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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[OK] Tulsa Police Officer Montgomery accused of gun to wife's face, assaulting her, and preventing her 911 call

...During the argument, Ronald Montgomery is accused of assaulting his wife, pointing his loaded service pistol at her face and stating, "You want to play games now, well, we will play games," the affidavit states. Stacy Montgomery said her 1-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter witnessed the assault. She also said her husband took her cell phone away from her twice, preventing her from calling 911...

The charges stem from allegations that he assaulted her at their Bixby home.

Tulsa World
By Nicole Marshall

A Tulsa police officer was arrested Tuesday on charges accusing him of domestic assault and battery, pointing a weapon at his wife and interfering with an emergency telephone call.

Officer Ronald E. Montgomery Jr., 31, has been placed on leave without pay pending the outcome of the criminal charges, Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley said.

The charges stem from allegations that he assaulted his wife at their home in Bixby, records show.

Montgomery is a former Bixby police officer, records show. He graduated from the Tulsa Police Academy in February 2008, Ashley said.

The criminal investigation revealed that Bixby police were dispatched to Montgomery's house at 12:19 a.m. July 29.

Montgomery's wife, Stacy Montgomery, told officers that he had pulled her out of her vehicle by her wrist when she arrived home from work, according to an affidavit written by Bixby police. An argument began outside and continued inside the residence.

During the argument, Ronald Montgomery is accused of assaulting his wife, pointing his loaded service pistol at her face and stating, "You want to play games now, well, we will play games," the affidavit states.

Stacy Montgomery said her 1-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter witnessed the assault.

She also said her husband took her cell phone away from her twice, preventing her from calling 911.

Ronald Montgomery told the responding officers that the argument had been only verbal and that he had not touched his
wife. He said he did grab his gun to secure it in another room because she had said she was going to kill him, the affidavit states.

Bixby police indicated in the affidavit that no signs of physical injury were visible at that time and that Stacy Montgomery did not wish to make a citizen's arrest.

Ronald Montgomery left the residence to stay with his father, the document states.

About noon that day, a Bixby police officer returned to the residence to talk to Stacy Montgomery. He saw slight swelling on her wrist and a bruise on her bicep.

She told police that she did not want her husband to be arrested and that she would get a protective order the next day, the report states.

Later that day, she went to Hillcrest Medical Center because she was not able to move her arm, the affidavit states.

Two Tulsa police officers who were called to the hospital saw severe bruising on her right bicep and bruising and major swelling to her right wrist area, according to the document.

The Tulsa officers took a report and took pictures of the injuries. The report and pictures were forwarded to Bixby police.

Bixby police determined that the injuries were more severe than they had seemed several hours earlier and that they matched Stacy Montgomery's statements about what had happened.

When she was released from the hospital, she obtained a protective order on behalf of herself and her two children.

After their investigation, Bixby police forwarded the case to prosecutors, and three misdemeanor counts were filed against Ronald Montgomery on Monday.

He was arrested Tuesday morning and booked into the Tulsa Jail, with bail set at $11,500.

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  2. If your a Male, and police are called...... your screwed. His wife is sorry for taking this type of action. The man lost his family, Job... I hope he gets out of it. Police officers have stress, are paid nothing, and protect our communities. Give the guy a break.

    1. You're a fucking idiot! It's because of people like you that domestic violence gets swept under the rug. Allowing the abuse to continue and or worse it end in death. A good friend of mine was shot and killed along with her 5 yr old son and 2 yr old son ending in him killing himself after shooting the three. She called the police many times the couple weeks leading up to the deaths. Reporting her exs stalking of her and her two boys. They just swept it under the rug each time thinking it was just a typical domestic squabble. Disregarding her fear for her and her son's safety. Leading to the end result of 4 deaths that could have been stopped. If they would have taken it seriously. You hope he gets out of it?? Are you fing kidding me??? What about the child that is now mentally scarred for life? As a boy he's gonna grow up thinking that's how you treat women and as a girl she will grow up thinking it's ok to be treated that way. If that kind of man is what is behind our lae enforcement to protect and serve then God help us. God help us already due to the fact that we have ignorant people such as yourself wandering our streets. Dumb!!!

  3. If you are male they should let it slide? If you are a cop they should let it slide? I have stress. Cop's spouses have stress. Lot's of people are not paid what they are worth, but officers are ENTRUSTED to upHOLD the law. It's not like if you work at a food place you get free lunches. You can't work at a law enforcement agency and get free passes to break the law.

    Let me correct myself. It has been that way for too long in too many places and it has to stop.

  4. "If your a male, and police are called....."
    This is the kind of ignorance that is commonly displayed in a situation where an officer is involved. People need to get a grip. Officers are human beings first. They know the pay going into the job. They are made aware of the stress levels they will face in their careers. EVERY department has mental health services available to them to deal with stress, family issues, financial issues, etc. They are encouraged to seek help at ANY time. This guy crossed the line. He made a choice and he must be held accountable. The same would apply to the wife if the roles were reversed.
    So we heard about this incident. Imagine how many occurred to lead up to this final blow. Good thing everyone lived. Sad thing is that he will most likely walk. Yes, a family may have been destroyed. That happened when he pointed his gun and put his hands on her, especially in the presence of those poor children.

  5. Can't believe the local news media even mentioned this story. I'm shocked. Here's more...


  6. Here is a funny story, this couple is back together.

  7. That's the way life goes sometimes.


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