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Monday, June 29, 2009

[FL] Detective Fuller fired, and arrested for stalking

By Matt Gilmour
June 20, 2009
[Excerpts] A Leon County deputy was arrested June 10 on a misdemeanor charge of stalking, the same day he was fired after an unrelated internal-affairs investigation, said Tony Drzewiecki, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office. Eldridge "Lee" Fuller, 38, was arrested on charges of stalking and harassing communications and booked at the Leon County Jail, Drzewiecki said. He was placed on pre-trial release June 11. The Sheriff's Office began an investigation after receiving a complaint May 23 from a former girlfriend of Fuller's... "(Investigators) discovered that his contact and continual inquiries to maintain contact with her had risen to the level of stalking," Drzewiecki said... Meanwhile, an internal-affairs investigation found that Fuller violated standards of conduct, disregarded job duties and was untruthful in an unofficial proceeding, Drzewiecki said. The investigation began after the Sheriff's Office received phone calls April 5 about a marked patrol car that had been parked outside a woman's residence... Lt. Todd McKissack drove to the residence and found Fuller's patrol car parked outside. McKissack asked dispatch to have Fuller state his location over the radio, and Fuller responded by saying he was at another location... [Full article here]

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  1. Lee Fuller is a predator. Thank goodness he is off the streets. As a female in Leon County, I am somewhat relieved that he cannot bother other women under the mask of his badge.

  2. this is stupid

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2010

    This would be a great site, however they should do more research on what they put up here. This story is false. The press got way ahead of themselves and fabricated a story from a few rumors. Try finding out the truth before you ruin a good cops name.

  4. Are you mom, sister, new girlfriend, or Fuller?

    "...Lt. Todd McKissack drove to the residence and found Fuller's patrol car parked outside. McKissack asked dispatch to have Fuller state his location over the radio, and Fuller responded by saying he was at another location..."

    That alone is enough to whip the badge away. Any lie after that doesn't even matter. Once you can't be believed - you can't be believed.

  5. AnonymousJune 29, 2010

    Again...this site is stupid as a prior blogger stated. So, simply because a media outlet that you memicked did not do their research - you felt the need to copy and paste an article onto your website and spread defamation and slander of a fellow officer without conducting any research of your own? I thought that you were a detective? You show no skill after you boast of 20 years of experience. Maybe you should put forth more effort in honoring the badge by posting the truth, because until you do so, you are no better than the officers that you blog about.

  6. Detective? 20 years? What are you talking about? :)

  7. His name has been cleared. This was a case of a girlfriend gone bad. Unfortunately Tallahassee has lost a good detective.

  8. It says he was fired for something unrelated and I COMMEND all the OBVIOUS investigating of a fellow officer that went into this. He may have got his RECORD cleared but he was not declared innocent. Probably over 80, maybe 90, percent of the officers posted on this blog end up "cleared" - and it's not because they didn't do it.

  9. I understand what you are saying. Perhaps he did make mistakes on the job but if his arrest was not related to the stalking, then why is his name on this predators blog? It doesn't make sense. Let's just keep it real and honest! That's all I have to say.

  10. i have been lee fullers friend since we were five yaers old.our fathers were good friends before we met i know that this girl was just looking for poblicity and posibly did have any friends.lee fuller is a good man and good father i wish every body would just leave him alone and go on with your lives.i am a christian and belive in our lord jesus christ and if your a christian you know what i mean.it says in the bible judge not that you not be judged for with what judgement you judge you shall be judgedand with what measure ye mete,it shall be measured to you again.matthew 7 v2. my name is joseph allen and if you have a problem with this you can call me my # is 678-283-7704 and we can discus yhis issue.thank you

  11. I have known him too. I could tell he is a good man altough I did not have the opportunity to learn as much as I would have liked about him. I wish him well wherever he is. He is missed.

  12. This is Lee Fuller, the subject of this mis-reported news article. I want to set the record straight for you but first I want to thank the bloggers who have been very supportive of me since the events of June 2009. I truly appreciate your kind words. Having said that, shame on you "Blue wall" for posting my story on your website. You don't even know anything other than what the local media messed up and still you posted me on a website with the stories of murderers??? Heres some FACTS for you. First, I wasn't fired, I resigned from my job. I was even still employed when they ran that news story. Second, my false charges were dropped and wiped clean because there was no merit to them. The Sheriff's Office Sgt and Lt involved had other reasons for wanting me gone because their behinds were on the line with info I had. No one investigated the fact I had over 80 incoming calls from the "victim" and that she reported this after I wisely broke off our relationship. I certainly made bad judgement calls but I didn't lie and I'm certainly no criminal. I don't belong on your site. Now, you know the TRUTH. Thank you again Dora, Joey and the anonymous bloggers for your positive blogs and god bless you.

    1. Your the detective that arrested me for the hone invasion DEC 26th 2007 and I say u did your job well and I haven't been in trouble since. I'm sorry u went through this and I didn't know u personally hut from what I saw u were a good detective and u brought justice to the family we victimized and ive learned a lot since then.

  13. "...Lt. Todd McKissack drove to the residence and found Fuller's patrol car parked outside. McKissack asked dispatch to have Fuller state his location over the radio, and Fuller responded by saying he was at another location..."

  14. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    Again, your getting your information soley from a mis-guided news article. Deputy Fuller was summoned to that house by a female saying she was a victim of domestic violence. The location called out was 100 yards away from the house, which was the nearest intersection. Thats what you do when you don't know the name of the small dirtroad your on. That female was requested to do a lie detector test on 3 occassions and failed to show up. Deputy Fuller agreed to take one and wasn't given the chance. You slander good officers who spent their careers protected people such as you , just because you heard or read a story? This story DOES NOT belong on your website.

  15. "Blue Wall", you keep on going back to the same line about detective Fuller lying about his location. Please tell me how does this have anything to do with his name being on this criminals' blog? There is no proof at all that he has commited any crime. Please do the decent thing and take his name off this predators' blog! Anyone can see that he has done none of the things you try to insinuate he did. Enough with the resentment! Whatever your reasons are for doing this, just know that he has suffered enough. His life has been turned upside down, his career that he worked so hard for and for so long has been affected. Just let this great dad and sweet man move on with his life. I pray God gives you some common sense and you do the right thing.

  16. This man derserves to be left alone and also taken off this site, his life today is one that no one can touch,he is a good father, husband and friend. GET HIS NAME OFF THIS SITE!!!

  17. I loved working with Lee at LCSO especially on new years eve 1996, Mat


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