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Monday, August 3, 2009

[NC] Deputy George Bryan broke his wife's face, spent 1 night in jail, and was allowed to "resign"

..."I don't have no comment and don't call my phone back," George Bryan said Thursday afternoon... District Attorney for the Eighth Prosecutorial District Branny Vickory said he did not officially know why it took Jamie Bryan three weeks to report the allegation...

I pause and wonder what the weeks were like for her before she reported the crime.

5-year veteran allegedly fractured her jaw
Justin Schoenberger
July 31, 2009
A Lenoir County Sheriff's deputy was arrested earlier this week on a charge of fracturing his wife's jaw. George Anderson Bryan III allegedly punched his wife, Jamie Bryan, in the mouth on July 7, "causing a broken jaw which required surgery at Lenoir Memorial Hospital, surgery which included a plate being placed in her chin and four metal screws being placed in the gum area," court documents state. George Bryan was charged with felony assault inflicting serious injury on Wednesday - one day after his wife called the sheriff's office to make the allegation. "It's a sad day at the sheriff's office anytime one of our own has been charged with a criminal offense," Maj. Chris Hill of the sheriff's office said. "With that being said, the public expects us to do our job regardless of the adverse condition." District Attorney for the Eighth Prosecutorial District Branny Vickory said he did not officially know why it took Jamie Bryan three weeks to report the allegation, but said the sheriff's office followed procedure in notifying him of the case. "The sheriff himself (W.E. 'Billy' Smith) found out about it and informed me immediately on Tuesday," Vickory said, "He and I jointly requested the SBI to get involved in the investigation (on Tuesday)." George Bryan resigned from the sheriff's office later that day. He was arrested Wednesday, spent the night in jail and made his first appearance in district court Thursday. He was released following the hearing after posting $500 bond. "I don't have no comment and don't call my phone back," George Bryan said Thursday afternoon. Hill said he could not discuss whether Bryan has been disciplined by the office before, but called him an excellent deputy. Bryan, listed at the same Kinston address as his wife in court documents, is 30 years old and worked with the patrol division. He was a member of the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office since 2004. His probable cause hearing is set for Aug. 13. [LINK]
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  1. From: kinston.com
    On July 28, 2009 at about 11:00 a.m. Jamie Bryan, the spouse of a Lenoir County deputy, reported by telephone that on July 7, 2009 she had been struck by her husband George Bryan III... WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF THE REPORT AN INTERNAL INVESTIGATION WAS INITIATED... DEPUTY BRYAN RESIGNED FROM HIS POSITION ON JULY 28, 2009...

  2. If you wanna know what it was like for her you should ask... or just read their facebook commnents from around that time. Figure out the whole story before showing half.

  3. Obviously you are involved. Out of thousands of cases I should cyber-stalk this ONE? If you think there is more that should be known tell it. If you think there is a page I should see send me the link. Are you thinking there's some good reason for breaking her jaw? (I can't think of any.)

  4. I accidentally approved a comment for about 30 seconds but had to delete it. It tells too much about the wife's life and thoughts - and it should be her that decides whether to put that out here. Also anything that might put her in harms way by aggravating him I don't want to post either. Sorry.

  5. It is my Belief that Officer Bryan was Suffering from PTSD at the time of this event. Only a short time before this happened to Officer Bryans' wife. Officer Bryan was on a call allong with fellow officers where they lost one of their own. Officer Pearson, who also happened to be Officer Bryan's best friend, died in Officer Bryans' arms on that call! Here is the story : http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/4911686/

  6. Millions of people have PTSD. It is not an excuse. Officer Bryan didn't go break his commander's face. That's called controlled out of controlledness. I have PTSD and I can feel the temperature rising and I intervene on myself. Acting out is illegal. The idea that the PTSD of officers and soldiers should be a pass negates that life is hard for a LOT of people and there are traumas that don't happen in the line of duty. If officers are going through a hard time it is their responsibility to address it by seeking help. Yes I know all the obstacles and stigmas but the option is lethal danger to family, friends, and the public.


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