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Friday, October 5, 2007

[OH] Dangerous Detective Earl - Protection order lifted & GPS off his ankle?

Police Chief Cel Rivera said "My biggest concern is that he gets the help he needs so that he can be OK and be a part of this police department"- as long as he can come up with a doctor's note. Any reasonable person however has to wonder how is Earl not fired? From an article last month, besides being president of the police union in the Lorain Police Department, "Earl is a highly decorated officer in Lorain, with numerous commendations and high rankings in his annual reviews. He served on the Lorain police SWAT team and the county’s Strike Team, and has represented the department as a member of the U.S. Marshals..." But we know that not even that would carry him in clean department. Some people in the media seem to deliberately make issues murky as well at the critical points when safety provisions are lifted or officers are cleared. Today's article would have us think that suicide is the only - or main - danger. I've included excerpts and the link from one of the articles last month also - written by a different reporter - to show that is NOT the case. My bias? I believe his wife Laura is telling the truth that he has threatened her life directly and indirectly "...many, many times..."

Judge lifts electronic monitoring order for Corey Earl
Chronicle-Telegram, OH - 4 hours ago
Cindy Leise cleise@chroniclet.com
October 5, 2007
[Excerpts] A judge Thursday lifted the requirement for electronic monitoring of Lorain police Officer Corey Earl, who is accused of violating a protection order his estranged wife had against him. Earl, 45, had been under a court order to wear an ankle bracelet containing a Global Positioning System... his attorney Jonathan Rosenbaum and Amherst Prosecutor Margaret O'Bryon met behind closed doors to discuss a hearing schedule on Earl's motion to dismiss the charge against him.
Last Friday, the civil protection order prohibiting Earl from contacting his estranged wife was dropped as part of an agreement.
Laura Earl initially obtained the protection order in August after Corey Earl allegedly went to the Amherst home they once shared. She told police he was armed with a handgun and threatened to kill himself. During Labor Day weekend, Earl was accused of violating the protection order and was charged with a misdemeanor count that could send him to jail for six months and lead to a $1,000 fine. He spent a week in the Lorain County Jail and was subsequently ordered by an Oberlin Municipal Court judge to enter a Willoughby hospital for psychiatric treatment. He was released in early September. Earl was placed on paid medical leave by the Lorain police following the August incident.

Wife: Cop was abusive
The Chronicle-Telegram
Brad Dicken bdicken@chroniclet.com
September 6, 2007
[Excerpts] ...when her attorney asked her if she thought her estranged husband - currently in the county jail for violating a temporary protection order - would cause her harm. "I've been married to Corey for 23 years.
He's aggressive, controlling, extremely jealous. He has rage. He has been abusive... Corey has said many, many
times to me that nobody will ever have me except him"...

he reportedly went to the Amherst home he once shared with his wife in the early morning with a handgun in his waistband. Laura Earl told police that she awoke to find him standing in the doorway... he was going to kill himself, a threat she said Wednesday that she'd heard before... something she'd always talked him out of doing...
Laura Earl said she thought her husband was going to kill her and then kill himself... "I don't think I've ever seen his eyes like that, wild," she said... THE AUG. 20 INCIDENT WAS THE THIRD TIME LAURA EARL CALLED AMHERST POLICE ON HER HUSBAND.
On July 6, she complained that he had thrown items and threatened to hit her. A few days later, she said Wednesday,
Corey Earl ransacked her home, dumping out her possessions, taking his television and snapping a crucifix on her wall in half. She also told the magistrate that Corey Earl threatened to "smash her face"

and kill her...

Corey Earl wasn't at the hearing, but his attorney, Jonathan Rosenbaum, attacked Laura Earl's credibility, saying she was lying to get their home in the divorce and to ruin her husband's career...
"The fact that she chooses to say she's afraid is not legally sufficient (to justify the protection order)" Rosenbaum said...


  1. This cop should be fired. The judge who lifted that order should be barraged with phone calls and e-mails on having lifted that order. Chief Rivera should also be give the same treatment as the judge, if this cop is returned to service.

  2. Corey's back to work, light duty, inside the station, not sure if he's carrying a weapon!


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