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Friday, June 12, 2009

[NC] Just-resigned Officer Caruana's trial for assault, assault by pointing a gun and threats starts next week

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[NC] Officer Caruana arrested for domestic gun-pointing threats, assault - ...It was Caruana's (ex) wife who reported the assault at the apartment complex, according to the police report. Another Raleigh man was listed as a victim...

Posted: Jun. 11 2009
[Excerpts] A Raleigh police officer accused of assaulting a man at his ex-wife's apartment earlier this year has resigned. Senior Officer Andrew R. Caruana submitted his resignation, effective immediately, Thursday morning, following a Feb. 24 arrest on charges of assault, assault by pointing a gun and communicating threats. Raleigh police said Caruana, 32, was off duty when, his ex-wife claimed, he showed up at her apartment... beat up her male friend and destroyed her bedroom during a fight... He is expected to go to trial on the charges next week. [LINK]


  1. Former officer convicted in assault trial
    Posted: June 16, 2009

    Raleigh, N.C. — A former Raleigh police officer was convicted Tuesday on three charges in connection with an off-duty domestic incident at his ex-wife's apartment in February.

    A judge sentenced Andrew R. Caruana, who resigned from the Raleigh Police Department last week, to 18 months of supervised probation after being found guilty of assault, assault by pointing a gun and communicating threats.

    The sentence is pending, because Caruana immediately appealed the decision to the Superior Court.

    Caruana, 32, was off duty on Feb. 24 when, police said, he went to his ex-wife's apartment, beat up her male friend and destroyed her bedroom during a fight.

    He had been with the police force for nine years and most recently was assigned to the department's Gang Suppression Unit.


  2. Ex-officer jailed after plea in assault
    Posted: November 2, 2009

    Raleigh, N.C. — A former Raleigh police officer entered an Alford plea Monday for the assault of a man in his estranged wife's apartment last February.

    An Alford plea means the accused maintains his innocence while acknowledging that prosecutors had enough evidence to possibly win a conviction

    Andrew R. Caruana, 33, was sentenced to a week in jail on misdemeanor charges of assault by pointing a gun, simple assault and communicating threats.

    Prosecutor Phillip Cowan said Caruana, who was off-duty, went to his estranged wife's apartment on Feb. 24, forced his way into the bedroom, hit her friend Paul Cardone and pointed a gun at him.

    Caruana's lawyer argued that his client dropped the gun and picked it up, but never pointed it at Cardone.

    "This was a horrible, horrible mistake on his part," defense attorney Bill Young said. "It's been an extremely painful experience for him and his family."

    Since the alleged assault, Caruana and his wife have reconciled, Young said.

    "He's ready to move on ... wants to continue healing process with his family."

    Caruana resigned from the Raleigh Police Department in June. He had been with department for nine years, risen to the rank of senior officer and most recently been assigned to the Gang Suppression Unit.



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