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Friday, September 19, 2008

[WV] Embracing the recant of Bethany - Mayor Felinton won't be charged

As if no one has a clue why the victims of powerful people end up saying nothing happened, everyone is quick to believe Bethany when she says now that

nothing happened.

Tells She Had Emotional Moment; Councilman Asks Media Respect Family Privacy and Pray

HNN Huntingtonnews.net
By Tony Rutherford
Sept. 16, 2008
Stating that Mayor David Felinton has never given her reason to fear him, Bethany Felinton told a WSAZ reporter that the 911 call was an emotion of the moment. Although various media have attempted to obtain a tape of the 911 call, Huntington Police Chief Skip Holbrook has stated it is part of a continuing investigation. However, the station obtained the tape from another source. On the tape, Mrs. Felinton alleges the “mayor has lost his mind” and “tried to slam my head against a brick wall.” Still, during the interview on camera, Mrs. Felinton called the Mayor a gentle man and stated what she told 911 was not factual and came during an “emotional moment.” A social worker, Bethany has just started a new job. That and the stress of caring for her mother . two children, and the campaign apparently triggered the disturbance at the mayor’s home early Sunday morning , Sept. 14, 2008... “Upon learning of the 911 call placed from the residence of Mayor David Felinton and his wife Bethany, I am not surprised to learn this was an impulse call made during a misunderstanding between spouses who are understandably under a lot of stress. My wife (Cindi) and I have attended numerous events with the Mayor and his wife and have found them to be a very respectful, loving, and yes, normal couple. Had this been a call from someone not in the "public eye" it would have gone without mention. I sincerely hope the media and the public at large will be caring enough to give them the privacy all families need and deserve during trying times. Our prayers will be with the Mayor and Bethany as well as their children as they work through the seemingly increasing pressure of married life, public life, and two lives dedicated to their children and the welfare of so many people other than themselves. It is times like these that bring a couple together and builds strength as they overcome obstacles. My wife and I truly believe Mayor Felinton and Bethany will do just that.” [Full article here]

Huntington mayor's wife calls 911

West Virginia Public Broadcasting, WV
September 17, 2008
Early Sunday morning the wife of the mayor of Huntington called 911 asking police to come to their home to break up a domestic dispute. No one was arrested...
Bethany Felinton: He’s right here. He just tried to slam my head up against a brick wall.
Dispatch: What is your name?
Bethany Felinton: Bethany, I’m his wife.
Dispatch: Huh?
Bethany Felinton: I’m his wife...
...Now both Mayor Felinton and his wife are saying that domestic violence did not occur. The 29-year-old Felinton says they are both under a lot of stress, and were acting irrational and immature. "There was no violence, it’s a situation that was a mistake by calling 911 to tie up their resources. You know a lot of couples are under a lot of stress and this situation got a little loud and out of hand and we just let the situation get out of hand,” says Felinton. Felinton says that his wife is just dealing with so much that it got to her... "Early in my career I would probably be known to lose my cool a little bit, but I think over time through maturity I’ve certainly demonstrated to be calm in most situations"... Huntington police are still investigating. After they have gathered all information they will confer with the Cabell County Prosecutor and decide if any further action is necessary. [Full article here]

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