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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[FL] Awaiting the words that make Pam Brady somebody too

Corrected: Florida Department of Law Enforcement Attorney Steven Brady and his wife Pamela Palmer Brady - a 2nd grade teacher at Lake Mary's Crystal Lake Elementary School were found dead in their home. The autopsy for Stephen Brady showed that he did commit suicide, but it will take more time to determine Pam's death. Double-suicide is suspected. There has been a lot printed about the many accomplishments of Steven and far too little about Pam. I would like to hear more about her also.
I'm praying for friends and family of both, and for the children in one particular second grade classroom.


  1. This is Pam's nephew...she will be deeply missed she was one of the greatest inspirations to my life.

  2. I did not personally know her but my sister works with her at Crystal Lake and spent a good part of Monday night crying and distaught. I am saddened by what I have read and know that the people in her life truley loved her and respected her. She will be missed.

  3. We met Mrs. Brady at meet the teacher day at Crystal Lake back in August. She seemed like a nice person. A few weeks ago my wife and I found out that due to budget cuts she was buying supplies (for her students) with her own money. In addition to buying her own paper, Mrs. Brady then made copies for the students homework and tests using copy machine at Publix Supermarket on her own time...I believe those actions speak louder than any words I could use to describe her...Heavens just received one outstanding teacher...our loss.


  4. Just shows how under-appreciated teachers are. My heart goes out to all family members.

  5. I don't appreciate you (the article's author) to presume murder-suicide. It is hurtful and painful enough for my family to try to deal with this double blow of losing two people we loved and who had been devoted to each other for decades, than to also have to read someone's silly posting that it was a murder-suicide when there was no sign of trauma, nor any proof for you to make such an accusation. There was never any violence or even sadness in their relationship that either of them showed. Yes, it is quite a shock that he had an affair, but please don't go posting that he abused her and she should be getting more credit! It's more likely that she was drinking and took pain pills of some sort and he found her, rather than him abusing her, let alone murdering her! You posted your mean and hurtful accusations just after they found their bodies with no proof at all! JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU HAVE SOME JUSTIFIED CAUSE!! You causing more pain to US for yourself and your stupid blog is not justified at all!

  6. Before she moved to Lake Mary, she used to teach in Apopka at Bear Lake Elementary. I had her for 3rd grade, and she was the one who broke me out of my shell. Im really going to miss her. :(

  7. After getting your comment I was surprised when I checked that I was so presumptuous as to use the word "likely" when I didn't know. You are right, I apologize and will fix this by tonight.

  8. ALSO - I always have to question myself. I see so many murders, but that does not mean that people don't commit suicide. I thought a lot about Pam after posting this and it's so possible that she was very sad, and just as possible as anything else that it happened just the way you say it may have.

    I have to run right now, and am feeling maybe I should delete it completely. I do want to leave this long enough for your to find this reply.

    So write back, I'll delete it, and if I repost it in any form it won't be so reactive as I felt when I first heard the news. It will only be the facts.

    I really am sorry, and rereading what I wrote that day I'm surprised now that someone didn't tell me off sooner.

  9. My family and I were very close to Pam and Steve. I don't know why I keep looking for more answers on different blogs/news articles. I felt like we knew them so well and became so confused after this happened. We are so saddened for Pam's family and her nephews. I have seen that Pam's nephew's have posted some comments and I wanted to reach out to them. My parents were very close to Pam and Steve and they were like a part of our family. The affair was a shock but this ending was just devastating. They had a nice life and people who did not know them missed out on some great people- they have changed my family's lives forever. To the author-I understand people are wanting to make assumptions about them b/c of what you hear and see in the newspapers but I can tell you that what has been reported --was not them, they were wonderful people and loved each other very much. From what we know he was not abusive, he was high strung and I'm sure felt like his life had spun out of control but we do not believe he would hurt her--there were not indications that Pam was hurt by him. Pam was a wonderful wife, friend, teacher, daughter, aunt..Thank you for apologizing b/c the more people "assume" what happened to them, the more the people who really knew them will speak up and defend them. We loved them and will miss them!

  10. Instead of deleting it - I changed it.

  11. I'am Steve's cousin.My entire family loved Pam too. We are devistated by the loss of the awesome couple. I wish I knew her family so we could tell them how much we loved her & how sad we all are that this happened. Steve made a terrible mistake. Believe me he knew it too. I wish I could stop thinking about it all. My heart is just broken. I feel lucky to have had them for my cousin's as long as I did. Janelle McKinley..Ft. Myers

  12. As one of Pam's closeset friends on this planet, i feel that as the year comes to a close, and she is not physically with me, she is definitely with me evey day in some way. i feel her presence all the time and only wish , as Mitch Ablum wrote "if i had just one more day we would go crabbing and walking and bicycle riding and all the sorts of things we loved to do together.
    And Pammy, you are not alone cause i am right here as i say hello to you every morning as i look to the clouds.
    Pam Brady is the type of person that everyone should be so lucky to have come into their lives. It only happens once in a lifetime.


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