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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[FL] Website for Sgt. Lumarque

Sgt. Raymond Richard Lumarque's frightening domestic charges last year include attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual battery, battery, burglary with assault and interception of electronic communication. I ran into this website this morning:

Previous entry:
[FL] How did Sgt. Lumarque get ahold of ex-wife's text messages? - ...''Someone has to die for this,'' he told her, putting on the black gloves...

From Lumarque's website:

"...Following a disagreement with his Ex-Wife, Richard was accused on several allegations. On July 19 he has been arrested and suspended without pay. Unfortunately, he has been wrongly accused and we are asking for the help of Richard’s friends, colleagues and community in order to clear his name and prove his innocence... If you wish to contact Richard, feel free to do so at..."

...In this hour without you in my arms, I think of how unjustly you were taken from me... Remember all those times you wanted to call and they stopped you, Remember how they misled you, making some judge responsible. Remember, they are responsible. Remember your father’s name is RICHARD. NOT John, NOT Jaime, NOT Chris. REMEMBER it’s RICHARD. Your ONE and ONLY FATHER.

Last year's news video:
[FL] Miami-Dade Sgt Lumarque - DV attempted murder


  1. sick! really, really sick!

  2. To the anonymous person who wrote the "sick" comment, I would like to share 3 things with you to think about. You can find them in the book of proverbs:
    12-4: "A good wife is her husband's pride and joy; but a wife who brings shame on her husband is like a cancer in his bone."
    18-17: "the first person to speak in court always seems right until his opponent begins to question him."
    19-5: " if you tell lies in court, you will be punished-there will be no escape."

    May you go with the grace of God and make sure you know the facts before passing judgement.

  3. I have known Richard since we worked together for an NGO after the Haiti earthquake. Richard gave, in many cases, more of himself than he really had to give. He would work himself past the point of exhaustion and then spend hours in conference calls and after a few brief hours (or even minutes) of sleep, get up and do it all over again.

    I find it very difficult to believe that Richard is capable of these things; he is a passionate person, but the RIchard I know is gentle, kind and forgiving. I have no doubt that he will be exonerated of these charges.


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