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Thursday, August 13, 2009

[GA] Ex-Deputy Cannon gets 5 years jail, 5 probation, and order to stay out of 5 counties forever

What a dangerous guy!

Previous post:

[GA] Recently resigned Sheriff's Investigator Cannon arrested on stalking sheriff's dept. ex-wife, and other charges -
...He resigned in February of this year. "He resigned after an internal affairs investigation into a harassment complaint filed by his ex-wife [who also worked at the sheriff's office]... Cannon is no stranger to media attention. In 2000, cannon's killing of a neighbor's dog while employed as a Gainesville police officer drew national attention...

Excerpts from yesterday's and July's news:

A former Dawson County deputy has been sentenced to 10 years, with five to be served behind bars, after he reportedly impersonated a Georgia State Patrol officer in the attempt to obtain a computer background check for his ex-wife's vehicle... and violated a temporary protection order in the process... On Wednesday afternoon, Kenneth Lee Cannon, 40, stood before Judge David Barrett, and under the watch of several Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office deputies, as he pleaded guilty to the charges of aggravated stalking, impersonating an officer, computer invasion of privacy and misdemeanor escape... Cannon was charged again with criminal attempt to commit an escape when it was discovered that he was allegedly making elaborate plans to break out of the detention center... Then a few weeks later Cannon was charged with battery and reckless conduct when he allegedly intentionally spilled a cup of water underneath his cell door in order to trip up a detention center employee... When confronted about the incident Cannon reportedly said it was an accident. However, the video tape of his isolation cell reportedly showed Cannon filling his water cup at the sink, listening at the door for approaching footsteps and then flinging water under the doorway... Now that Cannon has pleaded guilty he will no longer be allowed to live or visit anywhere in the Enotah Judicial Circuit once he is released from prison. “You won't be in Townes, Union, White, Lumpkin and Dawson County,” said Barrett. “...You will stay away from those five counties”...


Ex-Dawson deputy facing additional charges after water incident
The Dahlonega Nugget
By Matt Aiken
July 29, 2009

Ex-Dawson deputy receives 10-year sentence, fine

The Dahlonega Nugget
By Matt Aiken
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 12:05 PM EDT
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  1. Funny how allegations of incidents were made against Cannon, but illegal means were done by the ex, the judge and prosecutors to put Cannon in prison. So much that was not said, and so much illegally done to this guy. Read the records and statements given that contradict. Look at the venue... Cannon wasn't, and hadn't even been a resident of the jurisdiction in which the of fence was prosecuted. Crooked judge and no telling who else, but that was proven later when the governor had the judge resign after he pulled a gun in the courtroom. Why didn't that judge go to prison for aggrivated assault for all who was in the courtroom and not given an opportunity to resign. The system took a guy trying to reconcile his marriage and imprisoned him, and let the whole thing be done in the wrong venue. Have you had Cannon share with you of the guns put in his face as they threatened to kill him inside the Lumpkin Co jail if he didn't plea ? Or here that the judged threatened him openly in the court if he didn't plea ? I saw it and spoke with Cannon. You people have NO CLUE what all was illegally and wrongfully done to this officer and dad who loved his wife much and was a dedicated officer and former Marine Corps and war veteran. Oh and did you know the "justification" of the top issued against Cannon? Its court and public record, look it up for yourselves.... For " sending roses to his wife and 1 text message trying to reconcile the marriage", never a threat, never a violent act, never any act but to try and not lose his wife.... And he was sent to prison , lost everything for these simple facts, but no one's seen that, or the huge fact of the threats towards Cannon and the wrongful jurisdictional / venue of the whole case. Good cop-Crooked court Some things in life aren't what people are allowed to see. See if this makes it on the post of this web site.

    1. If you ever knew this guy personally you would be happy they threw the book at him. Haha


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