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Thursday, August 13, 2009

[NE] Fearful Deputy Harrah's domestic violence arrest was "a very delicate and difficult situation."

[Sarpy County Sheriff's Deputy Dana Hannah's husband, La Vista Police officer Wesley Harrah] locked their two sons in the truck for about 15 to 20 minutes and refused to let her get them. When she tried to get out of the house to reach the children, he struck her with his elbow, hitting the right side of her jaw area and right shoulder area. He blocked her from the door so she couldn't get out.
.. She hid Wesley's gun because, “I was in fear for my life and my children's lives"... "It’s a deal-breaker for your career if you're convicted. So this is a very delicate and difficult situation," said Bellevue Police Chief John Stacey...

Aug 10, 2009
Authorities say a Sarpy County sheriff's deputy has been arrested and accused of beating her husband. Thirty-year-old Dana Harrah was arrested Sunday on suspicion of domestic violence, third-degree assault and interfering with a public service device. Bellevue and Sarpy County authorities were called to her home on a domestic violence call around 6:45 p.m. Harrah was jailed in nearby Cass County, which routinely holds inmates for Sarpy County. A jail official said she posted $1,000 bond Monday and was released... [Full article here]

Dana Harrah Former Crime Stoppers Officer Of The Year
August 10, 2009
A Sarpy County deputy has been arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault charges in the beating of her husband. Dana Harrah, 30, was booked Sunday night into Cass County Jail. Two years ago, Harrah was named a Sarpy County Crime Stoppers officer of the year... If convicted of the misdemeanors, Harrah would have her gun taken away, which would result in her losing her job. "It’s a deal-breaker for your career if you're convicted. So this is a very delicate and difficult situation," said Bellevue Police Chief John Stacey. [Full article here]


Married law officers exchange blows
Omaha World-Herald.
By Leia Baez-Mendoza
AUGUST 18, 2009

They took a vow to have and hold, not beat and scold.

But each half of a married law enforcement duo is accusing the other of breaking the law during unruly domestic disputes.

Both are on paid suspension while their claims are investigated, and one has filed for divorce. Each has requested a protection order against the other.

The tumultuous nature of their relationship first became public during a physical altercation at a police organization holiday party last year.

Sarpy County Deputy Dana M. Harrah was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after the most recent dispute last week. Wesley Harrah, a La Vista Police officer, is under investigation for what his wife says were illegal tapes he made of her conversations with a friend.

Because of Dana Harrah's position in the Sheriff's Office, the case against her and the investigation of her husband have been reassigned to a judge outside of Sarpy County. They're scheduled to be in court next week.

The Harrahs' newly built two-story home sits in a peaceful Papillion development called Summit Ridge. In court documents, though, the Harrahs describe a less than peaceful atmosphere inside the home, where they live with two young sons.

The only detail the Harrahs agreed on in documents filed this week is that the most recent dispute began Aug. 9 with talk of a divorce.

She declined to comment when reached by phone last week.

He could not be reached.

According to their accounts filed last week:

Wesley: Dana told him she no longer was in love with him and instead was in love with another woman. He asked her to leave their home.

Dana: The mention of divorce made Wesley “very outraged and verbally abusive.”

Wesley: He agreed to leave the house with their two sons, and put them in his pickup while he went back for clothes, his police uniform and gun, since he was scheduled to work the next day.

Dana: Wesley locked their two sons in the truck for about 15 to 20 minutes and refused to let her get them. When she tried to get out of the house to reach the children, he struck her with his elbow, hitting the right side of her jaw area and right shoulder area. He blocked her from the door so she couldn't get out.

Wesley: He asked Dana several times where his gun was, but she refused to tell him. As he opened the front glass door to leave, she pushed him against the door jam, bruising and scraping him. He went into the kitchen and called 911, but she pulled out the phone cord, disconnecting the call. A 911 operator called back, and he asked for help.

Dana: She hid Wesley's gun because, “I was in fear for my life and my children's lives.” Two days earlier, he had confronted her about a phone conversation she had with a friend. He told her that he secretly placed a tape recorder in the van and in their bedroom. During their argument, he punched a hole through the door, causing his hand to bleed. He was verbally abusive, calling her names. She eventually left the house, fearing for her safety because he refused to give her his gun.

Wesley: He caught Dana sending inappropriate picture and text messages to a woman, and he confronted her about it at the Sarpy County police organization holiday party in January. She became angry, and he told her he was leaving the party. She pushed him hard from behind.Dana: In February, Wesley became enraged after printing her cell phone bill from the Internet and confronting her about certain calls. He threw remotes and punched walls.

On Aug. 10, Wesley Harrah filed for divorce, a little more than three years after he and Dana were married.

No charges have been filed against either of them. District Judge Randall Rehmeier, who handles cases in Otoe and Cass Counties, will assign the case to an attorney to decide whether to file charges.

Contact the writer:

444-1336, leia.mendoza@owh.com
[police officer involved domestic violence law enforcement nebraska female deputy]



    ...If you look at the story, the Deputy's picture is attached to this story. The law enforcement agencies is Sarpy County and it's cities are doing a wonderful job and all except for the County Sheriff are participating in the investigation to ensure propriety. The thin Blue Line as you put it is not in affect here. Have faith or run for office yourself.

    ...Having a "bird's eye view" of the situation when it went down, there were enouph officers from all the different departments to ensure that this investigation wouldn't get botched and the scene was secured immediately. Good job guys! I have faith in this one, no chance of a cover up here or favoritism.

    ...Every single one of you people has no idea what happened or what went down in the house....yes we all have a right to voice our opinion.....but i agree with the guy who said that cops are humans and all make the same mistakes that we do. Let me ask you a question if this was you and the article was the subject of your life would you like someone to be sitting behind the computer picking you apart and making allegations...

    ...Please remember that in addition to being a deputy sheriff, Dana Harrah is a mother and a wife. I also believe that her husband is either a current or past Cass County sheriff. Given that, I feel bad that this is where she was taken. That hardly seems fair. Maybe Douglas County or Omaha would have been a better choice. Either way, I hope this family gets help for their problems.

    ...When you work in any position in the criminal justice system you are held to a higher ethical standard. As a law enforcement officer she has a duty to follow the code of conduct set forth by leadership in her department and agency-she has a professional responsibility...

    ...Her husband is no longer a deputy in cass county. I hope if this is true she is given the same sentence that anyone else would. He is more of a man then most because she is still alive and walking. I would have a hard time allowing someone to abuse me and not fight back...

    ...Sarpy willinginly passed this case to outside agenices to conduct fair/impartial and professional investigations. Just because an LEO is involved doesn't mean the TRUTH won't be disclosed, BUT Let's Not Burn her at the stake either. Sarpy County Sheriffs office, Papillion PD, Bellevue PD and NSP are true consumate professionals who deserve the chance to do their jobs w/o being second guessed....

    ...I just bet there is two sides to this story don't be so hasty to form a opinion about her....

  2. I have many questions, if he is in fact the victim of domestic violence, then why is he refusing to go in for an interview, why does he refuse to take a polygraph, why is his attorney fighting the subpeona of medical records from a previous night to prove he was treated days before for his self inflicted injuries. WOW, is he really the victim or just setting up his wife because she wanted a divorce. You tell me.

  3. December 18, 2009
    [NE] Update on cop-on-cop domestic charges against the Harrahs
    Special prosecutor Don Schense filed charges in September against Sarpy County Sheriff's Deputy Dana Harrah and her husband, La Vista Police Officer Wesley Harrah. Wesley is also under investigation for allegedly taping conversations between his wife and a friend... Two of the three charges against a Sarpy County Sheriff's deputy were dismissed in a plea deal Wednesday morning. The charges were related to an August disturbance with her husband, a former La Vista Police Officer. Dana M. Harrah was found guilty of disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor.

    By Leia Mendoza
    March 25, 2010

    A Sarpy County sheriff's deputy will serve probation for a disturbance with her husband, a former La Vista police officer.

    Sarpy County Court Judge Robert Wester sentenced Dana M. Harrah to six months probation Thursday morning.

    In a plea deal in December, Harrah pleaded no contest and was convicted of disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor. Dropped were misdemeanor charges of third-degree domestic assault and interfering with a public service.

    The charges against were related to an Aug. 9 disturbance involving her husband, Wesley Harrah.

    Special prosecutor Don Schense filed charges against both Harrahs in connection with the disturbance at their Papillion home.

    Wesley Harrah was charged with disturbing the peace. That case was dismissed. Schense said he considered the facts of the case and that Wesley Harrah attended with parenting classes and anger-management classes.

    The Harrahs have dropped earlier requests for protection orders against each other. He has filed for divorce.

    Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis said Dana Harrah has been back at work for several months.

    "She complied with our internal affairs investigation. I have every reason to believe she’ll comply with the courts," he said.

    Harrah is no longer a La Vista Police officer.

    Contact the writer: Leia Mendoza leia.mendoza@owh.com | 402-444-3196


  5. I'm thankful she hid the gun and did her best to protect the children.

  6. There is a lot more to the story that never came out.


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