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Thursday, August 6, 2009

[OK] Hit in the face and chest, Mayor Shupert's wife Janice says he's an excellent man, very involved in his community

...The district attorney's office does not need the cooperation of the victim to press charges in domestic abuse cases, Assistant District Attorney John Pevehouse said... This is to protect victims of domestic abuse who are afraid to accuse their perpetrator...


By Jennifer Griswold
Published: August 6, 2009
[Excerpts] The Blanchard Police Department on Wednesday provided a copy of the police report from Mayor Greg Shupert's arrest. Police officials had refused to release a copy of the report since Shupert's arrest Saturday, saying it was still going through the approval process... Police were called to his home Saturday on a domestic violence call. Shupert's wife told a police officer that Shupert hit her in the face and chest, according to police reports. The couple's 11-year-old daughter was there during the fight, according to the police report... Shupert is due in McClain County Court at 9:30 a.m. Friday for arraignment. [Full article here]

The Norman Script
By Julianna Parker Jones
Published August 06, 2009 12:45 am
[Excerpts] The mayor who was arrested Saturday for domestic abuse said he regrets the incident, which had never happened before and will never happen again. "I've never in 28 years of marriage lifted a hand to my wife," Greg Shupert said. "It breaks my heart. I love her more than life itself." Shupert spent time Saturday in jail after being arrested for domestic abuse in the presence of a child. Shupert, who has been on the Blanchard City Council for 16 years, said he and his wife love each other and she didn't even want him to go to jail. Although he declined to go into details about the incident, he said his daughter called the police because she was afraid, but he did not fault her for the action. "My daughter did the right thing," he said. Shupert was charged with domestic abuse in the presence of a child. He will be arraigned in McClain County District Court 9:30 a.m. Friday. The district attorney's office does not need the cooperation of the victim to press charges in domestic abuse cases, Assistant District Attorney John Pevehouse said. "It's not a determining factor always," he said. Instead, Pevehouse and his staff can file a charge based on evidence such as witness testimonies and photographs. This is to protect victims of domestic abuse who are afraid to accuse their perpetrator, Pevehouse said... Shupert said this was the first time something like this happened. He has been married to Janice E. Shupert for 28 years and they have seven children. Shupert was ordered by a judge not to have any contact with his wife. He supplied her phone number to The Transcript, however, and she was able to be reached by The Transcript on the phone. Janice Shupert said she left town this weekend with her daughter to protect her from the media attention on the family. She said she and her husband could have moved forward from this incident if the media hadn't been so hard on them. "The incident that happened was isolated, very regrettable on both parts," she said. She said her husband is an "excellent man" who is very involved in his community. "When the incident happened I wasn't afraid of him," she said. "I'm not afraid of him now. There are issues that we had to work out, but I'm not afraid of him"... [Full article here]

By Michael Kimball
Published: August 2, 2009
[Excerpts] Police arrested Blanchard Mayor Gregory Lynn Shupert on Saturday on a domestic abuse complaint, McClain County jail records show. Details on the incident that spurred the arrest have not been released. Blanchard Police Chief Tom Linn, reached by phone this afternoon, declined to comment because the "(incident) report hasn't been approved." Blanchard police officers booked Shupert, 50, into the McClain County jail Saturday on a complaint of domestic abuse in the presence of a child, jail records show. A jail spokesman said Shupert was released on his own recognizance... [Full article here]

The Express-Star
Ellis Goodwin
August 04, 2009
[Excerpts] Blanchard Mayor Gregory Lynn Shupert was arrested Saturday for domestic abuse in the presence of a child... BLANCHARD POLICE CHIEF TOM LYNN COULD NOT CONFIRM OR DENY WHETHER ANY ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN TO PREVENT ANY FURTHER INCIDENTS, but he did say the department is taking all necessary measures to protect it’s citizens... [Full article here]
[public official domestic violence teflon? oklahoma recant]


  1. Before I begin,I feel that this story has been blown way out of proportion
    If Gregg would have went home and killed or critically injured her, this would be a different story but lets all face reality. This is a domestic dispute, not with murder or serious injury, but with a minor injury.
    But I know, we have a couple and a family here, who sincerely love each other very much, and now there's a case against the husband,.even though they've worked our their problems and all is well now..
    What is it about all of us that makes us want to judge a man after he's made a mistake? I mean a very good man. Greg is one of them. He has done more than all of us put together for this town and so many others. What he deserves is the metal of freedom, not prosecution!
    I only wish there were a lot more couples like them!
    They have adopted children plus their own. Both him and his wife have been outstanding parents to those kids. Over the past,I've spent countless hours around the family and I never saw the slightest indication of violence. I've went to the same church with the family.
    I've never met a man who's given as much, let alone more to help others than Greg Shupert has done. Greg is a volunteer firefighter for Blanchard and he also works with FEMA as a volunteer doing work in other states fighting floods,fires,helping redistribute supplys and often rebuilding {especially after katrina}. How many people do we see doing that? There are very few willing to do what he has done for various communities,especially as a volunteer! We're all vulnerable to mistakes, but it seems were not all so grateful when it comes to thanking a man like Greg for all his service. It's something we can no longer take for granted! And on the next emergency you can bet Greg will be one of the first one's to the scene! I believe anyone who knows this family will agree.

    Richard U

  2. Is that really what you meant to say?

  3. This incident is not isolated, a previous anonymous blogger has not seen or heard all or is a relative defending him. I do not want to see Mr. Shupert punished so he cannot salvage the pieces of his life but please stop with the excuses! Get Help!
    It is foolish to think this was not the first time, and if you believe so then you have been fooled. I do hope it is the last and Mayor Shupert will turn his life around.
    Remember the minor child did not call the authorities due to fear alone, Mrs. Shupert told the child to, if Mrs. Shupert was or is not afraid then why did she ask the child to call the authorities or defend herself by kicking Mr. Shupert, is she not afraid because she can kick the man down when and if needed? I'm sure Mayor Shupert loves his wife and I have known him as a very compassionate man who is worthy of a last chance (LAST) but make no mistake you are seeing a man that has been caught and back peddling and a woman that is trapped by love. Regarding his service to the community this Hollywood is filled with examples of those taking action to divert negative attention or to feel better or shadow the guilty consience.

  4. I feel that just because this incident didn't result in more serious injuries or death it doesn't make it right. These few "isolated incidents" are what lead up to more serious things. People are not just going to hold up a red flag and announce to the public they're having problems. You can't go based on what happens in the community or in church. Things could be completely different at home and nobody would ever know. Yes, I'm sure that the family is going through a very difficult time right now with the media. However, is it not better though to have this out in the open? People that love them (community, friends, and family) can work with this family and address the issues they're having to help them put this difficult time behind them instead of letting them endure it in silence where something more serious could have happened. Mistakes do come with consequences and things do get better. I think we should thank God we're not reading a completely different headline.

  5. Be purged, delivered from the idea that a little slapping around of the wife or husband is okay. It's not.

  6. Mayor Shupert once stated "the media is treating the story as if he was an axe murderer." That is so juvenille "Oh I only stold a car it's not like I beat my wife or anything." Ask any medical professional Mrs. Shupert could have died due to a hit in the chest and or head.
    Blown out of proportion?, let him hit you or yours in the face and see how blown out of proportion you feel! We as a society do judge people by their actions, this was a criminal act recognized by the Blanchard District Attorney!
    And think of how many serial killers were people no one would suspect? how many had worked within a church or seemed like a nice person that even a neighbor would not have suspected. Think or say what you will but there are people in Blanchard not at all surprised.

  7. [OK] "Regular Joe" Blanchard Mayor Greg Shupert "looked and acted remorseful" pleading INNOCENT (?) to bloodying wife Janice http://www.chickashanews.com/breakingnews/local_story_219135932.html/resources_printstory

  8. Not only have I recently lived with
    Shupert, but I have known him since we were in grade school.
    While living in his house I witnessesd spousal and child abuse. After catching his son wired on meth he went after his gun and swore he would kill him. Later he found a bag of weed that belonged to the same son. Who was a juvenile at the time and gave it back to him. Shupert drank heavy every day that I lived with him. Violence, drug abuse and alcohol abuse were common in the Shupert household. As a carpenter an ex employee almost died when Shupert refused to seek help, while experiencing seizures and vomiting on the job site. His explanation was "He must be on drugs" after two surgeries and three weeks in the hospital the man was released.

  9. I personally know Mr. Shupert and his wife. They are respectable business owners who deserve more respect than they are getting. Everyone has problems in their lives.


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