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Friday, August 14, 2009

[WV] Chief Deputy Gidley's wife & tactical baton

Interesting that the news does not reveal the accused Chief Deputy's first name [David], but gives the first name of the alleged victim.

The Inter-Mountain
By Alec Rader
August 13, 2009
[Excerpts] Tucker County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy D.E. Gidley has been placed on leave after being charged with misdemeanor assault and domestic battery charges... Gidley was released on a $600 personal recognizance bond. According to Sheriff Tom Felton, the charges were filed by West Virginia State Police following an incident that occurred on Aug. 4 while Gidley was on duty... The criminal complaint filed in the magistrate's office stated Gidley grabbed his estranged wife, Lynn Gidley, by the arm and chased her around her vehicle. He also was brandishing an "ASP baton" with which he hit the vehicle, according to Clay and the criminal complaint. Trooper 1st Class M.S. Wetzel and Sgt. K.L. Keplinger, who responded to the scene, observed marks on Lynn Gidley's left arm... "Dave appeared willingly and was very cooperative with the arresting officer and the magistrate and will be on leave until the disposition of the case," Felton said. "Chief Deputy Gidley, as with any defendant in a criminal case, is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty." [LINK]
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  1. Look out Elkins and Randolph Co Dave Gidley just got hired to be a police officer in you town. The story is his wife changed her story and he pleaded to no contest a misdmentor not a felony. Thats right he still gets to carry a gun

  2. I like how everybody seems to think they know everything about things from what they hear on the street or read in the paper. I'm related to the wife of Dave. I guess nobody knows that she knowingly admitted to the police that she lied about what happened that day. I guess nobody knows that one of the state police officers involved in the so called investigation was later found out to have been involved with her during this time. And I guess nobody knows that he took a plea to avoid her being arrested for lying in the first place. But its those kind of things that never gets mentioned. And besides he was never charged with a felony to begin with so even those who seem to think they know whats going on aren't as smart as they think.

  3. More than half of the victims on this blog end up saying they lied. They "recant" so the person they fear or depend on can keep his job - and it's not always what they really want to do.

    Just sayin'...

  4. I too know the couple involved and lets all get the story straight...WV police officer stump was found to be involved with lynn gidley. She rolled around on the mag office floor in front of 7 people saying I lied I lied . The arm she sratched when she fell..she did nothing for him to keep his job. SHe lied and continues to lie. SO why you bash a man who you would called in a heart beat to protect you in time of troubles. THe nurse that is giving you your medicine is the hospital has just finished screwing the doctor in the med room and hasnt even washed herself up!


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