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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[HI] Ex-Officer Rik Orton facing dometic violence charges, now also facing federal charges after 5 hour standoff

Honolulu Advertiser
Tuesday, June 16, 2009
A former Honolulu police officer was charged yesterday with federal firearms and drug offenses. Rik Mikio Orton was first arrested by HPD officers last week on domestic violence charges after his live-in girlfriend, also a former HPD officer, said that he had physically abused her at their La'ie home. The girlfriend also charged that Orton was using anabolic steroids and marijuana and had three firearms. She also told police that Orton said he would shoot any police officers who came to his home... Orton's former wife told police that Orton used illegal drugs "on a weekly basis" when they were married, according to Torco's affidavit. [Full article here]

Honolulu Star-Bulletin
By Leila Fujimori
Jun 16, 2009
Federal authorities yesterday charged a former Honolulu police officer who has a history of reckless use of firearms, drug use and abuse, for allegedly using illicit drugs and possessing three handguns, including one with a defaced serial number. Rik Mikio Orton, once hailed as a hero for capturing a prison escapee, was arrested Thursday after a five-hour standoff at his Laie home. He allegedly had threatened to shoot police officers who responded to his girlfriend's call for help after he allegedly abused the 40-year-old woman, who is also a former police officer, and a 17-year-old girl. Orton was charged yesterday with one count of possessing a firearm that had its serial number removed, obliterated and altered... He was also charged with being an unlawful user of drugs in possession of firearms. On Thursday, Orton allegedly had physically abused his girlfriend of eight months, evidenced by bruising and redness on both her arms... She disclosed Orton, allegedly under the influence of OxyContin, had abused her since November when they began living together, often pulling her hair, slapping her, grabbing her throat and choking her. Police recovered three loaded guns from under a mattress at Orton's Laie house, as well as ammunition, a marijuana pipe and what appeared to be marijuana and vials of suspected steroids, needles and syringes hidden in the drawer of a platform bed... Court records show several TROs have been filed by different women against Orton. In 2004, then-police officer Orton pleaded guilty in Circuit Court to reckless endangering for intentionally discharging a firearm Sept. 26, 2003, on or in the direction of a public roadway... [Full article here]
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