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Friday, August 7, 2009

[WA] Seattle Police Officer Scott Moss trial for assaulting wife about to start

...A jury was being being picked Thursday and opening statements are scheduled to being on Monday morning... Moss is accused of assaulting [cutting] his wife inside their Sammamish-area home...

Previous post:
[WA] Seattle Officer Moss arrested again - this time for assaulting, cutting wife - ...He is accused of assaulting his wife... Moss' wife told them Moss had held her wrists during an argument and cut her hand with a kitchen knife...

Seattle Times
Posted by Jennifer Sullivan
August 7, 2009 at 9:00 AM
[Excerpts] Seattle police officer Scott Moss, who is accused of cutting his wife during a fight earlier this year, is on trial in King County Superior Court for second-degree assault with a deadly weapon. Moss is on administrative leave from the department. He is a 15 year veteran, who was once a department media relations officer. A jury was being being picked Thursday and opening statements are scheduled to being on Monday morning... Moss is accused of assaulting his wife inside their Sammamish-area home on March 21 after she confronted him over an affair he was purportedly having with another woman... The woman told deputies she feared he would get a handgun from his car, according to the documents. The couple have four children and have been married for 14 years... When King County sheriff's deputies drove Moss to a nearby police station, Moss was reported saying, "My career is over," and "All I did was move her out of the way," according to the probable-cause statement... [Full article here]

Excerpts from articles since the last posting:

Seattle Times
April 7, 2009
A Seattle police officer pleaded not guilty today to a second-degree assault charge stemming from an alleged domestic-violence incident at his Sammamish-area hom... [Full article here]


Seattle Times
By Sharon Pian Chan and Steve Miletich
March 25, 2009
A Seattle police officer was charged today with second-degree assault in connection with an alleged domestic-violence incident involving his wife. Scott Moss, a 15-year veteran, was arrested early Saturday by the King County Sheriff's Office, Seattle police said. He is out of custody on $10,000 bail.., He also has been placed on paid administrative leave by the Seattle Police Department. His gun and badge have been taken from him... When sheriff's deputies arrived, Moss denied any physical contact with his wife... The deputies also reported in the statement that he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol... [Full article here]

BACK IN 2005:


Seattle Times
By Sara Jean Green
Saturday, April 30, 2005
A Seattle Police Department spokesman has been temporarily reassigned after he was arrested by a state trooper earlier this month on suspicion of drinking and driving near Bremerton... [Officer Scott] Moss' personal car was impounded, and he was taken to a local police station for a blood-alcohol test... Moss was later taken to a nearby residence and was released with a driving-under-the-influence (DUI) citation... Moss "is still working as an officer but has been temporarily assigned" to another unit... [Full article here]
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  1. I'm so relieved no one is dead.

  2. Please print the conclusion of this story...you know, the one where the jury found him not guilty, it came out that his unfortunate wife has been suffering from mental health issues for over a decade, and the officer has been exonerated from any wrongdoing.

  3. I did. Use the little search box at the top of the blog. I posted it on August 18.

    "Exonerated", cleared, acquitted - ON THIS BLOG - does NOT mean that it didn't happen. It's the way the majority of officer-involved domestic violence cases are resolved - or they are erased, expunged, disappear without ever being charged., or never reported at all.

    ON THE OTHER HAND - I have corresponded with some "victims" through this blog that I AM AFRAID OF MYSELF. That's true. Not many - but some. Whether they were that way before or became that way through chronic abuse I can't say.

    On this blog are also officers who are abused - for real, even killed at home. So I am not saying that Officer Moss is guilty... I'm just saying that when folks are cleared it doesn't say anything for sure.

    I doubt that there is a higher rate for victims recanting, saying nothing happened or taking the blame for their own abuse anywhere else.


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