meaning, just like other officers, you know, he's a police officer employed by the village of Bolingbrook. I know that Sergeant Peterson has discussed a recent discipline that he got. And I can't go into specifics. I can tell you that I disciplined him for a policy violation back in September that has absolutely nothing to do with any type of allegations of domestic violence, domestic abuse. It is totally a policy violation. And as a supervisor, I hold supervisors to a higher standard, so he was given discipline based upon an error in judgment.
    VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Now, obviously, that's an important one because you thought it was important enough to discipline him. Some of the rest of us, if it's just policy, might not see that quite as important as if there were one, for instance, of excessive force or domestic violence, anything like that. Is there anything in his record like that that you can tell us about, or can you tell us that it doesn't exist in his record?
    MCGURY: To my knowledge, as I sit here today and speak to you, there's nothing in his record to my knowledge that indicate any type of domestic violence, excessive use of force. None of that exists. You know, again, I can't get into much detail, but I can tell you that with much certainty that none of that exists...
    ...I believe in 1985, he was fired by the police and fire commission. Shortly thereafter, a Will County judge reinstated him based upon, I believe — and again, I'm not positive of this, but I believe it was excessive discipline and evidence or lacking thereof evidence. So he was reinstated through the court system, not by the police and fire commission...
    ...Sergeant Peterson shows up for work, does his job and goes home. I mean, nothing more, nothing less. I mean, he fulfills his duties as a police officer here.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Have you heard of any complaints that were ever filed by Kathleen, who was wife number three before she died, complaints directed at him?
    MCGURY: There was a series of complaints. And as I was speaking with your producer, I noted 18 different reports that were placed on file beginning, I believe, somewhere in February of 2002. And the last one was somewhere like November, I believe, of 2003. And again, if I can clarify something — and I believe if you run this by Mark Fuhrman, he would concur. Most of these domestic-type disputes, when I would be on the street — and that was a long time ago, but when I was on the street, we would show up at a house. We would, you know, restore peace, and then we would leave. And there were no reports filed. It was basically peace restored and back in service. The chief at the time that was here in Bolingbrook made a wise decision, I believe, and said that any issues pertaining to Sergeant Peterson and Kathleen Savio are to be documented. And so that's why we have 18 separate reports. And of those 18 — I spent my weekend going through all of these meticulously — nine of those are visitation issues. You didn't drop the kids off on time. Call the police, document it, so can I use it in court. You didn't drop the kids off, or You're not giving me the kids. So 50 percent of those had to do with that type of thing. And I think you had insinuated that on one of your programs, that you know, oftentimes these things happen. The other ones that I went through were insinuations where both of them claimed to be victims of. Battery and one of the cases — and again, I can't get into too much of this. At some point, I, hopefully, can release these to you and the media. Kathleen alleges that she was held against her will. The issue with that is it appears from reading the report that it took two weeks for her to report that to us...
    ...And also what's critical, at least in that case, is immediately when that case was filed, the police officers on scene transferred a copy of that report immediately to the domestic violence advocate, which is called — I believe is called Ground Break (ph). And so domestic violence — a separate third party now had knowledge of this case, and that case was also faxed to the Will County state's attorney's office...


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