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Saturday, September 20, 2008

[NC] Sgt. Berendsen on admin duty for dv assault that happened 1.5 months ago

Charges put Durham cop on desk duty
News & Observer, NC
Sep 20, 2008
The Durham Police Department recently placed one of its sergeants on administrative duty after a domestic dispute resulted last month in assault charges. Sgt. M.D. Berendsen was charged with assault on a female on Aug. 4 after Cary police were called to a disturbance. Durham police spokeswoman Kammie Michael said in an e-mail message Friday that Berendsen remains on administrative duty with pay. According to Cary Police Capt. Mike Williams, on Aug. 4 officers investigated a reported argument at 115 Whitlock Drive in Cary between the officer and a woman described as his former fiancee. After officers determined that an assault had occurred, Williams said, Berendsen showed up at the Cary Police Department later that day to receive a criminal summons for the misdemeanor charge. His court date is Sept. 29.
Michael Berendsen has his Durham County Fraternal Order of Police - Lodge 2, his pd, he gets to pick up a summons rather than be arrested, and is still drawing a check so things could be going worse for him (eh?), but I'm wondering if his ex-fiancee has services, support, and if she needs it, protection.
I hope so.

I hope it all works out in whatever way is right.

10/1/2008 UPDATE:
In the comments section here Sgt. Berendsen says he tossed a piece of paper over his shoulder that cut her in the lip, that she was not hit or anything of that nature.


  1. I am the officer involved and what the artical fails to mention is that after finding my fiance was involved with another man I flicked a check, yes i said a check, as in a personal check she had written me, over my shoulder as i was leaving the house and it struck her in the lip causing a paper cut. I guess I should be a professional paper football player. Oh by the way i plead not guilty and was found not guilty by a judge. Also, I would like to ad that I have never raised my hand in anger to a woman even in this incident that involved an affair by my fiance. If the reporter had reported all the facts he or she should have seen that the story was not the arrest but in the facts involving the arrest. maybe u should ask yourself how u would have reacted if found in the same situation

  2. I added an update to the entry.

    I have gone through a major break up that included infidelity and temporarily crumbled.

    I post a lot of these stories feeling bad for the people involved.

  3. While you are looking in I should ask, why was there a month and a half delay?

  4. I suspect if was pushed by another officer in the area whose arrest for DV was made public. Whoever did it was very persistant and called every news agency in the area for a few days until it was published.

  5. Thanks. I see the other officer that you are probably referring to here on the blog too. When we don't know all we are left with is guessing. I guess all the time and sometimes really have to hold myself in-check. I see so much of the same things over and over that I have to remember that each situation is unique, and probably 95% of my guessing is in vain.


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