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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

[MI] Unnamed Ottawa County Sheriff's Deputy won't be charged for domestic violence

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[MI] Unnamed probationary Ottawa County Sheriff's Deputy fired after domestic violence complaint


Prosecutor cites conflicting claims of domestic violence complaints
The Holland Sentinel
By Megan Schmidt
Posted Aug 04, 2009 @ 04:03 AM-
A part-time Ottawa County deputy who was fired following a domestic violence complaint last month will not face criminal charges for the incident, a county prosecutor said Monday. The deputy, who has not been named, was fired after the July 19 incident involving his former girlfriend. The Ottawa County Prosecutor's Office has no plans to charge the deputy in the matter, "unless additional information comes in to the police," Prosecutor Ron Frantz said Monday. Both the police report and additional interviews conducted by the prosecutor's office showed conflicting stories surrounding the incident, Frantz said. "Each claims they were assaulted by the other," he said... [Full article here]
[Michigan law enforcement police officer involved domestic violence teflon]

1 comment:

  1. http://www.hollandsentinel.com/news/x154263126/No-charges-brought-against-part-time-deputy

    ...It's unfortunate that this happened. The officer in question is someone I know quite well and although I wasn't there, I truly believe he did not assault his ex girlfriend. I can understand Ottawa County's position in firing someone on probation but at the same time, it's frustrating to know he got fired for something he didn't do. I guess I wonder...would the County have considered keeping him if he HAD been there a year?...

    ...Sounds like Rosema didn't like him....or had someone he liked that needed a job.....fire one, hire one. Selective Justice...

    ...No charges brought against an Officer? Imagine that!!!!... Everyone in prison claims innocents too! I am glad to know he lost his job. To bad there were no charges brought against him!!!...

    ...kemchica82m, nobody thought Ken DeKleine did, either...


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