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Thursday, June 25, 2009

[NE] Chief Deputy Stemper not charged for domestic violence, but no longer employed

...Just days after learning he would not face charges of domestic assault a Nuckolls County Sheriff's Deputy is fired...

Is there a safety net for her?
Is there one for him?
What happens to them each now?
Who is in Nebraska for police family domestic violence?

Omaha World-Herald
Published Tuesday June 23, 2009
NELSON, Neb. — The chief deputy of the Nuckolls County sheriff won't be charged with domestic assault involving his wife. The prosecutor said there isn't enough evidence to try 48-year-old Scott Stemper of Nelson. Stemper was arrested last month after an investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol. He has been free on bail. Court documents say Stemper's wife, Christina, told a patrol investigator on May 16 that she and Stemper had squabbled around midnight about a pack of cigarettes. She says he threw the pack at her, striking her head. Christina Stemper said her husband then shoved her, held a knife above her throat and yelled at her. He told the investigator that she had taken the knife from a drawer and threatened to kill herself. He said he took the knife from her, and he denied pushing, grabbing or threatening his wife. Scott Stemper has been with the Nuckolls County Sheriff's Office for 23 years. He is a former mayor of Nelson who was recalled in 2005. [LINK]

Just days after learning he would not face charges of domestic assault a Nuckolls County Sheriff's Deputy is fired. The Nuckoll's County Sheriff said Scott Stemper of Nelson is no longer a county employee. He would not give any other details. Stemper was arrested last month on suspicion of domestic assault. The Thayer County Attorney who was appointed as special prosecutor in the case decided this week not to file charges due to a lack of evidence. Stemper had been with the Nuckoll's County Sheriff's Office for 23 years. He did not return News 5's calls for comment. [LINK]
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  1. You might want to pull this blog,90% of the tripe on this is hearsay and is untrue and you might check your sources before you publish something like this and end up in the middle of a defamation lawsuit!!

  2. Hi Diz,
    it's just what's in the news. Feel free to share the truth.

  3. Domestic violence is enough to defame a character. Words are just words.


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