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Saturday, June 13, 2009

[MD] "Resigned" Deputy Arnold walks away clean from charges he used both hands to choke his police officer girlfriend

From the last post:
[MD] Deputy Arnold charged with cop-on-cop domestic violence charges - Wicomico County Sheriff's deputy Joel Arnold was arrested last Monday for allegedly choking his police officer girlfriend, keeping her from leaving the house they share, and threatening to kill her...

I put quote marks around "resigned" in the title because when there is any merit to the allegations that an officer used two hands to choke his police officer girlfriend and hurled terroristic threats at her in the same fight, if he's going to leave the department he should be FIRED. Instead he, and many law enforcement officers across the country, are ALLOWED to resign before an internal investigation can be completed and put on their work record.

Arnold's 4 charges were dropped without explanation to the public that pays the law enforcement officers.
Arnold is clean and ready to be hired, put on a new impressive uniform in another department or, since the charges were dropped, rehired or reinstated into the same department.

What crime?

And what about secondary victims who, because he is all dressed up like someone they can trust, have no idea what may happen to them if they argue with him.

And my deepest grief in this: When a police officer or deputy is the VICTIM, and there is STILL no consequence, where does that leave the non-sworn victims of officer-involved domestic violence?

This is more about Wicomico County's Sheriff's Office and their prosecutor than Arnold. Arnold's a man who allegedly attacked his girlfriend. But when the sun rises the sheriff and prosecutor have a job to do for the public. It is by THEIR choice that Arnold legally walks from this like there were never any allegations. If he did commit this crime, and next time chokes longer or harder, who will lose their life without warning, and who will be liable because the victim never had a chance to see it coming? If he's law abiding and honorable enough to don the uniform, he must be okay to trust (and date), right?

To the residents of Maryland - even if you don't care about this special class of domestic violence - if Arnold gets his badge, weapon, and powers of arrest back - you have some questions to address concerning the public's trust and who is allowed to detain you at night on the side of the road. If Arnold is hired back, while you are figuring it out, remember to not argue with any officers. Just say YES, YOU'RE RIGHT, and THANK YOU. That's probably best, regardless.

Man was accused of assaulting girlfriend
By Sharahn D. Boykin
June 5, 2009
[Excerpts] Charges filed against a 32-year-old former Wicomico County Sheriff's Office deputy who submitted his resignation a little more than a week after he was accused of choking and threatening his girlfriend were dismissed by the state... William Jones, the prosecutor and temporary state's attorney for Dorchester County, did not return phone calls from The Daily Times... Arnold was charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment and malicious destruction of property on April 5... He allegedly grabbed her by the neck, with two hands, and started choking her, according to court documents. After she broke free, Arnold allegedly grabbed her by the neck a second time, according to the documents.
the victim was able to escape from the home and call police from a neighbor's house. sboykin@dmg.gannett.com 410-845-4656 [Full article here]

I am so thankful that she was able to break free.
[police officer involved domestic violence law enforcement attempted murder maryland teflon]

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  1. This guy just set up a raid on a house full of college kids on Feb. 10. They still have not produced a warrant. They claimed less money on the report then they actually took, they forced false confessions, entered without a warrant, and have failed to even produce any actual marijuana. Yes this guy is alive and well with the Fruitland PD. Tax dollars well spent, protect and serve.


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