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Monday, June 15, 2009

[CO] Durango Police Officer arrested for domestic violence

Web Producer: Devon Armijo
Friday, 12 Jun 2009, 4:31 PM MDT
A Durango police officer is in a lot of trouble after he was arrested for domestic violence on Thursday. Police said the incident involving Travis Carpenter happened at his home in Bayfield, Colo. The La Plata County Sheriff's Office is investigating... [Full article here]

The Denver Post
By Howard Pankratz hpankratz@denverpost.com
A Durango police officer identified as Travis Carpenter was arrested Thursday for domestic violence... The 34-year-old Carpenter was charged with harassment, a class-three misdemeanor. Due to the nature of the incident, a domestic violence count was also added... Durango police said Carpenter is on paid administrative leave pending completion of the investigation... [Full article here]
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  1. I have known the Carpenters for a while now and I have to say that Travis is one of the last people that would lay a hand on his family. I know that evenhis wife said that this is ALL untrue. This is just another way for the justice system to show it really is UNjust.

    1. I am kitty Rice which was Carpenter and what you guys dont relize is that he would wear a mask at work. At home was a different story. I had to get up there in court and beg the judge to let him out of jail and cry like i was some hopeless person. Who ever has a problem with this comment can contact me through my email halloweenhoney80@gmail.com. And i will send you copies of all of the abuse videos and pics. To everyone other than me and my children he wore the mask. Also durango pd did not check him out fully before hiring him or they would have found that he was relised from the air force in 2000 for having a mental disorder. If you want prove i can send you that also.

  2. Just thought this should be updated. Please know that all charges against Travis Carpenter have been dropped...because he did nothing wrong. The entire incident and subsequent allegations stemmed from an angry individual who was looking to get Travis out of the picture so he could pursue Travis's wife. And now, the individual who pressed false charges against Travis is being investigated himself...for improper conduct with a 15 year old! For your reading pleasure...


    I completely understand the concern created by the idea of law enforcement believing they are "beyond" the reach of the law. I just ask that, in the future, before you just ppst and thereby convict someone of this terrible behavior, make sure the allegations are true. Or, in the very least, do some follow-up on the stories you post so that when you come across one, as in this case, that has proven to be untrue, you can at least try to rectify some of the character damage done to people wrongly accused.

    Travis Carpenter is my brother, and I knew from the beginning that he could never, ever hurt a member of his family. Because of a jealous, petty, vindictive co-worker, he and his family have had to endure all types of character assassination and embarrassment. Now, the truth is out for the public to know. I hope they will be as quick to embrace him as they were to convict him.

  3. Instead of a link to the wrongs of others - which proves nothing about your brother, please forward the info that shows that what you say is true - that the allegations against your brother have been "proven" to be untrue.

    Thank you.

  4. This is all I could find and it only says the wife wouldn't testify - which is true of most officer-involved cases. Especially when FIFTEEN POLICE OFFICERS do a show of force in court on a domestic allegaton:

    March 05, 2010
    ...The charges against Carpenter were dismissed, because the District Attorney's Office said it couldn't prosecute the case without testimony from the victim...

    June 13, 2009
    ...About 15 sworn officers, mostly from the Durango Police Department, attended Friday's advisement hearing...

  5. What about the Officers, who were wrongly accused and now their careers are OVER.....where is the JUSTICE in that???

  6. I know Travis & Kitty personally as well. I do not think that the charge is something that is in his character and i've known him for 15+ years.

    I may not be his 'brother in blue', but I assure you that I understand him far better than someone who merely worked with him for a couple years, but I wasn't there. He lives with so much self induced stress so consistently year after year that anything could have happened. I've seen him snap just like anyone else with TONS of stress over a long period of time.

    Career over? Try again, He is back on patrol in OR. Laws treat LEOs very differently from the normal Joe. Regardless of guilt or innocence, there are extremely few things that can end the 'career' of a LEO. You may have to switch jurisdictions a number of times and a number of states (as Travis has) to continue to outrun his various past lives, but once you get your high school diploma, spend a few weeks in training, you get a 'career' that preempts you from the general accountability that the rest of us conform to. Double standards, got to love them.

    1. You can go on and on but you don't know him in every circumstance with everyone else or what he does behind closed doors.

  7. I have seen his violence first hand for many many years. Way back when they first got married. HE does his kids the same way (all violence); Domestic violence is just one of his bad faults. He would not let Kitty Carpenter testify because she would face worse. He threaten to kill her if she did. And hey guys, his career is over, he never worked as a police officer again. He has never worked on patrol in OR. Kitty Carpenter is telling the truth I got pictures of her to prove it. He has a very mental problem and been on drugs. Don"t anyone one tell me the cop is innocence.

    1. Kitty SteeleAugust 03, 2014

      This Is Kitty Steele, was Carpenter , Here's your update, I got up enough balls in 2012 to leave with my kids, move to a different state, He came and stolen them back from me, As they was driving away my son Hunter was beating on the glass and yelling for me , he was also trying to get the truck door opened, I had proof in court of the DV pictures, videos, But cause of the ex cop job he had the judge didn't want to see them, And I lost my babies he has full custody. And I have no record, never done drugs, I don't even drink. I was a stay at home mom for 12 years. And the reason I dint testify because for one he did threaten to kill me, But also The DA never told me when the hearing was. I don't get to even talk to my kids because when they started telling me what he was doing to them, they would get into trouble and I knew where that would go, They would end up with worse. Last time I talked to my son Hunter he told me before his dad starts to hit him , he try's to sneak into the kitchen to get the kitchen towels to put down his back side so it doesn't hurt so much. These kids will talk even more one day, when he cant stop them, So all of these people on here that is posting comments about oh his my bro in blue, are you going to believe the my kids, or you going to turn your backs on them to, you freaking pussy's.As they keep getting older they will talk . I pray for the day they come looking for me. Cause I lost custody for NO reason, Travis doesn't even post pic of the kids on Facebook, its only him and the girlfriend like he's ashamed of them. She's just as stupid as I was to have her kids around him, But then again he 's in the oh I'm price charming phase she will come to realize but at what cost.... her kids...... I don't even know what my kids look like now. My daughter Brittany wanted to run away last time I talk to her I had to talk her out of it. She said she wanted to come be with me, they all said that but he doesn't care if there happy, Now he is only worried about Jennifer and her kids and treats my like there the red headed step children. So how about that brother in blue.

    2. Hey Kitty, Hope you can call me. Do you remember my number? I think of you every day. Hope to hear from you.

  8. How can I call you when I don't know who you are !

  9. Hello, to who ever that still goes on here to read about my x husband, I'm Kitty Steele was Kitty Carpenter at once , I'm happy to say that I got custody of all 4 of my children from Travis, in Jan , after a long fight and Travis abusing my kids , we won our lives back they was brave and told the truth that no one wanted to believe, we are all happy and safe now . God answers prayers . Thank you to the wonderful lady that runs this blog for speaking out for us. May God bless you.
    Ps, the kids wants nothing to do with Travis over the years of abuse and the abuse on me , just goes to show you , ypu didn't know your brother in blue after all.

    1. Hi Kitty. Thank you for the update. I'm so glad that you and the kids are okay and living with less or no drama. It's hell to go through and feels like it will never end. Some never make it through but you have. May God give you the strength, wisdom, and safety to continue taking care of your family.


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