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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[AZ] Ex-Nogales Officer Durazo got 63 years for 2 counts of attempted 1st degree murder

Ex-officers are no longer their former department's problem, but for the victim(s) the danger doesn't just go away.

Earlier this month:

Durazo gets 63 years in prison for shooting ex-wife
By Manuel Coppola & Julia Bishop
September 5, 2008
[Excerpts] Jesus Durazo, 55, was sentenced Thursday to 63 years for trying to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Judge Pro-Tempore Kimberly Corsaro, of the Superior Court of Arizona for Santa Cruz County, handed Durazo three consecutive 21-year sentences on two counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of drive-by shooting, court officials said. Corsaro also gave Durazo, a former lawman, two three-year sentences on two counts of endangerment, but those are to run concurrently with the drive-by charge. She also gave him credit for 781 days already served in jail, according to court officials... The case stemmed from an incident on July 2, 2006, when Durazo drove to his ex-wife's home on the 1400 block of Fairway Drive in Nogales. The woman, [M.S.], had left her house to get into her boyfriend's car when she saw Durazo drive by in a black Mercedes-Benz. The boyfriend, [T.B.], had backed into the woman's driveway and was waiting for [M.S.] as the two were to spend the afternoon together... Durazo made a U-turn, came back, and parked his car across the drive so that he was blocking the couple from leaving. He then began shooting at the couple. Both victims sustained bullet wounds. [T.B.] eventually was able to drive away. The couple then drove toward Grand Avenue to seek medical attention. Durazo drove up behind them, pulled to the side of [T.B.]'s Chevrolet Impala and continued to shoot at the couple. When examined, [T.B.]'s car had 11 bullet holes in it. One had made it directly into the passenger-side headrest where [M.S.] had been before she hit the car floorboard after being shot. During the attack, Durazo used a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun. He did not stop shooting until [T.B.] used his car to hit the front of Durazo's vehicle... In a similar incident, according to Department of Public Safety officials, Durazo was arrested on May 6, 1995, and charged with attempted homicide for firing gunshots at a vehicle occupied by [M.S.], her mother, their two children and a babysitter. On July 31, 1995, Durazo was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault for the shooting. He received a sentence of seven years at the Arizona Department of Corrections. [Full article cached on Google here]

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