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Monday, June 15, 2009

[TN] Now an EX-Deputy, Kim Keith arrested again for domestic violence

...after only a few witnesses took the stand, Kim decided to take a settlement with a restraining order against her by her now estranged husband...

Previous post:
[TN] Domestic Violence Deputy Kim Keith arrested for DV - ...Kimberly Lamay Keith, 33, of Shannon Dr., Cookeville, was arrested at 9:49 p.m.last Friday at her residence and charged with domestic assault in a warrant taken by Putnam Deputy David Gibbons... A police report indicates that her husband told investigators that she assaulted him. "My husband and I got into an argument," she said. Keith insisted that her husband is trying to get back at her because she wanted out of the marriage...

Domestic Violence Officer Arrested Again
Kim Keith Charged With Domestic Violence

June 11, 2009
COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- A one-time domestic violence officer has been arrested for the second time in a year on the same charges she once focused on investigating. The Putnam County Sheriff's Office arrested its former deputy, Kim Keith, earlier this week. She has been charged with domestic violence. A judge dismissed similar charges against Keith in August stemming from an argument with her estranged husband. The sheriff's office said Keith resigned her position as Putnam County's domestic violence officer about six months ago. [LINK]

Video from after the first arrest, in 2008 - it's all about her, with no word from him past the original report:

An interesting article that came out since the last post:

Domestic Violence Officer Receives Restraining Order WTVF
Oct 17, 2008
PUTNAM COUNTY, Tenn. - She was accused of attacking her husband, but Friday morning a Putnam County domestic violence officer was off the hook. Deputy Kim Keith said she never laid a hand on her husband, Michael, and Kim planned to take the case to trial to prove her innocence. But after only a few witnesses took the stand, Kim decided to take a settlement with a restraining order against her by her now estranged husband. Kim was also suspended from her job in August. No word Friday morning on whether she's back on the job. [LINK]
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