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Saturday, June 13, 2009

[MI] Police Chief Josten will end up with a clean record (again) after pleading guilty to cop-on-cop domestic assault charge

...If [Bloomingdale Police Chief John] Josten successfully completes the probationary period, the misdemeanor will be erased from his record...

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[MI] Police Chief Josten's domestic assault of his sheriff's deputy wife is not his first assault charge - Josten was given probation for a similar misdemeanor assault complaint in Portage in 1978... The apparent victim was his wife, who happens to be a Sheriff’s Deputy...

WKZO News, Michigan
Saturday, June 13, 2009
[Excerpt] The Chief of Police in Bloomingdale has entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor domestic assault count, and has been ordered to get counseling, stay away from alcohol or drugs, and stay away from his wife or risk violating probation and going to jail. At a pre-trial hearing Friday, John Josten admitted an argument with his wife turned violent earlier this year. His wife is an Allegan County Deputy, and she knew a crime when she saw one... [Full article here]

June 12, 2009
[Excerpt] ...Josten must complete a probationary period where he attends counseling, does not contact his wife, and doesn't consume drugs or alcohol. If Josten successfully completes the probationary period, the misdemeanor will be erased from his record. [Full article here]


Kalamazoo Gazette
by Rex Hall Jr.
Thursday May 28, 2009
BLOOMINGDALE -- Bloomingdale's police chief has been suspended from his duties pending the outcome of an assault charge against him... "We're all awaiting the outcome," Rock, reached Wednesday, said of the charge against Josten. "We have no more information than you do on the situation." Josten turned himself in at the Allegan County Sheriff's Office last Friday after the prosecutor's office authorized a warrant based on an investigation by the Michigan State Police, Lt. Dave Greydanus said. Police began investigating Josten on May 15 after troopers received a report alleging he had been involved in an assault on a family member, Greydanus said. He declined to give the exact relationship between Josten and the family member... [Full article here]
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  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2009

    I once worked with John and his wife. This is a travesty! This man should not be allowed to carry or own a gun. I'm retired now.

    Rick Huffman - author of, Dreams In Blue: The Real Police

  2. Rick, your book was a failure and you were only a police officer for a few years, you washed out at Hartford Police and claim that you are retired. Rick that is all false. You never had enough time in to retire as a police officer. What too bothers me is that you never talked to John and Jodi. Did you ever get their side of it? Did you get a comprehensive non bias, objective statement from the two of them. Have you kept up with the law Rick? Did you know that there need not be any physical contact for an arrest? I am dissapointed in you Rick, a true investigator seeks all sides of the story prior to giving such a statement. I also remember you saying that you had spent a night in jail for assault and battery. The term assault to to public sounds horrible, but what they don't know is that there need not be any injury. For example and old woman chasing somone with a broom is actually under the law a felonious assault. When we look at in on T.V. its funny, but when it is written down and placed on a criminal history it destroys the individual from being employed or serving society. Go talk to John and Jodi Rick, hear their side of it and how this incident became such news. Wrie a book about it Rick, possibly that would put some money in your pocket. Its easy to judge Rick until you have hear all sides of the story, not just an arrest.

  3. Bloomingdale's ex-police chief sues village
    By Kalamazoo Gazette staff
    October 09, 2009, 10:17PM

    BLOOMINGDALE — Bloomingdale’s former police chief has sued the village, claiming the village council lacked cause to fire him and breached his contract.

    John Josten was fired last month following his arrest earlier this year on a=2 0domestic-violence charge.

    A lawsuit filed Monday in Van Buren County Circuit Court alleges Josten was denied due process by the village and seeks that he be reinstated or be awarded least 90 days each of his salary and severance pay, as well as accrued sick pay.

    Josten’s suit alleges the village has failed to comply with a request for records under the Freedom of Information Act and seeks costs, attorney fees and punitive damages against the village. It also claims Josten was fired in part for “having made arrests in the past of certain relatives of village council members,” according to a news release by his attorney that accompanied a copy of the lawsuit.

    Josten, of Otsego, and his Kalamazoo attorney, Douglas A. Merrow, will not comment further on the suit, the release said.

    The Kalamazoo Gazette was unable to reach Mark Manning, the village’s attorney, for comment.

    In May, Josten pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault and battery charge, which will be dismissed within a year if he complies with court-ordered requirements, stemming from a domestic-assault incident in Allegan County.

    The village council voted May 26 to suspend him with pay, then in July began termination proceedings. It voted Sept. 15 to fire Josten.

    Some village residents have sought to persuade the council to reinstate Josten and have circulated petition to recall council members. Village President Tom Rock said in September that he believed there will be a r ecall election in February.

    Josten, the village's only police officer, was hired in 1993 and named chief later that year. With his departure, Bloomingdale has relied on police coverage from the Van Buren Sheriff's Office and Michigan State Police.

  4. And another thing. I put my name on my comments. Then there was the mention of my 'night in jail.' Oh yes, I was 17 and I'm 60 now. I got into a fight with another boy my age and went to jail for disorderly. It's all in my book, Dreams In Blue: The Real Police. You see, I don't try to cover up stuff. So, get the focus off me and put it back where it belongs, John Josten. Perhaps next time you'll say who you are instead of hiding.

    Rick Huffman

  5. If you spent a night in jail for assault how did you ever become a police officer? With a record like that you should have been disqualified. You should never be allowed to have a gun either.You seem like a very angry man if I give my name are you going to try to hurt me. You already have a documented history of assault and were jailed for that. How many years were you a certified police officer and what department did you retire from?

  6. To the author of dreams of blue

    Did the department you worked for conduct a comprehensive back ground check on you? If you were jailed for assault you mostlikely committed the same crime several times before you were caught? I have to agree with the prior post I would not leave my name with a ex-cop that is allowed to carry a gun jailed for fighting. I also wonder what your work record looks like. Were you ever investigated for any type of crime when you were working? Any citizen complaints filed on you? I wanted to be a police officer but I had a drunk driving arrest that was pled to a reckless driving so I figured that I would not be able to join the force. After reading about your arrest for assault and then being hired to the force I guess I will still consider it, and since you have so many years in as an officer I am just curious, is a night in jail for assault or fighting looked the same as a drunk driving. Maybe that would make my dreams of blue come true.

  7. To: Rick Huffman
    Rick I knew that you worked for Bangor P.D. and Lawrence P.D. both for a brief period. I read your book Rick. Rick I know John and Jodi well, the travesty as you say is what happened to the both of them. Rick the truth in this case may not come out until the time is right. How unfortunate you did not get the facts of the case prior to running to judgemen. What a shame you did not talk to them before posting this garbage. Also Rick I know John well, do not worry about him owning a gun. John would not own one if he did not have to, he only did because it was part of his job. What too bothers me Rick was that both of them thought you as a friend. A friend Rick or a good investigator does not post something on a blog without personally obtaining the facts of the case. News reporters write down what sells papers, if what they wrote in a report was used in court evidence they would loose every case. They do not look at the elements of the law, nor did you obviously after reading your post. You know that John and Jodi have been married for over twenty years Rick and have been through a lot. You know you were there. The both of them grieved for years after their daughter died and you knew about Jodies first husband and what she went through. Rick I know all of us from the old Bangor P.D. are getting old, if you are still alive I urge you to speak to John and Jodi as well as their children.Then you will know the facts of the incident. Until this Rick I have no respect for you whatsoever. You are or were no officer or author until you find the truth. When I brought your post to John he was shocked and dissapointed you did not speak to him, he told me: "I thought Rick was my friend, I thought he would have called to find out what happened, Rick has come to see me and Carl he knows where the both of us live." I also know Rick that John plead guilty not because he was but because they offered him just like anyone else to take 26 clases and the case is dropped, then the prosecution boasts of a 100% conviction rate which looks good to the voters and D.V. advicates, makes all of them look guilty and that the prosecution is doing a good job. The fact is that this deal gets the prosecution from doing any work at all. Rick you should know a jury trial is a crap shoot, look at O.J. I know too Rick another reason he plead was that the prosecutor led the both of them to believe that they could lift the no contact order if he pled guilty. You know they have nine children Rick, the kids stayed with John and consistantly asked him when mom can come home. The true victim is the Josten family Rick, Jodi was also placed on leave, without pay. If it were not for the Bloomingdale Church the family would have been without food. This blog also leans toward the side that John got off because he was a cop. Well Rick the fact is that John lost his job, he went to jail, he was fined about $500.00, 26 weeks of therapy at 90.00 per session, and a year probation. Jodi was put on admin leave for four months without pay. If not for the Bloomingdale Christian church they would have starved and now they have lost their home and John has cancer, and a fractured back. John is unable to work and his son has to get him dressed before he goes to school,and prepair his meals he has gotten so bad with pain. Go to our former Chief Simpson Rick of Bangor. He can direct you to where they are which is in the street homeless. I am not going to leave my name Rick you know who I am, as soon as I heard this I went to their home to find the truth, I didn't take a blog or a tabloid as fact. You should do the same thing.

  8. Yeah, like I'm really one to be feared. Give me a break! I'm 60 years old now. So, don't give me that crap. Domestic assaults are some of the worse kind. Police are suppose to protect, not assault their wives.

    Rick Huffman

  9. Besides, don't try to make this about me.

    Rick Huffman

  10. Because whatever is being discussed in here is personal I don't have a full grasp on what's going on. If this is unfair public conversation please let me know.

  11. Behind the blue wall said,
    "Because whatever is being discussed in here is personal I don't have a full grasp on what's going on. If this is unfair public conversation please let me know."

    Rick Huffman says,

    I just don't understand why comments are being directed against me. This case is not about me. Let's stay on topic.

    Individuals are arrrested every day for domestic assault. If you excuse one then excuse them all.

  12. You sir are the one that told of your arrest and night in jail for fignting. A 60 year old man can pull a trigger just as well as a 20 year old. My point is because of your assaultive nature, as well as the anger that obviously is in you dialog posted on this site is that you sir should never be allowed to carry a fire arm. Is it not true you shot an innocent dog and were investigated for that crime. As far as the blog you in fact sir were the one whom wanted your name on here, you made the choice of proudly posting your name and the book you authored. I am scared of you so I will not leave my name, I am a female and you have already asked me to post my name? Why, you want to harm me in some way. Another form of control by a police officer. As far as police officers protecting their wifes we have only heard from you not your wife. Would she be scared to speak out? It sounds too like these two people you claimed to work with want to talk to you. Have you given them the opportunity to tell their side of this like the posting said or do you just go by what is written in a blog, or tabloid. As far as I can figure there was no assault and some police corruption is involved, but that is just going by postings. Also sounds like this John guy is on the brink of death, and thought you were his friend. Another reason I have no trust for the police, not all sides of the story are told here, just like what you posted "This is a travesty" with out knowing the truth.

  13. Also Mr. Huffman read carefully the heading in this blog. Josten ends up with a clean record "Again" The blog leans to condem this man. How do they figure again when his record is well documented, they even print it out and post it. What has been covered up? Nothing, the (Clean record again) (Travesty) are delusions that only exist in the blog owners and your mind. The statements are fixed false beliefs not backed by fact.

  14. Believe as you will.

    Rick Huffman

  15. To the person who is continuing to come at Rick and who is grouping all police together as one - I'm stopping your comments. You will have to find another way to write your personal slams to Mr. Huffman.

  16. Dear Johnny,
    You lost your battle to cancer 3/1/10. You served in that Marines in Vietnam and were spit upon when you returned to Sandiego and called a baby killer, you served on the police force for over twenty years after your discharge. You risked your life for America so that it could be free. You threw a glass in your own home at a table and were condemened dispite what you have done. Son you are free now, no one else can hurt your. I and your family truly know the son and man that you were. Johnny I was there for the first breath you took as well as the last, you are with God now and at 78 years of age I will be with you soon. Johnny forgive these people whom display your photograh as a hunter does in his throphy case, they have no feelings or empathy for anyone besides themslves wohom wallow in their self pitty. Love, your mother RUTH JOSTEN


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