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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[WI] Officer Lee's wife "Please... He is trying to kill me"

Wausau Officer Accused of Attempted Homicide To Face Wife in Court
Oct 9, 2007
The Wausau Police Officer accused of trying to kill his wife, Chao Lee, in a Shawano County car crash will be back in court October 30th, when his wife is also expected to take the stand. Officer Chueng Lee’s preliminary court appearance began Tuesday afternoon.... Officer Lee entered the courtroom, and burst into tears as he bowed towards his family... Sheriff's deputies say when they arrived on scene of the one-car crash in Shawano the night of September 18th, Officer Lee told them he was having sexual contact with his wife as he drove, which is why her seatbelt was undone... But upon their arrival, every responder who spoke to Mrs. Lee said she was repeating the same phrase. "That he did this on purpose... He tried to kill her and to not let him get away with this"...

Oct. 30 hearing set for cop accused of trying to kill wife
October 10, 2007
The estranged wife of the Wausau police officer accused of trying to kill her by intentionally crashing his truck was unable to testify at a hearing Tuesday because she has yet to sufficiently recover from her injuries... Chueng Lee, 45, of Weston faces crash-related felony charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, aggravated battery and false imprisonment....
"'Please don't let him get away with this. He is trying to kill me'"... Chueng Lee's attorney, Jim Connell, argued Chao Lee's comments at the scene were invalid because she was in shock, and her statements at the hospital were unreliable because of her medications...

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