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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

[WI] Appleton's Mayor says city's hands were tied prior to Fire Lt. slaying wife, Kelly Wing

From one of Kelly Wing's emails to her husband, Appleton Fire Lieutenant Scott Schmidt:
"...You have never loved me and I am done living like this. I don't want your e-mails. I am sorry if that sounds mean, it is time I stood up for myself and my kids, long past due..."

...Kelly told police [that her husband, Appleton Fire Lt. Scott] Schmidt threatened to kill the family dog, and threatened to kill her if she ever filed for divorce... Court records show that Schmidt had threatened to kill his wife by shooting her in the head...
"When she threatened to report him, Scott would say, 'Who's going to believe you? I'm a firefighter'"...
Schmidt, a lieutenant and decorated 15-year veteran of the fire department, has had a series of legal and marital troubles recently. He was convicted in September of domestic disorderly conduct... His probation from the disorderly conduct conviction was revoked on March 11 and he was ordered not to possess guns. A judge also had ordered Schmidt to undergo alcohol and other drug abuse counseling and have a domestic abuse assessment... Appleton city and fire department leaders knew about Lt. Scott E. Schmidt's personal and legal problems and had encouraged him to seek counseling through an employee program that protects a person's anonymity, Mayor Tim Hanna said... "We were monitoring that very closely," Hanna said, noting Schmidt had nothing in his criminal or job performance record to prompt disciplinary action... Hanna said the same assistance programs are offered to all city employees. Ultimately, he said, it is up the employee to take advantage of counseling, provided through Employee Assistance Center, a private counseling service... Once the employee enters an assistance program the situation becomes a private matter between the employee and counselors...


Posted Friday, April 17, 2009
[Excerpts] Two people are hurt and an armed man is in custody following a shooting outside a house in Grand Chute Friday... The armed man put the gun down after police arrived and was arrested...
UPDATED Friday, April 17, 2009 - An off-duty Appleton firefighter is in custody after the fatal shooting of his estranged wife and wounding of his mother-in-law in the driveway of the home the couple formerly shared... Scott Schmidt, 38, was booked into the Outagamie County Jail late this afternoon on preliminary charges of first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree attempted homicide. Police say he shot his 39-year-old wife, Kelly Schmidt, in the head and his 66-year-old mother-in-law, Barbara Wing, in the chest... Kelly Schmidt died at a hospital after the shooting. Schmidt had been convicted of disorderly conduct in September stemming from a domestic abuse case. The Post-Crescent of Appleton says he's a lieutenant and 15-year member of the Appleton Fire Department...
UPDATED Saturday, April 18, 2009 - Officials say an Appleton firefighter held in the fatal shooting of his estranged wife and wounding of his mother-in-law had been offered help for the personal problems he was known to be going through... Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna said the 38-year-old Schmidt was referred for counseling shortly after being convicted last September of disorderly conduct in a domestic abuse incident, and the city also knew of a recent charge against him of causing injury by drunken driving. But it ultimately is up to the employee to take advantage of counseling.
UPDATED Tuesday, April 21, 2009 - A 38-year-old Appleton firefighter accused of killing his estranged wife and attempting to kill her mother has resigned from the department. Appleton police spokesman Pat DeWall said Tuesday the city offered to scrap a termination hearing before the city police and fire commission if Lt. Scott Schmidt resigned. Schmidt took the deal... [Full article here]

Barbara Wing, Kelly's mother

[WI] Firefighter Scott Schmidt arrested - POLICE UPDATE

April 22, 2009 by mamaliberty
[Excerpts] ...Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna says city leaders knew that Scott Schmidt was unstable before Friday’s shooting. The mayor says that Schmidt was referred to counseling. All the signs were there but it was too late, Kelly and her mother, Barbara Wing, were both shot... This is the beginning of the reform that Wisconsin needs for abused women and their abusers. I have taken the responsibility to make sure that nobody forgets this crime and that the abuser is held accountable for his actions. I will make this my mission, this is why I fight. My heart pours out to Barbara Wing and I hope that she will find the strength, courage and love to join our cause and make our legislators aware of the epidemic of murders by estranged partners. NEVER GIVE UP, SHUT UP OR GO AWAY! Enough is Enough! [LINK]

[Excerpts] Websdite dedicated to the Wing Family Fund. Its purpose is to collect donations for the Wing family. Scott Schmidt was charged Monday, April 20, 2009, with first-degree intentional homicide in the slaying of his estranged wife, Kelly Wing-Schmidt, outside her Grand Chute home. He is also charged with first-degree attempted homicide in the wounding of his mother-in-law, who attempted to intervene in a fight between the couple.. Kelly now leaves behind five children. To learn more about her tragic death, Google Search or visit PostCrescent.com... Kelly was a member of Emmanuel United Methodist Church, Appleton. She was employed as an early childhood teacher for many years throughout the Fox River Valley. Kelly was also employed as a CT and EMT at Theda Clark Medical Center, Neenah and St. Elizabeth Hospital, Appleton. Kelly woudl have graduated in June 2009 as a Paramedic... Those who would like to contribute to a fund for
Kelly Wing Schmidt's children can send checks to:
Community First Credit Union
PO Box 1487
Appleton, WI 54912
Please make checks payable to the credit union. Place "In memory of Kelly Wing" in the memo line.
OR donate now using your Paypal Account or Credit Card LINK

Suspect had recent history of legal and marital issues

Appleton Post-Crescent
By J.E. Espino and Jim Collar
Post-Crescent staff writers
April 18, 2009
[Excerpts] An off-duty Appleton firefighter shot and killed his estranged wife and wounded her mother Friday in the driveway of the home the couple once shared... Scott E. Schmidt, 38, of Chilton, parked his car about a half-mile from the home... Police do not know how long he was there or when he approached the home... Police say he shot his wife, Kelly Schmidt, 39, in the head and his mother-in-law, Barbara Wing, 66, in the chest. Kelly Schmidt was taken first to Appleton Medical Center, then transferred to Neenah's Theda Clark Medical Center, where she died at about 3:25 p.m. [Barbara] Wing's injuries are not life-threatening and police said she was released Friday... Schmidt, a lieutenant and decorated 15-year veteran of the fire department, has had a series of legal and marital troubles recently. He was convicted in September of domestic disorderly conduct. He previously had threatened to kill his wife, according to documents filed by his probation officer. His probation from the disorderly conduct conviction was revoked on March 11 and he was ordered not to possess guns. A judge also had ordered Schmidt to undergo alcohol and other drug abuse counseling and have a domestic abuse assessment. Schmidt is due to appear on May 11 in Calumet County Court for causing injury with intoxicated use of a vehicle... [Outagamie County Dist. Atty. Carrie Schneider] said it would represent no problem for her office to prosecute the case, even though it involved an Appleton firefighter... While Appleton police were first to respond, Grand Chute police took over the investigation because the home is located in the town near its border with the city... [Full article here]

Appleton Post-Crescent
April 18, 2009
The family of Scott Schmidt would like to make a statement. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Kelly’s family during this tragic time, but we also would like everyone to know that Scott is not the monster that he is being portrayed by the media. There are two sides to every situation and the entire truth will eventually come out. [LINK]

Appleton Post-Crescent
By Steve Wideman swideman@postcrescent.com
April 18, 2009
[Excerpts] Appleton city and fire department leaders knew Lt. Scott E. Schmidt was grappling with personal and legal problems and had offered counseling through an employee program that protects a person’s anonymity, Mayor Tim Hanna said. “We were well aware of and were monitoring his situation,” Hanna said late Friday... Schmidt is in the Outagamie County Jail on preliminary charges of first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide. Hanna said Schmidt was referred for counseling shortly after he was convicted in September 2008 of a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct stemming from a domestic abuse incident. Court records show that Schmidt had threatened to kill his wife by shooting her in the head. Hanna said the city also knew that Schmidt had recently been charged with causing injury by drunken driving. He was due May 11 in Calumet County on that charge. “We were monitoring that very closely,” Hanna said, noting Schmidt had nothing in his criminal or job performance record to prompt disciplinary action, particularly because Schmidt does not drive fire department vehicles and has not been convicted of the drunken driving charge. Sandra Niesen, the city’s human resources director, said employees can be forced to enter employee assistance programs “by our policy only if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work or there are issues with workplace violence.” Generally, unless a criminal conviction is related to an employee’s job performance, the city has no reason to take disciplinary action, Niesen said. “We can’t take any action... The fire department union has its own employee assistance program and a chaplain. The assistance program can help firefighters if they have work-related, marital, alcohol, financial and other personal problems.” Hanna said the same assistance programs are offered to all city employees. Ultimately, he said, it is up the employee to take advantage of counseling, provided through Employee Assistance Center, a private counseling service... Niesen said the referral process generally begins with the employee’s supervisor discussing the situation with the employee. “The supervisor reminds the employee of our assistance programs,” Niesen said. Once the employee enters an assistance program the situation becomes a private matter between the employee and counselors... [Full article here]

Appleton Post-Crescent
By Dan Wilson dwilson@postcrescent.com
April 19, 2009
[Excerpts] The same day she survived a shooting that claimed her daughter's life, Barbara Wing provided police the fullest picture of what happened... Kelly Schmidt, 39, and Wing, 66, were shot in the driveway at 909 E. Edgewood Drive... Police said Scott Schmidt had parked his car at Appleton Fire Station No. 6, 4930 Lightning Drive, before making his way more than a mile west to his estranged wife's home before the shooting... "Kelly was shot before the mother-in-law and at some point the mother shouted at Scott to stop and he turned the weapon on her and shot her," said [Grand Chute's Interim Police Chief, Greg] Peterson. When an Appleton police officer confronted Schmidt, he threw down the handgun... [Full article here]

Reporter: Lindsay Veremis
Updated: Thursday, 23 Apr 2009, 6:42 AM CDT
Published : Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009, 8:49 PM CDT
[Excerpts] She's remembered as a ray of sunshine with an infectious smile and endearing giggle. But those who worked with Kelly Wing-Schmidt say the way she died has cast a dark cloud. "It was just so unexpected and so tragic and not what she deserved," co-worker Andrea Ebeling said. "She deserved so much better out of life and she deserved to live a long, long life and do what she wanted to do which was help people and be a paramedic." A month shy of that goal, police say Scott Schmidt shot Kelly multiple times in the driveway of her home. She died later that day, but co-workers at Theda Clark Medical Center say she lives on in their memories. Wing-Schmidt worked there as a certified nursing assistant for the past two years. "Kelly was so many things that were right and good and she was also a hero in the very last moments of her life, she did what came naturally, she was a hero, she protected her children, she drew gunfire away from her children," co-worker Jessica Hawes said. Hawes says Kelly's five kids were the joy of her life, but she worries Kelly's 2-year-old daughter may be too young to remember her mother. Theda staff hope to help by sharing their memories in a diary they will give to her children. "She was helpful and caring and kind and compassionate and such a good mother," Ebeling said. The staff is also wearing ribbons in her honor, purple to symbolize domestic violence with a dove to represent Kelly, a woman they say handled everything with grace and class. "She left all her pain and personal life at home like most of us do on the job," Ebeling said. Co-workers plan to cling to happy memories, but say the job won't be the same without Kelly. Donations for Kelly Wing-Schmidt's children are being collected at Community First Credit Union. [Full article here]

Kelly's mom Barbara Wing with Kelly's daughter

Oshkosh Northwestern
By Duke Behnke dbehnke@postcrescent.com
April 24, 2009
[Excerpts] The Outagamie County Sheriff's Department has no plans to implement additional crisis training for 911 dispatchers on the heels of Friday's homicide at a Grand Chute residence. Capt. Mike Jobe, who oversees the department's communications center, said the dispatcher who answered the emergency call and the colleagues who assisted her responded swiftly and professionally. "These people are highly trained, and they get the information that is needed," Jobe said. "I believe this entire situation was handled appropriately." Jobe identified the dispatcher, a position called telecommunicator in the profession, as Tami Schurer. She is a 25-year veteran of the communications center, and Jobe said she received the Greenville Lions Club Telecommunicator of the Year award in 1997. Schurer fielded a 911 call from Barbara Wing, who reported that her son-in-law Scott E. Schmidt had shot her and her daughter, Kelly Wing Schmidt, who later died at a hospital. Police arrested Schmidt at the scene, and he faces charges of first-degree intentional homicide and attempted homicide, as well as bail jumping. Postcrescent.com posted a recording of Wing's 911 call online, and many listeners quickly criticized Schurer's performance, saying she did not listen to the information provided by Wing or take control of the situation during the frantic seven-minute call. Schurer, who is not identified in the recording, repeatedly asked questions about the location of the incident, the number of victims and the shooter's identity, all of which were provided by Wing early in the dialogue. "I was getting frustrated with the dispatcher just listening to the tape," a reader wrote at postcrescent.com.. "I can't imagine the poor woman on the other end. 911 needs to get a dispatcher that actually listens." Others faulted Schurer for talking over Wing and for being rude and short. Jobe said the 911 tape provides an incomplete picture of the full response from the communications center. He said the dispatcher who answers a call first must verify the computer-generated address that accompanies the call and then keep the caller on the line to gather as much information as possible. "What you don't hear on the 911 tape is what the other telecommunicators in the room are doing," he said. "The instant that they realize someone has been shot, the other telecommunicators immediately begin dispatching the proper units for the response." Jobe, who has reviewed Wing's 911 call, said law enforcement and medical personnel were dispatched in a timely manner. He declined to say how quickly the first officer arrived, citing the ongoing criminal investigation. "It is easy but erroneous to assume that no help was sent until the end of that call," Jobe said. "That was absolutely not the case." Several postcrescent.com readers praised Schurer's professionalism. "Most people would have completely lost their cool and crumbled under the pressure if they took this call," a reader wrote, "but the dispatcher stayed calm and relayed all the important information to her partners and officers." "The dispatcher's immediate and precise actions may very well have prevented Schmidt from having enough time to go after his kids!" another wrote. "She deserves nothing but praise, and she needs to be recognized for potentially preventing any further tragedy."... [Full article here]

Appleton Post-Crescent
April 28, 2009
Mayor Tim Hanna's comment that Scott E. Schmidt "had nothing in his criminal or job performance record to prompt disciplinary action" concerns me both as an Appleton resident and taxpayer. If being convicted of domestic violence, threatening to kill a human being and being charged with causing injury by drunken driving does not warrant disciplinary action, what type of behavior does?... [LINK]

Scott E. Schmidt competent when wife gunned down in Grand Chute, court-appointed psychologist says
Appleton Post-Crescent
By Steve Wideman swideman@postcrescent.com
May 9, 2009
[Excerpts] Scott E. Schmidt is mentally competent to stand trail in the April 17 shooting death of his estranged wife, Kelly Wing Schmidt, a court- appointed psychologist concluded in a report filed Friday... Defense attorney Gregory Petit said Smail's report failed to include information required by state law outlining the results of tests Smail gave Schmidt in jail... The defense won a moral victory on the issue of whether jail medical records accessed by Smail violated Schmidt's privacy rights... [Full article here]

Appleton Post-Crescent
By Steve Wideman swideman@postcrescent.com
May 31, 2009
[Excerpts] ...Scott Schmidt pulled the revolver's trigger five times in quick succession shortly after 10:30 a.m. on Friday, April 17, hitting his estranged wife three times in the head and wounding Barbara Wing in the chest. Kelly Wing Schmidt died five hours later at Neenah's Theda Clark Medical Center, where she worked as a certified nursing assistant. Barbara Wing still carries the bullet that would have hit her heart had it not glanced off one of her ribs and lodged in her side. Schmidt remains in the Outagamie County Jail on a $1 million cash bond... A March 30 e-mail message from Scott to Kelly, sent from a computer at the Appleton fire station where he served as a lieutenant, provides a glimpse into the couple's stormy relationship in the weeks leading up to the shooting. Scott pleads with Kelly to let him return home after she kicked him out of the house. Schmidt admits to unleashing anger and frustration at Kelly following his November 2008 drunken-driving crash that seriously injured a woman whose Chevy Trailblazer he struck with his Ford F-250 truck on a rural Calumet County road. "The last four days have been pure hell," Schmidt wrote. "Friday, I slept in the car. … I have no money to buy food or anything. … I was wrong in so many things, from my anger to my actions to just about everything I did. Since the accident I have been angry at myself and you have taken the brunt of it. … I will show you and you will see my heart is true and I do love you." "I am not your wife," Kelly tersely fired back in an e-mail message minutes later. "You have been sober since November and you are just as mean now as ever. … I am not going to be hurt anymore. I AM NOT YOUR WIFE! Your wish came true." Eighteen days later, under a late spring sky, two people who had dedicated themselves to helping others — Kelly as a future paramedic and Scott as a decorated firefighter — found that they were unable to help even themselves... [Full article here]

[WI] Fire Lieutenant Schmidt had history before double shooting

Appleton Post-Crescent
By Steve Wideman
June 1, 2009
[Excerpts] ...In June 2002, Schmidt was suspended for three 24-hour workdays and prevented for 18 months from being considered for promotion to lieutenant after he was caught smoking at one of the fire stations. Schmidt signed a last-chance employment agreement... Two months later, on Dec. 26, 2002, an Appleton woman, [S.P.], obtained a restraining order against Schmidt. Citing circumstances eerily similar to those that would plague Kelly Wing through her stormy relationship with Schmidt, [S.P.] accused Schmidt in court documents of incessant harassment. "I broke up with Scott and he came to the house and tried to get in, pounding and banging on the door, scaring the kids... He drove in my driveway and called me up to 30 times in one hour from his truck. At times when I've wanted to get away from Scott, he has physically blocked me, so I couldn't leave. He tried to control me by isolating me from my friends." Two weeks after her daughter's death, Barbara Wing would use almost the exact same words as she described Schmidt's relationship with Kelly Wing. "Scott didn't like Kelly being with her friends. He just cut her off... He called Kelly a million times to check where she was. He threatened her for years." Joann Hull, one of Wing's childhood friends, recalls one incident a year ago when she and Kelly, whom she called "my movie buddy," were at the Hollywood Ultrascreen Cinema... "During a break in the movie we went out to get some popcorn and Scott called just when the popcorn man starting talking to us. Scott yelled at her, 'Who are you talking to? I can hear a man.' Anytime we did anything together Scott would be calling and calling and calling"... Scott's mounting frustration in his relationship with Kelly boiled over on Aug. 11, 2005, when police arrested Schmidt and charged him with disorderly conduct after he argued with Wing over custody issues involving [CHILD K]. Schmidt had jumped on Kelly Wing's car, demanding to know who she was talking to as she called police from a cell phone inside the vehicle. He entered into a deferred prosecution agreement resulting in the dismissal of the disorderly conduct charge after he completed 40 hours of community service and a domestic violence intervention program. As part of the deferred prosecution agreement, the court ordered Schmidt not to possess any guns. Despite the Aug. 11, 2005, incident, Schmidt and Wing flew to Las Vegas and married at the Garden of Love Wedding Chapel on April 21, 2006, three years to the day before Kelly Wing's body was laid to rest. Barbara Wing said she doesn't know why the couple decided to get married in Las Vegas, "but Scott hated to pay child support." At the time of their marriage, Kelly Wing was carrying her second child by Schmidt. [Full article here]

[WI] Murder accused Fire Lieutenant Schmidt ordered to take psych eval

E-mails give glimpse of couple's feelings toward each other as marriage heads to divorce
The Appleton Post-Crescent (Appleton, WI) -
Steve Wideman
Tuesday, June 2, 2009
[Excerpts] ...Appleton Fire Lt. Scott] Schmidt reached out through a series of e-mails to his estranged wife, Kelly Wing Schmidt, in an attempt to save their marriage, scorched by allegations of cheating and physical abuse. "Please do not shut me out. I beg you," Schmidt wrote in an e-mail dated March 30. Late one morning two weeks later, prosecutors allege, the couple's soured relationship ended tragically with Kelly Wing Schmidt's shooting death in the driveway of her suburban home... A week before Schmidt sent his estranged wife the pleading e-mail, Kelly Wing Schmidt kicked him out of the couple's house on E. Edgewood Drive, frustrated by a relationship that police reports suggest had grown abusive years earlier... "Scott lived in and out of the house for the three years they were married," said Barbara Wing, Kelly's mother. "He wanted the freedom of a house he owned in Stockbridge"... Schmidt didn't allow Kelly to visit the Stockbridge home and was open with Kelly about his friendships with other women... On April 25, 2008, Schmidt argued with Kelly, hitting her in the face after she accused him of cheating with another woman, according to police reports. Kelly told police Schmidt threatened to kill the family dog, and threatened to kill her if she ever filed for divorce. In September, Schmidt was convicted of disorderly conduct and placed on probation for 18 months, which was scheduled to end March 2010. Schmidt, who admitted to being an alcoholic, was ordered to undergo alcohol abuse counseling and complete a domestic violence assessment. Kelly, though, struggled to end the relationship... "When she threatened to report him, Scott would say, 'Who's going to believe you? I'm a firefighter,'" Wing said. Schmidt's life spun out of control when, in a drunken haze on Nov. 17, he suffered serious injuries when his Ford F-250 pickup truck slid through an icy intersection in Calumet County and struck a Chevy Trailblazer, seriously injuring a woman passenger. He admitted to drinking at least two whiskey and Cokes at a nearby tavern, and two more at home, before the crash. Drinking was a violation of his probation... While the court considered revoking Schmidt's probation, he was placed on an electronic-bracelet monitoring program Dec. 22 and confined to the couple's home... "That never made any sense to me, to confine Scott to this home when abuse was happening here," Barbara Wing said. On Feb. 17, Schmidt's probation was revoked. The probation officer recommended a 90-day jail term and counseling, but the jail refused to take him because he still was recovering from the injuries he suffered in the crash. At a March 11 probation revocation hearing, Schmidt avoided jail when Outagamie County Judge Mark McGinnis sentenced him to time served on the bracelet program... A series of e-mail messages obtained by The Post-Crescent through open records requests illustrates the couple's troubled relationship... "I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I have missed you and the kids. … I miss you so much. … love Scott (Your Husband),'"... "Life is short. Love the people who love you … forget the ones who don't," Kelly replied to Schmidt's initial message. "You have never loved me and I am done living like this. I don't want your e-mails. I am sorry if that sounds mean, it is time I stood up for myself and my kids, long past due." ... "Kelly. I do love you and our kids, all of them," Schmidt replied. "Please do not shut me out I beg you. … I will never be the same person I was before. … I love you more than you will know. I will spend the rest of my life proving it to you." Twenty minutes later, Schmidt sent an e-mail telling Kelly "the last four days have been hell. I vow to you I will never take my anger out on you or the kids again. … I miss you and our dreams for the future," Schmidt wrote. Kelly replied minutes later telling Schmidt: "Do not insult my intelligence by making promises you will not keep. I have heard all this before"... [Full article here]


Appleton Post-Crescent
By Steve Wideman
June 3, 2009
[Excerpts] ...Only Scott knows for certain what raced through his mind the morning of April 17 as he walked from the fire station where he had worked to Kelly’s house on E. Edgewood Drive in Grand Chute. But whatever torments drove him that day, they were implacable. “I had to do it,” Schmidt said to the police officer who arrested him as he hovered over his wife, who lay dying on her driveway mortally wounded by several gunshots... A few days earlier, Schmidt brought a pellet gun into Kelly's house and set it menacingly beside a pot-bellied stove in the family room filled with toys and dolls belonging to the couple's children... When Barbara Wing phoned her daughter the morning of April 17 after making copies of a job application for Kelly, she heard Schmidt's voice in the background. He and Kelly were arguing... She ended the call, climbed in her car and drove to her daughter's house. "Scott's car was not there when I got to Kelly's house. I thought he had left," Wing said. But when Wing entered the house she found her daughter cornered by Schmidt in the bathroom, the couple's two children cowering inches away from the .22-caliber revolver in Scott's hand. Wing shouted so her daughter could escape. Kelly ran, trying to draw Scott away from the children, Wing said. "Why don't you get out of here before someone gets hurt?" Wing recalls yelling at Scott. Schmidt ran outside, catching Kelly in the driveway. A sharp report from the gun, aimed at Kelly's head, sounded the irreversible end of the couple's chaotic life together. Bursting out of the house, Barbara saw her daughter prone on the driveway. "What have you done?" she screamed. Barbara said Scott then turned the gun away from Kelly, pointed it at her and fired. Wing, suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest, ran screaming toward cars passing on E. Edgewood Drive, but none slowed. She quickly changed direction, ran into the house, locked the door to protect the children and called 911. She watched through a kitchen window as Schmidt dragged her still-breathing daughter across the driveway and into the garage before sitting and talking to Kelly. Moments later, an Appleton police officer driving nearby heard the 911 dispatch. He sped toward the home, and found Schmidt in the driveway, gun in hand, near Kelly's body... [Full article here]


Last minutes detailed at hearing
Appleton Post-Crescent
Dan Wilson
Thursday, June 4, 2009
[Excerpts] Former Appleton firefighter Scott Schmidt shot his estranged wife execution-style as she lay wounded on her back outside her home, according to testimony today at Schmidt's preliminary hearing on homicide charges. Outagamie County Judge John Des Jardins ordered Schmidt to stand trial on charges of first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide after hearing testimony from Barbara Wing, the mother of Kelly Wing Schmidt, 39. Wing said she arrived at the Grand Chute residence about 10:30 a.m. April 17 and found Schmidt and Wing Schmidt arguing in the bathroom. When Schmidt backed out of the bathroom with a gun in his hand, Wing Schmidt bolted for the door and Schmidt followed her. Wing said she heard the shot that felled her daughter and went out to try to stop Schmidt, who then shot her in the chest. "He just calmly raised his gun and shot me," she said. "And Kelly was on her back and he raised the gun and he shot her again in the head"... The Grand Chute detective who first talked to Schmidt, 38, after the shooting also testified briefly. Det. Michael Bartlein said Schmidt told him "that an argument escalated and he shot his wife"... [Full article here]

[WI] Co workers remember Kelly Wing Schmidt

Appleton Post-Crescent
June 7, 2009
[Excerpts]...Sunday through Wednesday, we examined the tragic relationship between an estranged married couple, Scott Schmidt and Kelly Wing Schmidt... It was not an easy or comfortable series to read, and we heard from readers who were angered over our decision to devote so much time and space to the story... We think it's time our community understands the causes, sees the warning signs, and challenges the "look the other way" philosophy that only enables domestic abuse perpetrators to damage — and sometimes, end — the lives of victims... Telling this story, in this way, on the front page of The Post-Crescent for four straight days, is unlike anything we've done on domestic abuse. But we're doing it to raise awareness, and to help our community deal positively and proactively from now on... It is possible, we hope, that this series will save a life... [Full article here]

[WI] Coworkers remember Kelly Wing Schmidt (2)

Sunday, August 2nd (2009)
Timber Rattlers game starts at 1:05pm
Parking lot opens at 10:30am (tailgate) and stadium gates open at 11:30am.
Enjoy the day with co-workers, friends and family of the late Kelly Wing. August 2nd we all come together to celebrate the life of Kelly Wing and pay tribute to her with a moment of silence prior to the game, a very special "first pitch" and a day full of smiles and laughter remembering her.
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers will donate $3 from every ticket purchased using this form to the children of Kelly Wing.
Form: http://www.wingfamilyfund.com/FundraiserDonationForm.dsp
Don't forget your check book!!! During the game stop by the silent auction table to bid on great gifts also benefiting the children of Kelly Wing.
Tickets to this great event are just $7!!!
Parking is $3 per car and $6 per bus.
To purchase tickets please contact the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers at 800-948-4623 or e-mail ahahn@timberrattlers.com.
When ordering tickets PLEASE mention "Kelly Wing Fundraiser"!!!
Tickets are subject to availibility and must be ordered by July 31, 2009
For questions or concerns please contact event coordinators, Cindy Krantz (RN, St. Elizabeth) at ckrantz@new.rr.com or Nichole Loftin (daughter of Cindy Krantz) at nloftin@chicagostorm.net.
Thank you for your support! [LINK]

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