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Thursday, June 18, 2009

[FL] The press is going to drive Mulberry Mayor Mullis past the point he can bear

To the media:
Whether Florida's Mulberry Mayor Julian Mullis is the victim of domestic violence or the victim of assault by a roommate, he is a victim. Stop having fun with it. The media is being so inhumane that I can't even post excerpts from the articles. The press is treating him as if he is the one who broke the law.


  1. The above is the thumbnail link for the full picture that you can see here:

    The One Who Showed Mercy
    by Christopher Koelle

  2. Like the other stories, I was collecting all the articles, following the links from news articles to youtube and non-news sites, and every click made me sadder for Mullis and his kids.

    Some things are irrelevant. In this case it appears to me that the news has stepped over what is relevant - entirely - in order to have a little fun amongst themselves...

    When someone needs the police they should be able to call, without fearing this worst case scenario.

  3. Well I agree that the media is out of line, But he thanked them to some degree I'm sure since he leaned left ,and the media only breaths air from the left, now he can thank them again for all the attention, just not the kind that helped him to office...


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