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Friday, June 5, 2009

[GA] Deputy Derrick Yancey videotaped fleeing his murder charges


...Officials said former DeKalb County sheriff's deputy Derrick Yancey had cut off his ankle monitor... He was last spotted at a bus station in Phoenix, Az. Authorities believe he could be anywhere between Phoenix and Los Angeles or even in Mexico...


Atlanta Journal Constitution
Ex-deputy wanted in double slaying.Tape shows Yancey leaving area, but trail grows cold out West.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By Rhonda Cook
Friday, June 05, 2009
[Excerpts] Former DeKalb County sheriff's deputy and now fugitive murder suspect Derrick Yancey escaped Atlanta on a westbound Greyhound bus and then vanished somewhere between Phoenix and Los Angeles, Sheriff Thomas Brown said Thursday. Yancey, who worked in the DeKalb County Jail until a year ago, is accused of shooting his 44-year-old wife and a day laborer. At the time, Yancey claimed he shot 20-year-old Marcial Cax-Puluc after the Guatemalan immigrant shot and killed Yancey's wife, Linda, during an attempted robbery at their home. His story fell apart and Yancey was charged with two counts of murder. He was released on $150,000 bond and ordered to wear an ankle bracelet monitor. Police say Yancey removed that ankle bracelet at 5:41 a.m. April 4 and left his mother's Clayton County house... The first image recorded Yancey, using the name "David Brown," at the Atlanta bus station at 7:10 a.m. buying a ticket to the West Coast. Other bus station cameras tracked Yancey to Dallas, to Amarillo, Texas, and then to Phoenix, where he transferred to a 12:40 p.m. Greyhound to Los Angeles. Yancey was not seen after that because the four stops on the route to Los Angeles did not have cameras, Brown said... Yancey might have headed into Mexico, considering he's fluent in Spanish... A $10,000 reward is being offered for his capture and the television show "America's Most Wanted" (9 p.m. Saturdays on Fox) will broadcast an unscheduled segment... The sheriff said family members also might have helped Yancey get away and, if they did, they will be charged. Investigators suspect Yancey may have altered his appearance... The video from the Atlanta bus station showed him with a new mustache, longer hair and the beginnings of a beard... Most likely, the sheriff said, Yancey will be captured during a traffic stop. [Full article here]

Family May Have Helped Yancey Escape, Sheriff Says
June 4, 2009
[Excerpts] Derrick Yancey, the ex-deputy accused of killing his wife and a day laborer, is seen on video leaving the area, officials say... Security guards at the bus station didn't even notice him, and with good reason -- Yancey had quite the head start on authorities. Officials said he had cut off his ankle monitor, but 11 hours would pass before the monitoring company would report the breach to authorities. He was last spotted at a bus station in Phoenix, Az. Authorities believe he could be anywhere between Phoenix and Los Angeles or even in Mexico. "We do know that he is quite proficient in the Spanish language," Brown said. Yancey's wife Linda, who was also a DeKalb County deputy, and a day laborer were shot to death in Yancey's home in Stone Mountain in June 2008... "Weeks before he disappeared, he applied to receive a lump sum payment of his pension that he had contributed to DeKalb County," Brown said... [Full article here]


Marcial Cax Puluc

Marcial Cax Puluc is the man who is believed to have been killed as a part of a contrived story Deputy Yancey told authorities, as a cover-up in his (premeditated?) murder of his own wife, Dekalb Sheriff's Officer Linda Yancey. Marcial is more than a dead prop. He was a young man with a family who loves him - who was here to help them by earning money to send home. Linda was much more than a wife. She's a mother, sister, friend, and missed co-worker. Her sweetness lingers heavy in the air over all of this.
Linda Yancey
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  1. It is scary to think that not only can we not trust the police in dekalb county but we can not trust this white system called america. Under world for the people.

  2. ELois Poole-ClaytonSeptember 25, 2010

    I'm glad, that someone, saw THROUGH his story and continued to seek justice!
    PS: The administrators at Chester Mental Health Center, story, is a BUNCH of LIES as well!
    I have spoken to other patients and their families, who will verify my story.
    PPS: I.A.G. Lisa Madigan, has THREATENED one employees life, for EXPOSING the sexual/other ABUSES, at a mental hospital, in Maywood!
    Chester's goal, is to mame the minds of the patients, to attempt to justify the false reports, that's being written up on them.
    One in particular, CHRIS ROBINSON(guard), has THREATENED my life, saying that, "when your sister comes to visit you, I'm going to have my wife's sister beat her up".
    He LIED on I, in an attempt to get my visits stopped, BUT, it BACKFIRED on him, becaue I told the TRUTH, to his supervisor(Paul/Bob).
    The guards, wear their name tags backwards, in an attempt to confuse others, of who they are.
    The administrator, IS, involved in the COVERUP of ABUSES there.
    I learned of this on February 17, 2010, when I drove there to meet/discuss with them, the unprovoked ABUSES on my brother.
    My family, will NOT, be intimidated by any of the employees there, OR, the story that the journalist, (Jackie McPherson, who's also an employee FOR, Chester Mental Hospital), who isn't going to report anything but what makes Chester appear to be with their rights.
    The VIDEO, of a FALSE PICKET, can be seen, on Chester's website.
    They are accusing the patients for injuries that they sustained, intentionally caused, by the patients, when the truth of the matter is, that the patients are STALKED/BULLIED and provoked to DEFEND themselves, against the guards who assault them, (for NO reason).
    This is ALL a tactic used, to justify the false reports being written up on them.
    The medical reports on the patients are ALSO falsified.
    In most cases, the patients are blamed and their injuries are dowenplayed, as not serious.
    PLEASE SEND HELP, for the patients at Chester Mental health Center, in Chester, Illinois!

  3. I am glad that the trial has finally started. Each day I hear of the evidence against this demon child it seems to me that Derrick Yancey should just go ahead and stand up and just admit that he did it. Stop waisting the tax payers money on a defense council that clearly doesn't have a leg to stand on and just serve the two life sentences in prison "without parole." Dude, you did it!!!! Go ahead an admit it so that Linda's family and children can finally have closure and peace. This case has been drawn out too long. I mean two years and then Derrick Yancey has the nerve to want his day in court. SERIOUSLY?? I know you are innocent until proven guilty, but this crime has guilt written all over his non reactive face!!


    Sick and Tired


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