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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

[WV] Roxanna Lewis allegedly t-bones her police officer husband's truck. He had 6 week old baby with him.

...Both [Elkins Police Officer] Willard Lewis and a six week old child that had been traveling with him were taken to Davis Memorial Hospital and treated for their injuries. Roxanna was life-flighted to Ruby Memorial Hospital...

Accident, or a domestic situation not fully told?

The Inter-Mountain
By Carra Higgins
POSTED: August 5, 2009
An Elkins City Police officer was injured Tuesday evening when his wife apparently struck the side of his vehicle with her car near Rich Mountain, according to Randolph County Chief Deputy Mark Brady. Willard Lewis was driving a 1994 F-150 pickup truck while turning onto U.S. 33 west from Route 31 when his vehicle was struck from the side. His wife, Roxanna Lewis, the driver of a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt was in a parking area and pulled out and hit Willard Lewis' truck. A 6-week-old child was with Willard Lewis in the vehicle and both were transported to Davis Memorial Hospital by Randolph County EMS. Willard Lewis and the child were treated and released, Brady said. Roxanna Lewis was taken by HealthNet to a Morgantown hospital. Brady did not know Roxanna Lewis' condition this morning. The incident is still under investigation by the Randolph County Sheriff's Department. Charges are pending, but no citations have been issued. [LINK]

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
An Elkins City Police Officer and two others were injured in a two car collision Tuesday evening. The accident took place near the just off Route 33. Willard Lewis was turning onto the road when he was struck in the side by his wife, Roxanna Lewis. Both Willard Lewis and a six week old child that had been traveling with him were taken to Davis Memorial Hospital and treated for their injuries. Roxanna was life-flighted to Ruby Memorial Hospital. The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department is handling the investigation. Charges are pending. [LINK]
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  1. http://www.theintermountain.com/page/content.detail/id/567276/Woman-charged-with-burglary.html?nav=5014

  2. Woman charged with burglary
    January 3, 2014
    By Chad Clem
    The Inter-Mountain

    ELKINS - A Randolph County woman was arrested on a burglary charge this week, according to West Virginia State Police officials.

    Roxana Lee Lewis, 27, of Harman, was arrested Monday on one count of burglary, a felony, and one count of domestic battery, a misdemeanor.

    Police received a complaint from her ex-husband, Willard Lewis, who told officers on Monday that Roxana Lewis "had forced her way into his residence" on Goff Street, according to the official criminal complaint.

    Police were met by Willard Lewis when they arrived on the scene around 10:43 p.m. and told that Roxana Lewis was located upstairs in the bathroom, according to the complaint.

    In a police statement, Willard Lewis said that she arrived at his residence with their son and daughter to retrieve groceries that had been left there when the son had been there last. He said he gave his son the groceries and Roxana Lewis came to the door, telling Willard Lewis that she was there to retrieve a monkey toy one of the kids had received for Christmas.

    He said he got the monkey toy and returned downstairs to tell Roxana Lewis that she needed to leave, according to the criminal complaint. She refused and then allegedly forced her way into the residence, where she "proceeded to (his) bedroom, laid on his bed and refused to leave once again," the complaint reads.

    Willard Lewis said he called the police and went downstairs. He told police that was when Roxana Lewis attacked him, "striking him in the head and face multiple times," according to the complaint.

    He told police that he recorded the incident with his cell phone. Police inteviewed the son, who told police that "mommy hit daddy and daddy didn't hit mommy," according to the criminal complaint. The daughter told the police the same information, the complaint states.

    Roxana Lewis was arraigned by Magistrate Rob Elbon, who set bond at $25,000 cash or surety.

    Contact Chad Clem by email at cclem@theintermoutnain.com.


  3. She needs help.... https://mobile.twitter.com/ibaroxie. ...

  4. If looked into all charges against Mrs. Lewis were dropped and Mr. Lewis was charged with aggravated harassement and stripped of his badge. He continues to use his legal connections to emotional torture his ex-wife who DIVORCED him. Props to her for not letting him hurt her any longer. As for the so called Burgulary charge...well that was because he was begging her to take him back and using her kids to try to hurt her. She told him if she caught him.cheating she'd punch him in the face. She caught him cheating, walked up to the door and when he answered punched him in the face! I've seen first hand what this man does to her. She has been put through hell and for someone to try and bash her that doesnt know the situation at all is pretty petty...Maybe you should ask his current girlfriend what he has already done to her.

  5. Someone sent an odd looking link that I suspect is a true link but too unusual to risk sharing - so if you are the one who sent it and it has to do with an arrest (as is indicated by the link itself) please explain the info. Thank you.


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