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Sunday, August 30, 2009

[CO] Officer Crooks admits and arrested for "physical harassment" of his wife after excellent investigating by Mesa Co. Sheriff's Department

"...I talked with Courtney about being truthful and asked him again about the bruises on [his wife's] arm. Courtney said he did not know if there were any injuries, and he did not know if it was about a laptop or if there was a laptop. Courtney said [his wife] bruises easily... I asked Courtney if he knew why [his wife] needed to wear long sleeve shirts the entire time his mother was visiting... It was apparent this hole (in the wall) could not have been caused by the doorknob. I also noted how far away the door to the bedroom was from the bathroom where Courtney was said to have pushed [his wife] from. I estimated the distance to be about ten feet..."

It appears that Officer Crooks knocked a hole in the wall with his wife's head - accidentally, left his preschooler son crying after bowling him over with an object he swung in anger - accidentally, shoved his wife (again) from a neck grip while she was holding their infant son (accidentally?), reportedly told his own mother to mind her own business, and did his best to lie to investigators initally (but they were too smart for him). His wife while pointing out his strengths as well, reportedly hid bruises with long sleeves, asked her husband if he was about to choke her - to kill her in front of the children, and ended up teary eyed slipping their children one at a time to a neighbor's home to keep them safe the night of the last incident (assault).

I spent at least an hour wording here what I want to say to both of them, but neither probably wants to hear from me. The Grand Junction Police Department classifies it a "personnel matter" - much like an in-house "private matter" but wow, that Mesa County Sheriff's Department came in and did a GREAT job in the 17 page gathering of facts presented in order to obtain the arrest warrant. Colorado domestic violence law is lacking (sucks). I checked it out and "physical harassment" is all it amounts to there. They did charge him with what was available to them.

Please pray for this family.

This is a good example of why the word "push" should not be read as a minimal movement in domestic violence reporting. Here, just one of Officer Crooks "pushes" caused his wife to fly 10 feet and cause her head to break a hole in the wall. NOBODY has the right to knock anyone else off balance just because they are angry with that person, or to send them sailing, or to make those around him fearful.


Grand Junction police officer arrested
The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
Friday, August 28, 2009
[Excerpts] The Mesa County Sheriff’s Department arrested a Grand Junction Police Department officer Friday afternoon on suspicion of misdemeanor harassment... [Courtney] Crooks was not booked into Mesa County Jail. He has been placed on unpaid administrative leave, according to the Police Department. In addition to the Sheriff’s Department’s criminal investigation, the Police Department is conducting two internal investigations that involve Crooks, according to a police spokeswoman Kate Porras... Crooks was born in Hartford, Conn., attended Pensacola Christian College in Florida, received his associate degree in law enforcement in May 2006 and became a police cadet in Grand Junction two years ago... The Police Department was not able to elaborate on the internal investigations Friday because they are considered a “personnel matter,” the news release said. [Full article here]

Grand Junction officer arrested in harassment probe
The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
By EMILY ANDERSON Emily.Anderson@gjsentinel.com
Saturday, August 29, 2009
[Excerpts] ...Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested [Courtney] Crooks on suspicion of misdemeanor physical harassment after a woman told deputies Crooks grabbed her by the back of the neck on Aug. 18, according to an arrest affidavit. The woman also accused Crooks pushed her on two previous occasions. Crooks told deputies he had pushed the woman at least once before and touched her on Aug. 18, but “not in any harmful way,” according to the affidavit... [Full article here]

GJPD officer arrested after criminal investigation

Grand Junction Police have just announced the arrest of GJPD officer Courtney Crooks.
Posted: 11:08 PM Aug 28, 2009
Reporter: James Hopkins
Email Address: james.hopkins@nbc11news.com
[Excerpts] A Grand Junction police officer has been put on unpaid administrative leave today following his arrest by the mesa county sheriff's office. Officer Courtney Crooks was placed under arrest today and charged with one count of harassment. According to the arrest affidavit this is not the first time an incident like this has occurred. The Mesa County Sheriff's office arrested officer Crooks and charged him with one count of harassment, stemming from an alleged altercation August 18th. The arrest comes after a criminal investigation being conducted by the Mesa County Sheriff's office. According to the arrest affidavit, officer Crooks has allegedly been in several other related altercations dating back as far as february 2008, but the victim never reported it... [Full article here]

Excerpted example of the professional and wise investigating performed by the Mesa County Sheriff's Department as documented in their Affidavit In Support Of Arrest Warrant:

...91. I asked Courtney to tell me about an incident which occurred about six months ago where he had sprayed [REDACTED] with a shower nozzle. Courtney laughed and said he can't remember what they were arguing about, but he did spray her with water. Courtney said after he did it they both started laughing.

92. I asked Courtney what happened after he sprayed the water. Courtney said [REDACTED] used his clothes to soak up the water. I asked if this made him angry. Courtney said he was not mad, bu was not going to let [REDACTED] do it. Courtney said he told [REDACTED] to stop and physically moved her out of the way. Courtney said he grabbed her by the shoulders and moved her physically, but did not hurt her in any way. Courtney said they talked about it and went to bed.

93. I asked Courtney if there was a hole in the drywall in his bedroom. Courtney said there is a hole in the wall. I asked Courtney if it was caused by [REDACTED] falling into the wall during this incident. Courtney said he did not know. Courtney said he knows when they moved into the house, they had banged the bed around it could have happened from that.

94. I told Courtney our understanding was she was pushed, and she had hit the wall causing this hole. Courtney said his intention was not to hurt her or cause any damage, and just move her out of the way and keep her from damaging his clotes. I asked him again if she fell into the wall and caused the hole. courtney said it probably did, and then said "Yeah" it did.

95. I asked Courtney about the incident where [REDACTED] was said have sustained bruising to her arm when they got into an argument over the laptop computer and Courtney [sic] looking at porn. Courtney denied remembering this incident. I talked with Courtney about being truthful and asked him again about the bruises on [REDACTED] arm.

96. Courtney said he did not know if there were any injuries, and he did not known [sic] if it was about a laptop or if there was a laptop. Courtney said [REDACTED] bruises easily and she has gotten bruises when he has tickled her. Courtney denied knowing about any bruises. I confronted Courtney about how distinctive the reports were about the bruising, and advised I believed since he was her husband he should know if she had bruises. I asked Courtney if he knew why [REDACTED] needed to wear long sleeve shirts the entire time his (Courtney) mother was visiting. Courtney said he did not have any knowledge of this.

97. Deputy Brooks explained to Courtney what was reported to him about this incident, and the allegations of him looking at porn on the computer. Deputy Brooks asked Courtney if any of this was Courtney said he did not remember and could only remember the argument was over a laptop. Courtney said if [REDACTED] said that was what happened then that's probably what happened. Deputy Brooks told Courtney it was reported his mother did notice the bruises and asked [REDACTED] if Courtney was treating [REDACTED] right. Deputy Brooks told Courtney he was told his (Courtney) response was Something to the effect of staying out of his business. Courtney denied this happened.

98. I revisited the incident which occurred on 08/18/09, and asked Courtney if he had actually grabbed [REDACTED] by the back of the neck. Courtney answerd, "Why would I grab her by the back of the neck?"

99. I know from my training and experience when someone answers a question with a question in this manner they are most likely being deceptive. I believe this was a way of stalling for time or trying not to answer the question. I confirmed with Courtney that he was stating he never grabbed [REDACTED] by the back of the neck. Courtney said he did not.

100. I asked again about the bruises on [REDACTED] arm and told him I had a hard time believing he could not remember if his wife had bruises or not. Courtney was now stating he could remember the argument, and he did remember fighting over the laptop, but that was all.

101. Deputy Brooks brought up another incident which was reported to him. Deputy Brooks asked Courtney about an incident where it was reported Courtney had thrown a box at [REDACTED], missing her, and [REDACTED] threatened to call the cops. It was reported Courtney told [REDACTED] not to call because he would go to jail. Courtney was in the police academy at this time. Courtney denied remembering anything about this incident at all.

102. Deputy Brooks asked if Courtney and [REDACTED] ever argue about Courtney's ex-girlfriend. Courtney indicated [REDACTED] has always been jealous of his old friends and has accused him of having relationships with people she is not aware of.

103. Courtney stated all he was trying to do the other night was stay away from [REDACTED] and avoid the incident escalating to this level. Courtney said it was obvious he and [REDACTED]' were not going to be able to have a rational conversation with her agitated state.

104. Courtney allowed Deputy Brooks and me to enter his residence and take pictures of the hole in the wall in the bedroom. I saw the hole was about the size of a baseball, but not completely round. The hole in the drywall was behind the bedroom door of Courtney and [REDACTED]' master bedroom. I could see there were marks a couple of inches above and to the left of the hole where the door knob hits the drywall. It was apparent this hole could not have been caused by the doorknob. I also noted how far away the door to the bedroom was from the bathroom where Courtney was said to have pushed [REDACTED] from. I estimated the distance to be about ten feet. Deputy Brooks took photographs of the hole in the wall, and later booked the digital images into evidence at the Mesa County Sheriff's Department. While Deputy Brooks was photographing, he asked if the bathroom door which I mentioned above was the one where the incident took place and Courtney pushed [REDACTED] to stop her from using his cloths [sic] to soak up the water. Courtney confirmed it was...

105. At this time there is probable cause to charge Courtney with 18-9-111, Physical Harassment, due to his admission of pushing [REDACTED] on the shoulder at least on two diffrent occasions.
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence (IPV) abuse law enforcement public safety repeat hx colorado state recant minimize]


  1. Well well amazing to know that we have crooked a$$ cops in our valley that commit crimes and dont even get arrested for it. I think this is a bunch of bs and also believe it's descrimination towards white people if that would have been myself or one of my friends we would have been arrested and hauled in to Mesa County jail immediatly. This is a crock of crap he can commit a DV crime in front of young children and get away with it. Crooked a$$ cops.....

  2. Officer Crooks bad temper was evedent when he visited the day center for the homeless in downtown Grand junction and proceeded kicking peoples' bags as a sign of contempt for the pwoerless; his colleague who was present at the time should have noted and corrected this behaviour.

  3. in regards to the anonymous blogs, it is nice to know that you guys are easily persuaded by the medias distorted views and perception of domestic incidences and peoples personal business. Ones homelife and personal issues has no bearing on their ability to perform their job in a professional manner, If you bloggers have a perfect homelife and happen to know this individual personally than you guys might know what your talking bout, but until then maybe you guys should make an effort to gather all the facts.

  4. I was impressed - more than usual - with how well the investigating officers already did that.

    You are not correct that domestic violence at home has no bearing on a law enforcement officer's "ability to perform their job in a professional manner."

    I don't allow anyone to act like an asshole around my kids. It's not permitted in my home so regarding your "If you bloggers have a perfect homelife" comment - it's perfect enough. NO ONE can scare my kids! NO ONE. That's how I manage THIS household. If people have a difference of opinion we sit down and talk about it OR if we are angry we DON'T TALK, find a place to chill and calm, and then come back to have the discussion.

    That's how it's done. (Are you taking notes?)

    I was raised in violence, hearing the insults, the yelling, the crying... yada yada. I find there is no excuse
    for abuse.

    It's a decision.
    Instead of defending it, ban the behaviors on a zero-tolerance level. Mean it.

    We can't control the world but we can decide how our homes will be run

    (unless there is a killer in the house).

    Are you speaking as the person who has the right to be angry and effect others behind closed doors, or as someone who thinks that someone you know should be able to do that to others and it's no one's business?

  5. i was a victim of courtney crooks violent temper.he can not contol his temper. he did this in front of his wife and i could tell she was afraid of him.iam sure crooks has a history of violence.

  6. Aren't you worried about posting that?

  7. Hmm has anyone noticed that he was proven not guilty!!!!!!!!!

  8. I had not noticed. Thanks for the heads up. I just posted it.

  9. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    I work with him and as I got to know him, his temper is horriable. He makes working with people a nightmare. He cant control it and he see's nothing wrong with his childish behavior. Im surprised he has not been arrested. Putting your hands on a woman, degrades you as a man. This is BS


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