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Sunday, October 7, 2007

[WI] Today Deputy Tyler Peterson killed ex girlfriend Jordanne Murray & 5 others

6 killed in shooting rampage in Crandon
Suspect, a law enforcement officer, also dead; began firing at ex-girlfriend's house

By MEG JONES mjones@journalsentinel.com
Oct. 7, 2007
A law enforcement officer and jilted ex-boyfriend went on a shooting rampage early this morning in his former sweetheart's Crandon home, killing her and five others and wounding another person who had gathered for a house party... Crandon Mayor Gary Bradley said Sunday afternoon that the suspect was dead... Forest County Sheriff's deputy and part-time Crandon police officer - went to the home of his former girlfriend early today and began firing his gun, hitting seven. Six died at the scene and the seventh, a 19-year-old Pickerel man, was in critical condition today... Authorities did not release details of the killings or names of the victims Sunday but from interviews with families and friends the following were believed to have been killed: Jordann Murray, 18, the suspect's former longtime sweetheart... Katrina McCorkle... Bradley Schultz... Aaron Smith... Lindsey Stahl... Praise Chapel Community Church Pastor Bill Farr was called by the sheriff's department at 6:30 a.m. and asked to open the church for victims' families and community members. About 200 people showed up during the course of the day... Farr stood next to his pickup truck in the church parking lot Sunday night with three other church members holding hands and praying. He began to cry as he said "we just really need everyone's prayers right now."

Off-duty deputy in small Wisconsin town kills 6

Associated Press Writer
Oct 7, 9:32 PM EDT
...One of the dead was 14-year-old Lindsey Stahl, said her mother, Jenny Stahl, 39. She said her daughter called her Saturday night and asked whether she could sleep over at a friend's house. Jenny Stahl agreed. "I'm waiting for somebody to wake me up right now. This is a bad, bad dream," the weeping mother said. "All I heard it was a jealous boyfriend and he went berserk. He took them all out" A second victim was Bradley Schultz, 20, a third-year student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who was home to visit his friends, said his aunt, Sharon Pisarek. "We still don't have many details but from what they've told us, there was a girl next to him and he was covering her, protecting her," she said, sobbing. "He was loved by everybody. He was everybody's son. Senseless"... David Franz, 36, said it was hard to accept that someone in law enforcement committed such an act. "The first statement we said to each other was, how did he get through the system?" David Franz said...

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